This Palace will test everything you’ve ever learned and is everything you’ve feared since you started the game. It’s also completely filled with new enemies and you need to use new battle techniques in order to survive. This palace is also the most complicated, maze-like palace that ever existed and it’s very easy to get lost or stuck in a place with no way out. You’ll also notice there is completely new music once you get here. This guide will let you know where interesting things are but ultimately it’s pretty much only going to point you in the direction of the final boss battles. Yes, that’s plural as there is more than one Boss. If you wish to explore at a later time, feel free. There is some good news though, if you happen to run out of all your lives and die in the Palace and press Continue, you’ll start right back at the Great Palace entrance instead of the North Palace all the way at the beginning of the game.


Immediately as you go forward, you’ll be frozen in place while the barrier releases. This makes sure that you’ve completed all the other palaces and placed the crystals beforehand. If you have, the barrier will lift and you’ll be allowed to move forward. If you haven’t, you’ll be stuck in place and you’ll have to reset the game, starting again from from the very beginning. Once the barrier lifts, go forward and down the elevator. Head to the left. You’ll find some crazy, jumping red firebird that dances around spitting fireballs at you. Avoid the fireballs and hack away at it until it’s dead. In the next room, go up onto the platform, and walk until you get to the first pillar beneath you shown on the screenshot to the right.

Jump across this, as the floor behind it is a false floor. It’s only two bricks wide showing where Link is standing, but it can cause havoc if you’re not careful. Of course, everything in this Palace can cause havoc if you’re not careful. Head down the elevator. Go right, up the steps. The next room is blessedly free from enemies. Just walk across the bridges to the right. Keep going on, into the next room and eventually you’ll come across another firebird thing jumping around. Kill it and head down the elevator. This room is difficult only due to the fact that you have to destroy the blocks to move forward, but there are floating regenerating heads that will fly into the screen causing havoc (again). Try and kill them as they spawn and get close while destroying the blocks as fast as possible in order to move on.

The next room features one of the most disgusting enemies in this game. It’s called a Fokka, and it’s quite aptly named. The screenshot on the left shows the Red version of this abomination. This thing is like a Blue Ironknuckle, only it can massively jump around the room, throwing knives and taking names. It’ll make quick work of you too. The best way to defeat them is to defend against their knife attacks similar to a Blue Ironknuckle and then upward stab them when they jump over you. Or just run away really fast, provided you have a fast exit. They also give measly EXP points too. It’s truly not worth the hassle to fight them. Head right, down the elevator all the way to the bottom. Head right again once you get to the bottom. There’ll be another firebird spewing fireballs at you. In the next room, kill the flame spewing snake heads while avoiding the flying bobbing heads.

The next room will have a Blue Fokka as seen in the screenshot to the right. Because you know, Red wasn’t bad enough, now it has to take more hits to kill while throwing swords faster and moving quicker. Try to utilize the same technique of upward stabbing it as it jumps over you while defending from the flying blades. Running away is difficult because it’s so fast and will simply chase you, cornering you against the second stack of blocks. Once defeated, head right. Kill the snake head if you want to, otherwise just jump over it and head down the elevator to….

The first boss! No, just kidding. It looks like it though, with the curtained ceiling. Again, it’s just designed to throw you off and disorient you. Continue on heading right. There’ll be another flame thrower in this room. Dispatch of it like the others, and continue on. Keep heading right and you’ll come to another Blue Fokka. Watch out for the mega floating head. Kill it, break the blocks and head down the elevator. After your fight with the Fokkas, you might be needing some life.

If you head down the elevator and go right. There’ll be a fairy contained in the floating blocks. If you head left, killing the blobs and jumping on the pillars, there’ll be the final Link doll. Grab it and continue back to the right. Wait once you get to the pillar room with the blobs again because they’ll have regenerated, so don’t just start jumping on pillars as you’ll waste that new life you got because you’ll get knocked into the lava. Head back to the elevator and down. If you go right, certain death awaits by way of Blue Fokkas and a dead end. So go left instead. Kill the firebird and continue on.

In this room, avoid the regenerating floating heads. Break the fifth or sixth blocks from the left as seen in the second screenshot below and fall through the floor. Head right and kill the Monster Blob. It will fall onto you from above, so try and move out of the way quickly. The little blobs that spew out of the giant blob take many hits to kill for some odd reason. In the next room, walk along the collapsing bridge until you get to the small hole. Fall down into it and then head left for two red magic jars in order to completely refill your life and magic, because once you go right, you’ll come to the first boss of the Palace. Sometimes the red magic jar will be a Red Fokka instead. Be careful.


When Thunderbird first flies in, it’ll be red and protected so that you can’t hit it at all. Cast Thunder and it’ll hurt it enough to take away its protection. Now, cast Shield and Jump and smack at its face with your sword. As you hit it more, it will start spewing more fireballs out. Even with the shield spell they still do a lot of damage (at least 1 square), so be careful and avoid them as best you can. After enough of that, you’ll kill it. Grab the key — even though there is no locked door — and move on to the final boss of the game.


Walk to the right, into the next chamber. You’ll see a weird little man up top with the Triforce of Courage. Then, the room will go dark, and Dark Link will jump out of Link. Your final fight is to fight yourself. Dark Link has all the same moves, life, attack power and everything that Link has. You’ll deal one square of damage for every hit that you get on him, but he’ll also do one square of damage on you if he hits you. Your shield does block his attacks; although, his shield also blocks your attacks, and he has an uncanny ability to know when you’re about to strike and blocks your sword fast. Basic combat will just be your best bet. Just fight and continue hacking away. Eventually, you’ll win and he’ll go down.

After you’ve defeated him, Link will win the Triforce and be magically transported back to the North Palace, where Zelda is still sleeping. She’ll wake up, and you’ll be presented with the ending sequence. It’s strongly implied that Zelda kisses Link, but of course we don’t actually get to see if it’s true or not. Also, if you want to, you can play the “second quest” although it’s really just the same game but you keep all the levels for attack, magic, and life you were at when you beat the game. All the spells stay with you, but you will have to find the items again along with the Magic and Heart Containers.

Congratulations! You’ve just beaten Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, one of the most indisputably hardest games in the Zelda series. Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back! (Oh, and brag about it to friends). Also, let them know you used this walkthrough from Zelda Informer in case they ask how you beat the game.