Like any music in The Legend of Zelda series, the overworld theme is an integral part of setting the mood. In this case, it’s typically meant to create a feeling of epic exploration. From the moment you are dropped straight into the world of the original The Legend of Zeldato the lonely, but natural sounds of  Breath of the Wild, there are many unique approaches these soundtracks take to immerse you in their worlds.

In this week’s entry in the Hyrule Compendium, Mases and I discuss some of our personal favorites. What do you think of our choices? Would you have picked something else?

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  • Jebradiah Drake

    I would like a game like Majora’s Mask (kind of) where most of the overworld is land, but there is also a large ocean segment to it where we can explore islands on a ship. But good news for me, I may be getting just that in the upcoming Oceanhorn game since the map has a large portion of ocean in the middle and the developer talked about 5 different forms of travel, one of which may be by ship!

    • Darkstar

      The Wind Waker 0.5

      • Jebradiah Drake

        Kind of, the islands in Wind Waker were very boring with a few exceptions. I’d just like some natural feeling items with cool caves or buried treasures hidden in them.

  • Isaix

    My favorite is the main theme from the original and all the different version from ALTTP,Awakening,MM,etc. All the overworld themes are great except Breath of the Wild’s minimalist’s themes of course

  • Adventure of Link has my favorite overworld theme.
    Actually, AoL is my favorite Zelda soundtrack altogether. Was happy to hear positive remarks about it in the video!

  • Happy Mask Collector

    Majora’s Mask

  • Terminatwilisamieru98

    About the lack of memorability of TP’s Hyrule Field. That is not true, the theme is EPIC and it’s perfect for the game. The usage of it is clever, present in the OST from Midna’s Lament to the training music (musical motifs, like hearing the Star Wars theme in various moments of the movies). You listened to this:

    But THIS is A LOT better:

    So all is about personal preferences.