To say that good music is integral to a good game is an understatement, but why is that? This week, Andy and I talk about the importance of music in video games. Also, we talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Nintendo Switch App and Splatnet2. Finally, we discuss why we think Ocarina of Time made the impact that it did.

Also, like I promised: Here’s the link to the Jeron Moore Interview I did a while back. It’s on our old channel (formerly Zelda Informer, presently Nintendo Prime), but please check it out if you never did!

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  • sportpak

    The most impactful memories from Oot was pulling the Master Sword for the first time and second is probably slashing the energy ball back and forth with Ganondorf at the top of his castle. The image of him hovering there as the floor is falling away is crazy. After defeating him and having to escape was a shocker too. Similar to beating Mother Brain in Metroid, I had my “afterglow” going on and, whoops, this thing isn’t over yet.

    I’m 40 now, and I’ll tell you a few of these sorts of things I’ll never forget.

    Am I the only person who treats the Temple of Time like church? In any game, I always walk while I’m there. Even in ruins like TP. It’s crazy.