This week, Andy and I, as well as a fellow writer from the site discuss a few topics. First, we hit on the next line of Zelda Amiibo coming out. Then, we discuss Breath of the Wild‘s dungeons. And finally, we get to our titular discussion of whether or not we think The Legend of Zelda should ever end. Sorry that the layout isn’t that fancy. I’m swimming in term papers and I’ve been having technical difficulties with the Adobe Suite lately. Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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  • Theodore Homdrom

    No. It shouldn’t end. Obviously.

  • Short answer: No
    Long answer: Nah

  • Parf McBarf

    They make good money. They make good games. Obviously not.

  • Christian Beach

    Is that a trick question?

  • Coral the Llama

    This question would only make sense if all the Zelda stories were directly connected with the same characters.
    TL;DR, no.

    • Andy Spiteri

      Kinda what we were getting at. The same characters should have their arc and be done; the series itself should go on forever:)

  • UnknownHylian
  • UnknownHylian
  • K2L

    The only things that should end are the toxic side of the fanbase and the overly long delays.

    • Parf McBarf

      The delays are fine, man. Would you prefer that Nintendo pull a EA or a Ubisoft on us? Hell no. As much as you want the game, I don’t think you’d be very happy about an unfinished product.

      I agree with you about the fanbase. Zelda games are my favorite games, but the Zelda community is my least favorite fanbase, next to Halo fanboys from the mid to late 2000’s.

      • JessterK

        There is a happy medium between Ubisoft release spamming and Nintendo’s unreasonable delays. Either extreme is bad.

        • Parf McBarf

          I can understand how it can be, but the truth is, a finished product is better than an unfinished product. Personally I’m ok with games being delayed for any technical reason.

          Here’s my thought experiment. Imagine a game is released and is buggy as hell, and struggles to perform as desired. The company can patch that, but let’s leap to a distant collector’s market where those patches are virtually impossible to obtain, perhaps do to a server no longer being available, or the update files are difficult to find online. This is in regards to console gaming, where the market is about physical media, by the way. Anybody that happens to get their hands on an old PS3, or PSWii360, or whatever, might not be able to repair the damaged game that’s been released to the market. There are either no ways to patch it, or the average gamer or collector might not be privy on how to patch the file manually. Kinda sucks at the point, right? It’s like these unpatched games become coasters. It would break my heart to see a Zelda game suffer from this same fate, because even though Nintendo doesn’t always do everything correctly, they at least make sure their games are complete upon release. I would argue to say that in most cases, Nintendo is more polished than most companies on the market. If I turn 70 years old, and want to play Breath of The Wild on a Wii U, and the fate of it was unpatched, it really does take away from the experience.

          I do agree that in the extreme, it can be frustrating. I recall Twilight Princess back in 2006 getting like six different release dates. That really sucked, but ultimately, I was happy with the finished product.

          • JessterK

            I too was very happy with Twilight Princess, to me that was a more reasonable delay (to technically improve it I mean. Not so much the delay just to port it to Wii). I mean, we still got a great game only 3 years after WW as opposed to the 6 years between SS and BOTW.

          • Parf McBarf

            Totally. Through what you said, I do believe porting it has a lot to do with the delay. Porting Twilight Princess to the Wii was necessary for it’s launch. It’s comparable to the Breath of The Wild launch, where it was originally forecast for the Wii U, but did get a port to the followup console. Could we assume that some of the delays were a result of just that? I’d say so. Either way, we got good products out of both.

    • Ikewise

      I agree, begone femlink and voice-acting supporters. lol

  • Mayor of Kekitopia.

    What should end is Nintendo holding back all its franchises and let some other companies make some more spin off games. Both Capcom and Koei Tecmo did excellent work with Zelda.

    For example, Bandai Namco who make the Ace Combat series would make a brilliant Star Fox game.

    • Bandai Namco already made a Star Fox game, it was Star Fox Assault…. it was terrible to be honest.

      I much prefer Zero to it. At least you get more ship action and multiple paths and far more interesting levels. Not as good as 64 sure… but ungh… Assault was …. ehhhhhh

      Decent 4 player battle mode though. Better than 64’s in that respect.

      • Mayor of Kekitopia.

        I actually liked Assault at the time but that being said, I’ve not played it in years so nostalgia might be playing a part in that!

    • Kaine Morrison

      We need a Star Fox game that is very close to what Star Wars: Rogue Leader was!

      • Mayor of Kekitopia.

        That would be an amazing game and would suit the series perfectly. Imagine a level like the Battle of Endor.

  • SlivvySaturn

    I’m surprised by all the “no’s” here that are actually serious. I think the Zelda series needs to end at some point, otherwise before we know it the series will become the next Assassin’s Creed, i.e. a creatively bankrupt series that releases games for the sake of releasing them and making the companies a quick buck. I don’t want the series to go on forever, there’s going to be a point somewhere where they’ll run out of ways to innovate without jumping the shark and doing something gimmicky and outright stupid. I love the Zelda series, and that’s why I respect the fact that it should go out with dignity than to be a dead horse beaten every 5 years until the end of time.

    • They have innovated in strange unpopular ways before and come back from it. There’s always another way to innovate. Or with BotW they’re bringing back the ‘innovation’ from the first game in the series. So they can always breathe new life in to old ideas

    • To be fair, I don’t think Assassin’s Creed ever ran out of new and unique ideas. What happened is that Ubisoft got addicted to the money train and wanted to pump out those games at an unreasonable rate.

  • JessterK

    …no. There’s plenty of stories left to be told. That’s the beauty of using a different version of Link and Zelda in most games.

  • shakuvendell

    No. Not until they run out of innovations to use and stories to be told.

  • Kaine Morrison

    No. It should not end, but they should reboot it and fix the stupid effing timeline!
    There should only be a 2-way split, not a 3-way split.

    Nintendo says that the third split is when Link falls in battle during Ocaina of Time. Well, every single time I played, I’ve never died!
    Nor have a lot of others.

  • I mean, everything will end at some point or another.

    It’s only a matter of time.

    • Matt Kitt

      Like Sonic. R.I.P.

      • :I

        Why you gotta go and diss my boy?

        • Matt Kitt

          Sonic Boom ruined everything

          • Nah it just ended the Boom spinoff series. Sonic Forces still looks awesome.

          • Matt Kitt

            It does. Hopefully they can redeem themselves

  • Ikewise

    No way, not until the big guys at nintendo die at least.
    The Zelda series is still fresh and good unlike e.g. the Fire Emblem series.
    That one should’ve ended years ago instead of turning into a dogpile of memes and filth.

    • ben wills

      “and good unlike e.g. the Fire Emblem series.”

      Well that’s the stupidest thing I read today. That’s not even an opinion, it’s objectively wrong considering its made itself fresh and innovative by the game. Don’t be an idiot.

  • fffffhh

    no until the creators dies

  • Hylian Terrier

    Never. Why is this even a question?

  • ben wills

    Yeah, the series that makes Nintendo money and makes fans happy should end.


  • Nate

    This isn’t the type of question you ask right after the newest game released in the series is being called one of the greatest games ever made.