These days, it’s harder to find something to say that won’t offend someone than the opposite way around and more and more people seem to be triggered by the simplest of things. In the spirit of humor, ABrandonToThePast on YouTube has uploaded a compilation of 50 things that often offend or trigger Zelda fans. The list is quite varied, with inclusions of political references, a live action movie for the franchise, and saying that some entries in the franchise are better than others. It is good for a laugh, but the video can certainly touch sore spots with some fans.

I found this list especially humorous. I hold some of these opinions myself, and I’m especially guilty of thinking that Ocarina of Time is quite middle ground for the series. I also would love to see a Zelda move, whether it be in theaters or on Netflix.

What did you think of the video? Did you laugh or did you find anything particularly offensive? Let us know down below!

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  • Coral the Llama

    I can easily top that.

    *ahem* Gender-neutral Link

  • Squirrel on crack cocaine.

    I know how to trigger all the Zelda fan base in just two statements.
    1. “Skyward Sword was a masterpiece and the motion controls were prefect. Ocarina of Time is terrible compared to this game.”

    2. “Breath of the Wild is very over rated and at times, dull but the limited amount of dungeons was inspired”

    • The Administrator
      • Mudonis

        I never trust IGN. They give good reviews to terrible games because they get paid off. And when they aren’t paid off they give horrible reviews to good games.

    • Mudonis

      I mostly agree with both of these statments.
      1: I still love OoT.
      2: I found the Main Dungeons to be quit boring. And the bosses were boring to fight.

  • Dylan

    Link can talk and is a girl.

  • Christian Beach

    There weren’t enough Koroks in Breath of the Wild.

    • Invisible Opinion

      That is true. 1,000 is rounding stuff up; 900 triggers OCD

  • Chris Jagucki

    Tingle is a likeable character, and Link will have a Tingle Costume!

    • Dylan

      link does have a tingle costume =D

    • I never understood why people hate Tingle so much. The Zelda series has a weird sense of humor and is full of wacky characters besides Tingle. Most recently Kilton joined that list. And yet only Tingle gets the hate.

      • Mudonis

        I only Hated Tingle when he turned into a greedy, money grubbing, p****.

  • Anonymous

    Oooh, I’ve got a couple (haven’t watched the video)

    1) Wind Waker is the worst 3D entry in the franchise, even with the major improvements in the HD version

    2) A Link to the Past, not Ocarina of Time, is the most overrated and over praised game in the series. A Link Between Worlds did everything that game did, but better, and The Minish Cap is unfairly placed in that game’s shadow.

    3) Spirit Tracks is a top 5 Zelda, or at least was until BotW

    • Sir Linebeck

      wrong. spirit tracks should be in teh top 3

      ST and PH are underrated.

    • Randroid

      I agree 100% with your #1 point. I will never play that game again. 1 and done.

  • AnonymousGX

    How to upset this Zelda fan: make a top 50 ways to trigger list that doesn’t actually trigger on any individual point.

  • richa

    Agreed on a handfull

  • Kaine Morrison

    #51: posting a video as an article!

    • 😛 I mean, that’s the only way to really share this stuff. Sharing directly to say, FB, actually make sit so LESS people see it, because FB cuts back YT viewership to push their own video stuff. Sad day.

  • Parf McBarf

    The fact that all these stand out so well just goes to show you how ridiculous and fickle this community can be. Zelda games are my favorite games, but the fans are the worst, and one of the most divided communities out there.

  • Invisible Opinion

    29. I was too distracted by the fact that Link had more than 500 rupees in Majora’s Mask.

  • Platina

    *Yawn* Weak… Not offended by any of this, but nice try. 🙂

  • Guilherme

    Are you sure? ‘Cuz OoT is really overrated.

    • Mudonis

      I agree but this IS coming from someone who does still love it.

  • memu

    Please don’t use the term “trigger.” Just say “offend.” There’s a huge difference between being offended and being triggered.

    • Parf McBarf

      I’m triggered.

    • Valwin Mediaz

      Im triggered

    • Coral the Llama


  • Robson Matias

    I’m a hardcore Zelda fan and say almost all of those things. What to do?

    • Mudonis

      I agreed with at least most of this list but none of it ‘triggered’ me.

  • Jimbo Abaddon

    People get offended by that? What are they, 13?

  • John Gardiner

    That last one is a fact though.

  • Allison

    wait having sheik and zelda be two different people actually offends fans???… so THAT’S why people kept yelling at me.

    • Mudonis

      Well technically they are the same person. Sheik is just a persona that Zelda uses from time to time.

      That said I still would like to see Sheik more often.

  • Cintratton

    #51 say you don’t ship zelink

    cuz I really dislike it but people seems to disrespect my opinion by shoving down my throat 5000000000000000 facts about how it could be/ secretly is canon. Like come on i don’t need to ship it, stop.

    • Dylan

      CiaXLink is my HW Ship, as the cool hipster hopster kids call it these days.. also Link talking and having a voice.

      • Anonymous

        Nah man. Lana is Waifu Supreme!

        • Dylan

          Cia is also Lana dude. so it still works either way =P

    • randompissedoffchick

      There is no could be/secretly is canon. Have you played botw or ss? It IS canon.
      Facts > Opinion.
      However I was not aware that it pisses people off if you do not support the ship, but you are entitled to dislike it all you want!
      In the end its a videogame and people need to stop taking it so seriously lol.

      • Cintratton

        Sorry i think i didn’t express myself properly, I wanted to say that people are not obligated to ship something just because its canon, and some people use the “canon” excuse to classify their ship superior and disregard the opinion of people who don’t ship the same ship as they.

        But yeah it’s like you said, it’s just I video-game.

        I, personally, don’t have any ship in zelda, and would preffer it to stay away from romance, but it’s just my opinion and I respect whoever thinks otherwise.

        • randompissedoffchick

          I do like when they add romance into zelda games, and i do like the Link/Zelda relationship, but im not a fanatic over it. I didn’t even know there were “shipping wars” over this! Lol
          I personally think its funny to wonder what it would be like if Link got involved with every female character in the games. I’m amazed how people can get so attached to something so trivial though.

      • Mudonis

        In SOME games it’s canon! Most games it is not.

        • randompissedoffchick

          Ok has Link been officially shipped to another character in other games? Because I’m only aware of Link being shipped with Zelda by Nintendo. I never implied that there’s romance in every game, only that officially Link has been put together with the princess.
          I don’t think that would take away from the fact that it’s still canon in the series as a whole even if they dont focus on it if anything else hasnt been officially approved.

          • Mudonis

            Geez lady, I was just stating a fact! Calm down!

          • randompissedoffchick

            I think youre reading too much into my response if you think I wasn’t “calm” when I responded to you. Lol

  • milky_vampyre

    This makes me so angry. It feels like I’m on fire. Just kidding. I’m not 12.

  • Matthew

    #1 doesn’t trigger me OOT isn’t my favorite Zelda it’s not even my 2nd favorite.

    • shakuvendell

      Not going to lie, I think, going by what I’ve seen at least, that the best Zelda game in the fanbase’s eyes, is The Wind Waker. It just never scored as high as OoT in reviews due to taking time for folks to warm up to the graphics style. Once that was no longer a problem, the gameplay shone through. Lack of difficulty aside, the feel and flow of the battles in particular was, in my eyes, and many others’, superb.

      Plus the final blow to Ganondorf was downright violent.

  • TheGreatCthulhu
  • TheGreatCthulhu
  • Is it weird that it triggered me that I wasn’t triggered by any of this?

  • Shauna

    42 does make me a little upset, 33, depends on the insult, 2, I liked the original fire temple music waaaay better. I always imagined the chanting was was the Gorons crying out for help. (I was like, ten, ok? ) And While OoT was my favorite for nostalgia reasons, it’s really not the BEST Zelda game. Not imo, but hey. that’s why it’s an OPINION.

    Not ‘triggered’ by any of this though. That word is too overused and it waters down the real meaning…

  • TUbEStAR

    I’m triggered by the use of the word “ship.” So trendy.


  • Mudonis

    I personally DO think OoT is overrated.

    Now before you guys grab your torches and pitchforks let me just say one thing thing.

    I do still love OoT, hell It’s in my personal top ten. I’m just saying that as good as OoT actually is there are better Zelda Games.

    Most people who call Link Zelda I just correct them.

  • devel2105 .

    Breath of the Wild isn’t as perfect as many people claim it is, it suffers many huge flaws and arguably changed too much about the Zelda formula to even be considered a proper Zelda game *cowers behind shield*