Collectibles Guide

Bottle Locations:

    1. Buy from the Kakariko Village Merchant for 100 Rupees.

    2. Speak to the man under the bridge north of the House of Gales.

    3. Give the Great Rupee Fairy 3,000 Rupees.

    4. Bomb the back of the Vacant House and enter. Open the chest for an empty bottle.

    5. In the water south of the Zora Queen’s Cave. Complete the Mountain Man Rescue quest to obtain.

Master Ore (Used to upgrade the Master Sword):

    1. In Lorule’s Graveyard, lift the isolated large boulder to reveal a staircase. Follow the mini-dungeon and you’ll end up in the Cave Sanctuary. Merge with the wall and move as far right as possible and you’ll reach a large chest containing Master Ore.

    2. In the Skull Woods Dungeon. After reaching the 2nd eyeball near the end of the dungeon you’ll see a large chest on a very narrow platform. Merge with the wall ad move towards the platform and open the chest for a Master Ore.

    3. In the Thieve’s Hideout. After lowering the water level with the Thief Girl, make your way to the two floor switches on the bottom-left of the room to reveal a long corridor with red rupees and a big chest at the end containing Master Ore.

    4. In the Dark Palace. On the top floor with the 6 windows, place a bomb by the lower switch and quickly merge with the top wall’s upper-half with the Boss’s face on it. You’ll go into a room with a large chest containing a piece of Master Ore.


Stamina Scroll: Increases your stamina. Found in the Ice Ruins.

Net: Allows for catching bugs/fairies. Talk to the man inside the Bee marked house in Kakariko Village.

Bee Badge: Turns all bees into allies. Give a Golden Bee to the man who gives you the Net.

Hylian Shield: Blocks more attacks than the standard shield. Found in Turtle Rock.

Blue Mail: Halves damage taken. Found in the Swamp Palace.

Red Mail: Further halves damage taken. Found in Lorule Castle

Hint Glasses: Wear these to find the Hint Ghost and give him play coins for helpful hints. Speak to the Fortune Teller in Hyrule.