One of the most nostalgic things about the Zelda series is when the player first picks up the legendary Master Sword. Not only that, but the player can feel proud of how far along they have come in the game as the quest to defeat Ganondorf continues. This is especially prevalent in Breath of the Wild as getting the Master Sword is based on Link’s own strength he has obtained through his journey. Fortunately, you can now relive this epic moment with a video depicting all the Link generations as they take the Master Sword in their own hands.

This video was created by BeardBear and it shows Breath of the Wild Link dressed in the different Hero outfits obtainable through the game. BeardBear then plays the Master Sword cutscene with Link wearing every costume as though it were the first time. Some of the costumes in the video include Twilight Princess Link, the Wind Waker Link and even Majora’s Mask Link. The video was quite a nostalgic trip down memory lane as you remember what it felt like the first time you picked up the legendary sword.

What were your favorite outfits in Breath of the Wild? Be sure to let us know down below and check out the video above for the rest of the Hero costumes Link wore!

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  • Kaine Morrison

    Ugh… just the same scene over and over again in different costumes.
    Nothing but Breath of the Wild.

  • Dylan

    I like it.

  • Christian Beach

    I like it. It kinda feels like BotW Link is watching all of the past Links take up the Sword for themselves, and now it’s his turn to do so.

  • Squirrel on crack cocaine.

    I picked up the sword wearing the Gerudo outfit. Very manly.

  • David García Abril

    Wait, Fierce Deity Link doesn’t close his eyes? That’s weird. O_o

    • Christian Beach

      Closing his eyes is too mainstream for him. XD

      • Chris Jagucki

        He’s too cool for cliches.

    • Plot twist: he has no eyelids. lol

    • Ainz-Ool-Gown

      Can’t take your eyes off the opponent if you don’t close them.

  • So every green tunic but the BOTW specific one. :l

    Seriously, that’s all I want to see and no one’s done it.

    • William Roark

      It’s at the end of the video.

    • Marandahir

      I was looking forward to that since its annoying to flip between tunics due to the costume scrolling.
      Nobody seems to include it in Green tunic comparisons, and I want to see it there, since it’s cool (similar to Zelda 1 tunic in some ways, similar to Zelda 2 tunic in other ways, but with modern elements as well).

  • These are not “all generations of Link”.

  • espy0910

    I wish it had been more of a compilation of master swords in actual past games…. :/

    • Apex Gaming

      That’s the only reason I clicked. I thought it was from every Zelda game ever made. This sucks. lol

  • Ainz-Ool-Gown

    Is it just me… Or does Deity Link Look a bit taller than the other “Links”?

    • Marandahir

      No, he looks exactly the same height. He actually looks short since Fierce Deity is supposed to be 2x the height of adult Link.

  • sagermeister

    i dont get the point weres the gens at its all breath of the wild

  • Zayzay

    Didn’t Windwaker link do something very similar in his game when he pulled the master sword

    • Marandahir

      OT, WW, TP, LBW, and BW all do this sort of thing, which is an elaboration of LP’s 2D pixel graphic drawing of the Master Sword in the grove. SS also does it, but since the drawing of the sword happens as the Goddess Sword at the beginning of the game, the full action of the transformation is sort of broken up by the times its drawn and each time it’s powered up. WW’s powered up Master Sword also has a similar situation compared to just when its first drawn.

      The flipping the sword around originates in TP.

  • Marandahir

    The video doesn’t feature the Tunic of the Wild. I was disappointed by that, since it’s otherwise a good comparison of the different Green Tunics (plus a randomly inserted Fierce Deity Link).

    • Jonathan Vega

      Also, the Tunic of the Wild is the ALttP Link’s outfit, so by missing, the video is ignoring one of the classic Link generations.