Since preorders for the SNES Classic were cancelled earlier this year, customers have wondered when they would be able to start preordering the system again. Nintendo has released an official timeline for when to expect the SNES Classic to be both available for preorder and available in stores.

Preorders will open later this month, and the console itself will be available on September 29th. For those who are worried about stock running low, Nintendo says that it will have units releasing throughout the calendar year.

What is your opinion on the preorder situation? Let us know in the comments!

Source: The Verge

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  • Optimist

    I just don’t care about these classic mini consoles anymore after they way they have been handled thus far and I’m sure these will be unobtainable as well. I defended them for a while but I recently built retropie and have no regrets.

    • BlackRayquaza98

      You’re not optimistic about this one then? 😉

      • Optimist

        Ha. I was, even my optimism only lasts so long

  • JoJo

    I was one of those unlucky US residents who ordered one from Walmart. You know, when they cited a “technical glitch.”

    Here’s to hoping I can actually get one this next time around.

  • Matt Kitt

    This is one of those things you find in a gas station. Cool, but probably overpriced.

  • And dubious traders continue to buy these and sell them for ridiculous prices throughout the calendar year.

  • Josh Warren

    As long as they continue to make them great. I hope they have a ton of pre orders so you’ll get eventually if you miss the launch.

  • Daren Fliflet

    It’s going to be a repeat of the NES classic with artificial scarcity.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Is this the mini version with like 60 games on it? I’ve not been up to date the last 12 months or so when it comes to Nintendo