Head west, past the rocks and onto the bridge directly west. Dodge the flying skulls and Lizard creature. Once you’ve passed the bridge, enter the town of Old Kasuto. You’ll see monsters flying around, and buildings have been demolished. Enter the first house. Inside will be the only remaining inhabitant of Old Kasuto who has been waiting for the Hero of…well…The Game. He’s The Sage of Old Kasuto. He’ll grant you the spell of Thunder — the most powerful magic in the game. It’s still not known to this day what this magic spell does exactly, but stick with this walkthrough and you’ll find out its most important use. Leave Old Kasuto and head back across the bridge.


Now would be a great time to collect all the Link dolls that have been mentioned in this walkthrough. If you can’t remember where they all are the following screen shots should remind you just fine. Just to let you know, there are six Link Dolls throughout the land of Hyrule. Five can be found before the Great Palace and their locations are listed here for easy reference. The last Link Doll is found in the Great Palace itself. Refer to the Great Palace walkthrough for the location of that Link Doll. The two that aren’t shown here are (1) – in the Three Eye Rock Palace discussed earlier, and (2) in the Great Palace, which will be discussed later.


Now that you’ve gotten all the Link Dolls (if you haven’t already), make sure you fill up on Life and Magic in Nabooru in order to head to the Great Palace. From Nabooru, head South towards where the River Monster used to be and cross the areas with the Fence cut-scenes. Then, instead of heading east from the graveyard, head south, across the graveyard, and into the lava. After entering the lava, head West. There is a red magic jar in the area farthest to the east, in the square all by itself. As you go west, you’ll run into traps that have been pointed out in green squares on the screenshot to the left. The yellow star shows a place where there is a 500 EXP Bag. If you reach 9,000 EXP, you’ll get another life, so it’s helpful to grab in case you do get to that amount. Besides, you should be all maxed out on all abilities anyway (Level 8).


Go easy here, as the floating flying eyes can easily knock you into the lava. Once you reach the area with the big wide chasm, cast Jump in order to successfully jump across the lava pit. Turn and go North. As you go North, you’ll run into another trap very similarly to the other one.


Kill the enemies,making sure to not get pushed into the lava. At the end, cast Jump again in order to not fall into the lava pits. Continue North, into the Cave.


There are flying eyeballs both blue and red in this cave, followed by a blue Lizalfos. The Blue Lizalfo throws his mace (much like a Blue Ironknuckle, only they don’t come as fast) so be careful. He’s extremely powerful and while he’s worth 200 EXP, he’s not worth your time (since you should be at full levels — level 8 across the board) so don’t bother fighting him. If you’re not at full levels you shouldn’t be attempting the Great Palace. Refer to the “Level Grinding” portion of this walkthrough in Chapter 8 before the Three Eye Rock Palace.

There’s another trap on the way to the second cave. Simply follow the same instructions as before, making sure not to be pushed into the lava and dying at all costs.


Very similar to Trap 1. Same setup and layout and everything. The only thing that’s different is that there are Red Lizalfos instead of Orange ones this time. Also, if you find the red eyes stopping you, simply jump over them onto the next ledge in order to not die as they bump you into the lava. Cast Jump again to jump over the last pit.


There is a Blue Lizalfos and a Red Lizalfos that will try and engage you in combat. Simply jump over them and run. You don’t need that negativity in your life.


Finally, you’ve arrived at the Great Palace. It’s time to test that courage everyone says Link has.