Watch live video from ZeldaDungeon on

Our annual Zelda Dungeon Informer marathon is now live, kicking off with Skyward Sword. You can find the full schedule here and be sure to check out all the action over at our Twitch Channel.

We have also embedded the live stream right here after the jump.

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  • Rofair

    It looks like you’re raising money but is it for charity or the website? There’s no mention of that in this article.

    • Andy Spiteri

      For charity!

  • Qun Mang

    Twitch is down. I wonder if they are going to pause everything or just continue to play while it’s dark?

    • Nikki

      Thanks- I was wondering why the twitch channel was showing up blank! Oh? What game are they on now? Last I caught-they had just started BOTW.

      • Qun Mang

        Should still be playing it I believe.

    • Nikki

      Thanks, and I would also guess that they didn’t stop playing either. Seems to be back now for computers too!

      • Qun Mang

        Indeed. Working here as well.

  • Happy Mask Collector

    Guys! First 4 Figures has a poll on they’re Facebook collectors club page! It’s for a statue of the Happy Mask Salesman! If it gets 800 yes votes, they’ll make and sell a 20+ inch polystone statue! We need as many votes as we can get to make this happen!
    All you need to do is join the club here,

    U just need to scroll down to the poll. Me and other members are keeping it bumped ATM!