First, for those of you subscribed to the Zelda Informer YouTube page, that has now become the Nintendo Prime YouTube account. From now on, I’ll be uploading the Podcast to the Zelda Dungeon YouTube. Now that that’s out of the way, this week, we have a returning guess, Andy Spiteri, who is one of our writers for Zelda Informer. Since Nate couldn’t make it, Andy was more than willing to step in.

This week, we discuss a bunch of fan theories about Breath of the Wild. I wouldn’t call this a special as it’s more of a test. Think of it as flooding, in the psychological sense. I’m trying some new things with the Podcast and I’ll be experimenting in the months to come. I want to know what you guys think moving forward. Do you like stuff like this? Do you want more? Something different? I want to know what you’d like to hear on the Podcast, so leave a message in the comments below. There will also be another post coming some time soon that talks about this as well.

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  • Jay

    I enjoy speculation but I think fans take things far more serious than the developers. The timeline for one is far more important to fans than it is to developers. It must be great for them as artists/creators to see people taking their art so serious. I’ve been playing since A Link to the Past (may have played OG on my nintendo but I was 5) and I myself couldn’t care about any timeline or consistency in these games. In fact I think it slightly hinders the dev teams creative freedom. Thanks ZI for posting as often as you can.