Hey guys. Starting today and going forward, Zelda Informer will be undergoing some pretty significant changes. You can read all about the new update in detail here:

Dungeons, Information, and New Era’s: A Site Update

But if you need a quick summary of the changes and updates, look no further:

What’s Changing?

  • Zelda Informer and Zelda Dungeon are merging to become a singular site: Zelda Dungeon. While the Zelda Informer website will remain active for a short period of time, all new posts will be on Zelda Dungeon. Eventually, the domain for Informer will redirect you towards the main Dungeon site.
  • We have new layout features: we have a revamped navigation banner, more from the drop down menu, and easy access to all the guides, news, and original content. We’re also retaining Dungeon’s game slider.
  • You’ll be able to navigate posts by author more effectively: each author will have a bio you can click on, have access to their social media, and check out their other articles there.
  • We’ve got snazzy new logo.

What’s Not Changing?

  • Zelda Dungeon will largely retain Zelda Informer’s layout, but with a few improvements and adjustments.
  • Zelda Dungeon’s forums will remain unchanged.
  • Our social media presence will stay exactly the same: all social media channels for both Zelda Informer and Zelda Dungeon will remain active. We will post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as we always have.
  • The same wealth of content: we will continue to post news, editorials, contests, debates, fan posts, interviews, and the like as we always have. You’re not losing anything on the writing side of things.
  • Zelda Dungeon’s top-notch guides: the high-quality guides and walkthroughs of Zelda Dungeon are accessible from the game navigation bar at the top of the site.

Basically, we’re updating and merging our sites to improve efficiency and user experience. Please, take a moment to read the thread on Zelda Dungeon, as way more information is available there.

Although the site itself will be changing, you should hardly notice any difference as Zelda Dungeon Informer is still the best place on the net to get your Zelda fix!

We’ll see everybody on the other side,

-Andy & Rod

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  • InfinityD4

    So Zelda Informer is going to Become Zelda Dungeon because As Far as I know ZD Stopped Updating Before BoTW came out and so this site functionally Replaced it.

    • Andy Spiteri

      Basically. ZD focused on guides almost exclusively after merging with Informer two years ago.

  • Marandahir

    So you guys are killing Zelda Informer once and for all after dropping Nate.

    Guess I’ll be spending a lot more time at Nintendo Prime from here on out. He made Zelda Informer what it is today. It’s a real kick in the crotch to buy Zelda Informer just to turn it into a redirect to the site you already had.

    • Andy Spiteri

      I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to check it out, but Zelda Dungeon will effectively retain almost all of Informers layout, and Informer is being rebranded as social media platform, so Zelda Informer will still be very much alive, with Nate being involved on the social side still.

      I hope you give the new management team and site a shot in the future!

      • Dylan

        change happens to quote the doctor “change my dear and it seems not a moment to soon.”

      • FLEMBOB

        Where will the dungeon tournament finish up? A year to a year and a half ago we did a Best Zelda dungeon tournament and it never worked because of technical issues. I was really excited you brought this back. Please tell me it won’t die before it finishes.

        • Andy Spiteri

          Zelda Dungeon. I think the finals launch next week!

        • Rod Lloyd

          Check the front page of ZD today, actually. The tournament rages on!

    • Rod Lloyd

      I’m a little bummed to see ZI go as well; the site has been a part of my life for three years now. But I also know that we’ve really fought to keep ZI special, a place where the family of Zelda fans can come together, and we’re going to fight the same fight over at ZD. Basically, all the features and fun that we built ZI on will have a home over there.

    • Darrin W. Harr

      Like Rod, I’m sad to see Zelda Informer go. But I hope you’ll continue to support both Zelda Dungeon and Nintendo Prime, as the driving force behind both sites are amazing people.

      I have confidence in Rod & Andy, and Nate is doing well over at NP. Having worked with all three for an extensive period of time, I know they all put out good work as they always have.

  • BasedLink

    No lie i always went to ZD but then ZI took over so i came here by force but i always liked ZD better so this is a change i welcome

  • K2L

    So that means my days of commenting in the articles will be over, since I’m blocked in ZD. Oh well.

    • Jebradiah Drake

      Haha, what happened?

      • K2L

        I already explained it many times in the past, but:

        In the last months of 2014, the ZD staff started bombarding the site with articles regarding Majora’s Mask, as part of the hype for the release of the 3DS remake in the following year. It got old really quickly. The nadir came when someone named Jessica (I don’t remember her surname) wrote a really shoehorned article about the philosophy of nihilism and how MM was supposedly built upon it. Many, MANY users who commented in the site’s articles were getting sick of the overrating of the game, inventing completely random philosophical garbage as if the game was some sort of metaphysical essay by Hideaki Anno or Sigmund Freud, and the like.

        The few defenders of these articles were justifying that the staff was just really excited for the remake’s release, and that it was a normal thing; but I assume that means they hated OOT or TWW, because I don’t recall them having shown any excitement of THIS level when their respective remakes (or remasters, or ports, or whatever garbage term people prefer to use, UGH) were announced. No, it was all for the remake of a severely overrated game that had to be made in only one year because Miyamoto was butthurt about Aonuma not wanting to work in a Lost Levels-esque lame rehash of Ocarina of Time (and we all know that Miyamoto has always been a spoiled brat, look at how he reacted when Nintendo wanted to make a Mario game with DKC graphics). I had criticized this without ANY sort of name-calling or insulting. In fact, with a few exceptions, many unhappy regulars were doing the same thing. So what did the staff do? Wipe out ALL dissenting comments and blocking all involved users. And despite Mases assuring me otherwise, I was actually never unblocked from the site.

        Look at how ZD is now, with very few who are active in each front of the site (editorial, comments, wiki, forums). And now it and ZI are merging in a futile attempt to keep alive a community whose dying status reflects the deplorable image of a fanbase as vitriolic, unpleasable, toxic and outright obnoxious as that of The Legend of Zelda.

        • I mean, you can probably guess I have as much disdain for the merger as anyone…

          But they aren’t trying some futile thing to keep the community live. I won’t go into the details here – I still have some respect for the staff. I mean, I am sure the staff wants to keep the community. Ug, I should go. Told myself I wouldn’t comment on this post.

        • skilarbabcock

          I think I love you.

        • Andy Spiteri

          Well that sounds like some bullshit haha. If you wanna hit me up on Discord (Spiteri316#1542), I’ll get that taken care of so you can post on ZD.

        • Dylan

          the Zelda community isn’t that awful. have you never met sonic fans or undertale, MLP, and the list goes on and on and on. frankly Zelda fans look much better in comparison, dear.

        • Jebradiah Drake

          Oh fun.

    • Rod Lloyd

      Shoot me an email: rod.zeldainformer@gmail.com
      I might be able to work something out.

  • You should keep the name Zelda Informer and make Zelda Dungeon a sub area of Informer that hosts the guides and such. Zelda Informer tells new readers just from its name that it’s a news site focused on Zelda. Zelda Dungeon sounds more like some place to help you clear Zelda games, since maps and tools are found in dungeons.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    Damn, Zelda Informer was just two days away from retirement…

  • Realm25

    Goodbye, ZI. We had our good times and bad times, but I look back fondly at it all. Nothing lasts forever, so rest peacefully.

    Good luck to Nate and the rest who made this place what it was in all my years being here. Didn’t always see eye to eye, but that definitely kept things interesting.

    I may try out the new Zelda Dungeon a bit, or maybe from time to time. We’ll see. I already didn’t use ZI much anymore, as I think it needs a bit more soul like it used to have. Hopefully the merge helps with that eventually. If not, at best I’ll check it out occasionally.

  • Slaysme

    Zelda informer is a better name.

  • Graeme Masciuch

    Would not call the guides “top notch.”
    They have vague directions too often, incorrect information sometimes, the order to do quests and collection could be improved in many cases, and the formatting has various issues.
    It’s too easy to miss important items as a lot of items names should be bolded to catch the eye better.
    Literally playing through games using your guides I keep thinking “i could write this better myself.”
    It may just motivate me to write some better guides as I am not satisfied with the ones on your website.

  • asmith

    Posted over on the ZD article, but I figure I should post it where my loyalty lies…

    As long as the content from ZI continues through ZD, then I’m in. Though, it does seem the naming convention would be better served to merge ZD into ZI. But I am sure ego plays into this decision in some form or other.

  • skilarbabcock

    Looks like all I have left is nintendoeverything. I HATE Zelda dungeon. I they used to he my favorite news site and they I realized they were unreliable. I also despise Mases, the one who bought Zeldainformer. My favorite website dies. Thanks a lot.

    • Rod Lloyd

      Basically the entire team you’ve gotten to know here over the past few years is staying with ZD. And i’m fighting to keep us the most reliable place for Zelda news, regardless of name.

  • spacefan1993

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

  • Tripp Dinger

    It seems to me, just from the comments I’ve picked up here and there over the years, that Zelda Dungeon has a rather negative reputation within the Zelda community. Why would you go with that name? Also, if you’re merging the sites why aren’t you also merging the social media? That makes no sense. If it’s going to be Zelda Dungeon it should be Zelda Dungeon everywhere. Granted I like Zelda Informer, so I’m sad to see it go. Not sure I’ll be following you over to Zelda Dungeon given the reputation it has, to my knowledge.

    • Andy Spiteri

      There’s no way to combine social media unfortunately, so we’ll run two platforms for now (not unlike Kinda Funny and Kinda Funny Games for instance).

      As for Zelda Dungeon having a negative reputation among Zelda fans – it doesn’t, or we wouldn’t have kept that branding. ZD will be basically everything ZI is, just with a different name.