Do your thing at the statue up front. Again, if you get a Red Magic Jar the very first time, buy a lottery ticket. This Palace, while being the second to last one in the game, is fairly straightforward but can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. On the next floor down, there’s a 100 EXP point bag to the right, and a 200 EXP point bag to the left. If you want them, grab them. If not, proceed on. The next floor down, go right. It’s the only way you have to go anyway. Now that you have the Skeleton Key, you no longer have to worry about locked doors. It’s a wonder they included any in the first place, but then, it wouldn’t make sense to give you a master key only to not have to use it at all. Proceed through this room, killing the wizzrobes (if you want to use magic) and the Doomknocker. In the next room, kill the Blue Ironknuckle (or throw him into the pit, which is fun) and then cast Jump in order to jump across the pit. This pit, if you happen to fall into it (which you’ll do on your way back) is an endless pit cycling through the four different levels of the Palace. Behind the locked door that you can now open because you have the Master Key, there’s another Blue Ironknuckle. Kill him too, or back him up to the stairs and jump over him. Your choice.

More Wizzrobes await you further on, along with energy beam spewing gargoyles. In the next room, hit the top corner block of each level to make it easier to jump up onto. The EXP Point bag is 100, if you want to risk it. Otherwise, continue on. Cast Jump to make it over the gap if you don’t want to fight the Doomknocker yet, and continue on to the right.

In the next room, there is a false floor that you can fall into if you’re not careful. It looks like a real floor, but you’ll just fall right through if you step on it. Two bricks past the third pillar is where it starts. So it’s safe to walk on the first brick, safe to walk on the second, but

DEATH to walk on the third. Well, Not death really, you’ll just fall to the next floor below you but you’re so close to this Palace’s special item, it’s best to jump over it and not fall through. Because it’s four bricks long, it’s wise to cast Jump to jump over the spot. Right where Link is standing in the second screenshot is the last spot it’s safe to stand on. Jump over the invisible pit and continue on your way.


Are you at the end already? No. The boss from the Island Palace makes a cameo here as a miniboss. It’s got the same techniques as last time, so Downstab onto the space between the horse’s and Ironknuckles’ heads, and eventually he’ll jump off. Afterwards, fight him like a regular Blue Ironknuckle. It takes only three hits to beat him on level six attack power once he’s dismounted. After you beat him, you still have to grab the key that fell from above, even though you already have the Master Key. Your reward is the Cross, which allows you to see invisible enemies.

Head back left to the endless pit you jumped over earlier. If you do end up falling through the floor accidentally (of course) head to the right and pick up the EXP point bag worth 200. After you grab it, continue on to the left, into the next room, past the Blue Parutamus and Wizzrobes. Take the elevator up and cast Jump to jump above the Doomknocker, continuing onto the left until you get back to the pit in the floor you previously jumped over. Once you’re falling through the endless loop, if you head to the left on the very next floor below the one you’re on, there’s a 200 EXP point bag along with a Blue Ironknuckle guarding it. To the right is a Blue Ironknuckle by itself. After you’ve grabbed the EXP point bag (if you want it) Fall through again. Isn’t this fun?

The next floor you fall into has two disappearing floors floating in mid-air. This is the one we want. Jump to the right. The next room will contain floating heads that will try and knock you off the platforms. Avoid them and continue on. The Jump spell can help here. In the next room, wizzrobes will throw beams at you and a Red Ironknuckle will be there too. When you get to the room that looks like a huge lava pit, it is. You have to cast Fairy to turn Link into a Fairy in order to fly across the lava pit and into the next room. Ignore the elevator and keep going to the right. Eventually, you’ll come across —


Another horsed blue Ironknuckle miniboss. Dispatch of this one the same way as the others you’ve come across, and grab the key. Continue on to the right. Once you get to the small pit with the dissolve-away floor, ask yourself one question. Do you want to go to the boss or do you want a Link Doll? Seeing as how this is the only time you’ll be able to grab it, of course you’ll want the Link Doll. Cast Jump and jump up onto the ledge on the right after jumping down onto the dissolve ledge.


Jump up onto the right platform and continue down the hallway. You’ll come across a Blue Ironknuckle and two fast flying flashy skull things. But, your reward will be the Link Doll. If you don’t have enough magic to turn yourself into a Fairy, continue falling through the floor onto the collapsing bridge. Walk to the right and you’ll come across a statue that, when stabbed, produces a red magic jar completely filling your magic power. After collecting that, head back to the left. You’ll come across a room with blocks and flying flame-spewing eyes and a Red Ironknuckle. Continue on to the left. Kill the Blue Parutamu in the next room and go up the elevator. After taking the elevator all the way up, go right until you get back to the small pit with the collapsing floor. Fall down into the pit. Once in the next screen, immediately cast Fairy and fly into the hallway to the right. This is the way to the Boss’ Lair.


This is the first boss that doesn’t have an even floor. There are a few lava pits in this room and you will die if you fall into them. Volvagia will randomly emerge from a pit, spew fire at you, and then disappear back into the same pit. Cast Jump to hit it on the head, which is its only weak point, while staying away from the fire it regularly and predictably breathes. Keep repeating this process and you’ll eventually win out. Grab the key and place the crystal in the statue. Now, it’s time for the Great Palace…But first, a few things.