In such a beloved series, not every Zelda game is received well by everyone when it is first released. Maybe you can’t get over a certain mechanic, or maybe you just don’t like the style of gameplay it presents. If you are stubborn, maybe you put that game away forever and never touch it again. There are times in life, though, where we all deserve a second chance, and we need to pull those games off the shelf and give them another shot.

The fresh eyes of age and experience may provide some additional insight to a once-shunned game. It could even be a revelation that the game is more brilliant than once suspected. In a new episode of the Zelda Challenge, Kevin and I debate which one of these games took longer to receive appreciation. Kevin gave a more personal account with his experience with Majora’s Mask, while I argued about the perception of Zelda 2 within the whole community.

If you want to let us know who made the better argument, click the “i” icon in the top right corner of the video to bring up our poll and let us know! Tell us who you voted for and what about their argument convinced you. Also feel free to let us know what games you would have made an argument for. If you want to see more from us, head over to our Youtube channel and subscribe.

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  • Jebradiah Drake

    Skyward Sword?

  • Coral the Llama

    Link: The Faces of Evil
    24 years and still nobody takes it seriously.

    • Matt Kitt

      What about Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon?

    • Johnny Elkins

      Nah Zelda’s Adventure

  • Vados

    Probably Majora’s Mask. That game was hated until that stupid creepypasta came out. After that, everybody started loving it because it’s ”dark and depressing”.
    Also Skyward Sword. People still hardly appreciate it, simply because way too many can’t handle the game’s controls for some reason, but you see a lot of praise for the dungeons, artstyle, story and especially the soundtrack these days.

  • K2L

    “In such a beloved series, not every Zelda game is received well by everyone when it is first released.”

    Almost none is. In fact, OOT was the last such game.

    Anyway, the answer is Zelda II.

  • Anonymous

    Considering it’s still not given the appreciation it deserves, my vote goes to Skyward Sword

  • Aragorn Keuken

    I’d probably say Wind Waker, cause it’s actually good (unlike Zelda 2), and was absolutely hated by the community at first.

  • Optimist

    Skyward sword. I stopped playing halfway through for six months. Then I restarted it and I’ve played through three times, it’s one of my favorite now.

  • Majora’s Mask is the only title I’ve had trouble ‘getting into’.
    The rest of the main titles have been an instant joy for me since the original LOZ.