This week, Andy and I talk a bit about the psychology of the Legend of Zelda, his opinions on Darksiders, and building the ultimate Zelda game.

If you’d like to read his full editorial on his ultimate Zelda game, check it out here.

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  • UnknownHylian

    The Legend of Zeldea sounds like Tyler Perry’s next movie. Get it?

    • Adrian Fernando

      Madea Goes to Hyrule

      • UnknownHylian

        Zeldea’s Big Royal Family.

        • UnknownHylian

          Diary of a Mad Hylian Princess.

  • Vance

    Joey: Zeldea!
    Chandler: Zeldea?
    Joey: I took a shot!
    Chandler: You’re shooting with Zelda?!
    Ross: Zeldea is correct!
    Chandler: Nice shooting!

  • Andy Spiteri

    Still not as bad as the time I was trying to say ‘ethereal’ and ended up saying ‘urethral’ *face palm x a million*