Back in 2011, when the Wii U was first showcased, Nintendo created a tech demo for the game that would eventually evolve into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This demo showed Link entering what appeared to be the Temple of Time only to be ambushed and attacked by Armagohma, one of the bosses from Twilight Princess and a variation of Gohma, a recurring boss in the Zelda series. Aklar_45, a YouTuber who’s been recreating different fights from Ocarina of Time (not to be confused with CryZENx, another YouTuber who also has been recreating Ocarina of Time in Unreal Engine 4), recently recreated that demo in Unreal Engine, allowing Link to fight Armagohma in gorgeous display. The fight includes cutscenes from and animations inspired by Ocarina of Time.

But what do you guys think? Do you think the fight was pretty awesome? Would you have loved to see this style of Zelda from that demo used in a future game? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Pepe Davis


  • Vance

    I’m entirely fine with people recreating cutscenes and such when they find a way to use better assets/lighting/animation/etc cause they look really cool when done right.

    Compared to the original though this doesn’t look good at all.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    I’m glad they made the change to have bosses simply explode or disappear at the end of a boss fight rather than having their corpse simply lay on the floor after they’re killed. It’s more entertaining to watch them explode.

    • Christian Beach

      It’s more satisfying that way.

  • Angie


  • rhubarb_fortress

    Am I the only one who does’t like how the Unreal Engine renders things? Like, at all? I’ll take BotW’s stylistic visuals over this any day.

    • Xaragon

      There’s a difference between a game engine and material attributes. There are Unreal Engine 4 games that look like BOTW, like Rime.


    Judging only from this video, Cryzen has replicated Oot almost flawlessly, this one just feels a little off. Nevertheless, it looks good.

  • Lightwulf Soulrise

    Well, when I saw the WiiU demo, I didn’t see how Link could defeat that thing. At least with THIS version, it’s a real battle that Link has a chance of winning! The Wii U demo didn’t show us how Link was supposed to beat it. This is more like a “Let’s Play” walkthrough of beating the boss.
    However, I DO agree that having the boss NOT explode feels weird. They’ve always exploded upon defeat.

  • Saiyaken才野犬(Sai とうまる)

    Needs a UI overhaul, and a better animations for Link. Plus a bit more of a different visual motif to let it stand out on its own.
    Otherwise, visuals looks absolutely amazing.

  • James

    Not impressed by this… At all. Botw, blows this out of the water.

  • Fabian Santos

    The animation and expression look lifeless, I preffewr the cellshading done in Botw, the physics engine also make it feel real and alive, this is just many textures and lighting to make it look more real, but it does not accomplish what it should…

  • Michael Cobb

    I think visually this is stunning! But the game play itself looks a little clunky and archaic considering the high end graphics. It’s the best of Unreal Engine 4 and OoT. I wouldn’t say it is “lifeless” but feel the movements could be a bit more fluid like. I do think cell shading (amazing how far the opinions of this have come since 2003 when WW first came out) spoiled us with it’s ability to convey a character’s emotions and maneuvering. That’s really all this is missing. The environment of the Temple is my favorite part of this!

  • You guys do know this was done by one person, right? It’s not perfect, but these animations are no different than the N64 version. But it’s an amazing undertaking for one person. Unreal Engine requires a ton of C++, plus all of the other tools you need to render, etc…

  • Jesiah Grant

    Another question, where was BoTWs ghoma variant :/