No, your screen didn’t freeze! Due to some time constraints, we weren’t able to get our video up. However, we didn’t want to go without a post on YouTube!

This week, Andy and I talk about Nintendo and Free Passes. Based partly on an article we discuss, we discuss whether or not Breath of the Wild deserves all of passes it got for some of its more lackluster areas. Then, we dive into a discussion about the SNES Classic Edition and our frustrations and worries. Finally, we discuss some of Nintendo’s old IPs that we would love to see come back!

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  • Matt Kitt

    I hope they learned from their mistakes with the NES classic, although its really just a toy. It belongs in a gas station at under $50

    I might consider the GameCube Classic. Or maybe the Wii Classic 😛

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    I’ve never given Nintendo, or anything I want to do better free passes. I don’t think you’re a good fan if you never call them out on crap and criticize them. And Nintendo has PLENTY we can criticize.