Now that you can walk on water, you can avoid a lot of pitfall areas in the next section. Immediately head south after getting off the Maze Island bridge. There is a Link Doll here in case you wish to grab it marked by the star in the first screen shot. However, if you remember the tip from earlier, save it for later. Walk into the water, heading South along the coast as shown in the second screenshot.


One special spot in the water north of the Ocean Palace holds another Heart Container. Head east into the ocean from the path east of Nabooru. When you get to the spot where Link is in the second screenshot, head North. Walk north four squares, then turn east. Keep walking until the view changes. The spot for the heart container is marked with a star on the final screenshot. And yes, that is the next palace, but you’re not going there yet.

Head back to Nabooru and head south to the open cave. That black spider looking thing is called the River Devil, and hates noise. But we don’t have anything that can make noise…yet. Go in the cave. Fight past the two spider jumpy things and fight (if you want) the scorpion. Tip: You can only damage it when its eye is open. The EXP point bag is worth 500 points! Leave the cave and smash the rock slightly to the east with the hammer. Walk along the coast in the water going towards the east, that way you won’t fight random battles. The EXP Bag is in front of where Link is standing in the screenshot. Walk onto the spot. Cast Jump to jump up onto the ledge. There’s another 500 EXP Point bag here. Now, we’re ready to head to the Ocean Palace. To get there, walk back along the coast, up to Nabooru in order to fill up your Health and Magic. Then, walk straight east into the water and onto the palace island.


Strangely enough, this is one of the only palaces that doesn’t give you a red magic jar or Red Ironknuckle. It’s a subtle reminder that things get harder as the game progresses.

This palace is the biggest once you’ve been in so far, so be careful. Just to give you a sense of the scale here, there are five floors to this palace, and it’s easy to become lost. Oddly enough, initially there will be only one way to go, so just follow the path to the right. Kill the snakes, climbing the stairs as you go. You’ll have to turn into a fairy in order to get up the wall, and then leave to the right as you can’t pick up the key in fairy form. Come back into the room to grab the key, then go back to the right. As you cross the bridge, floating heads will attack. You’d think you need to jump out of the way but just keep going and they’ll pass right underneath you safely. The point bag is 200 EXP points. Kill the Ironknuckles in this room, and unlock the door to descend to the next level. Head to the left. If you head to the right, you’ll waste your time as it’s one long hallway followed by a dead end. Crazy orange women will summon fire at you and try to attack you, although it’s easy to jump right over them. However you should consider killing them as they’re 200 EXP points each and there are usually no other enemies around to distract you. Down stabbing works wonders on them, but you can only hit them when they’re not flashing. Keep going left and the next room has falling blocks. Destroy them so that you can get the key. You may have to do some fun tunneling, but you can follow the tunneling in the screen shot in case there are any questions, although blocks fill back in if you go all the way to the ceiling.

In the next room, you’ll be confronted immediately by an orange Ironknuckle. If you stab the gargoyle head, it’ll drop a red magic jar. Keep going and you’ll find two more orange Ironknuckles. Go down the elevator and head left. If you go right, it’s a dead end leading to certain death (two Red Ironknuckles, a Blue Ironknuckle and a bridge of blocks with flying skulls that shoot beams at you all at once). More angry orange women will throw fire at you here. Kill them and just keep heading left. At the elevator shaft, the point bag is 200 EXP points. Head down the elevator one level and head left first. Kill the mace thrower and upward stab into the blocks, knocking down the 200 EXP point bag. Head back to the right, past the elevator. Kill the Red Ironknuckle and grab the key. Jump back down and head to the right.

Kill the orange women and keep going. In the next room you’ll meet a Blue Ironkknuckle. Once you’ve destroyed him, keep going. Now, it looks as though this walkthrough has lead you astray but fear not. This is a false wall. Jump into the wall and you can walk through to the other side. More orange women with fire wait for you in the next room. Skip the elevator here, continuing onto the right, through more orange women, and go up the elevator. In this room, Blue Stalfos fall from the ceiling every few feet. Continue on through the door to the left. Grab the key, and head back to the right, down the elevator, through the room to the left and back to the elevator shaft you previously skipped. Go down the elevator. This room can easily be dangerous, and is the only time it may be recommended to not kill the orange fire women. There are floating heads that will spit energy beams again here as well, and can quickly become overwhelming. Keep going to the left, ignoring the orange women and killing the floating heads as they appear. Kill the Orange and Blue Ironknuckles and unlock the door, grabbing the Flute. Now you can make noise! Lucky you.

It’s not that far of a walk to the Boss now. Head back over to the elevator and back up, heading to the left, through the false wall. Head back left to the other elevator. If you go down, you’ll run into a dead end after battling through a lot of different enemies. Instead, head up and left again. Eventually you’ll come to another ledge room surrounding another elevator. There will be a mace thrower in this room. Cast Jump and kill him. Also, this gargoyle will drop a red magic jar if you stab it. Do so, and head left at the elevator for another EXP point bag. After grabbing it, come back to the elevator and go down. Keep going until you reach the key at the end, and head back to the elevator and go up all the way. Going right, you’ll run into an Orange, Blue, and Red Ironknuckle. Kill them, and the next room is the Boss room.


This hermit-like caveman creature is strange. If you get close, he’ll swing his mace at you, doing serious damage. You do unfortunately have to get close, then stab, and then jump away fast, repeating the process while not getting hit with the mace. That’s it. Be careful, he moves back and forth completely randomly which hurts your chances of landing a sword strike and increases your chances of getting hit either with his mace or his body. Also, when you hit him, he doesn’t move much at all, since he’s so big. His large girth keeps him firmly in place. Cast Shield and Jump and good luck. Your reward is the key and a well-deserved level up from placing the crystal in the statue.