Head back east to Maze Island. Once on the Maze Island, follow the path outlined so as to minimize battle scenes, as well as to find the Magic Container hidden on the island. The magic container is on the western side of the island. If you notice at the top of the path, there is another star. This is where a red magic jar is located. The square located on the red outlined path is, unfortunately, an unavoidable trap. Once you’ve gone through the island, it’s time for the Maze Palace.


Do the red magic jar thing at the front of the palace avoiding the flying eyeballs that drop fire, and enjoy what little daylight you have left. Once you’re thoroughly mentally prepared, go down the elevator and head read. You’ll immediately be assaulted by wizzrobes that appear and disappear, shooting beams at you. If you wish, cast reflect and block their beams back at them as seen in the screenshot, or just jump over them. Your choice. In the next room, grab the EXP Point bag if you can draw the Parutamu out of the hole it’s in. Continue down the room, fighting the Parutamus. Head down the elevator. Stop in the very next room and kill the Red Parutamu that falls from the ceiling. In the next room, head across the collapsing bridge and wait until the very last second to jump. Jump when you can’t walk any more and hopefully, you’ll land on the opposite ledge. If you don’t feel safe to do so, use the Jump spell in order to ensure you make it. Kill the tinsuit and the Doomknocker and go into the next room. Here, jump across the gaps, while destroying the blocks so you can jump over the flames safely. Grab the key at the end. There’s a Doomknocker again on one of the ledges. If you hit the statue on the end, you’ll get a Red Ironknuckle. If you get a red magic jar, buy a lottery ticket because it’s your lucky day.


The item in the castle is surprisingly close and, coincidentally, you only need one key. Fall down to the next level. As soon as you’re seen in the screen cast Jump while still making sure to land on the collapsing bridge. If you landed on the lower bridge, jump immediately to the right, onto the ledge. Watch out for the flying skull and then kill the Doomknocker. In the next room a Red and Blue Parutamu will fall at the same time. Careful, the as two together can easily gang up on you from either side. There is a blue Ironknuckle guarding the Flying Boots. Kill him and grab the Boots. Now you can walk on water!


Go back to the big open pit you can fall into and fall into it again. Walk to the right once landing on the collapsing bridge. Be careful here as there are flying heads that will try and knock you down. The next room over looks like a repeat room of what you just went through on the floor upstairs. It’s all meant to throw you off. Don’t let it! The first ledge has a Doomknocker, the second ledge has a red Parutamu and the third has a floaty skull that flies quite fast. Go to the end and grab the key making your way back down to the left. Go across the collapsing bridge taking care to avoid the flying horseheads.

If you walk and don’t jump at all, the floating heads will pass right underneath you. Simply walk across the collapsing bridge and you’ll avoid the heads. Sometimes this works great, other times it doesn’t work at all.


Careful in the next room as this will be your first fight with the wizzrobes. If you wish to, you can just jump over them, into the next room to the left. Otherwise, cast Reflect and bounce their energy beams back at them with your shield. This is the only way to kill them. The next room is another room similar to the one in the Island Palace, with regenerating beam shooting floaty head guys. Follow the previous instruction on how to get to the key. It has been reprinted here for your convenience:

It’s very easy to think you may know the best way through this room, but it takes a bit of preplanning due to the randomly regenerating beam-shooting floaty guys. Refer to the screenshot on how best to get the key and build your exit ramp. First, you’ll want to down stab a 6×2 block all while keeping the regenerating guys at bay. Then, down stab a 2×2 block where shown. Finally, down stab down into the key chamber, grab it, and make your quick escape. You may get hit a couple times, that’s normal. Don’t panic. Every now and then a player may get frantic and decide to tunnel out through the left and then just cast Jump and jump up onto the blocks, running their way back to the other safe room on the right. This is acceptable, provided you still have enough magic power to cast jump and enough beam shooting guys littering the screen up above you to disallow the gaming engine to regenerate any more. Anyway, grab the key and go. Quickly. Once you’re done in this room, head back through the wizzrobe room to the right and back up the elevator back through the room with the Parutamu’s that fall into pits, through the beginning room and to the left. Use your last key to get through the locked door here. Use the Upward Stab to break through the blocks here and cast Jump to grab the key, being wary of the Red Ironknuckle and the flying skull. Head left.

This room looks vaguely familiar huh? Good news! There are no regenerating heads spewing energy beams in this room. Just a Doomknocker and an EXP point bag and the Fourth Key. It’s easiest to avoid the Doomknockers first, break a path to the key and experience bag underneath them, then go back up and kill them. Head back to the elevator you skipped earlier and go down. Make your way right, fighting (or dodging) the wizzrobes again. Another frustrating room awaits you. It looks similar again to the other two rooms you’ve already seen and operates similarly too. You jump to the next platform, breaking the blocks so that you don’t get hit by the fire. However, this room has regenerating bouncy flying heads that knock you into the lava. Cast Jump and you’ll jump far above them each time, avoiding a mid-air bump into the lava below. When you get to the end of a ledge, wait for a floating head to come by and either kill it or jump to avoid it, then jump to the next ledge as soon as it’s passed. Grab the key at the end and head back to the left. The statue also has a red magic jar. In the previous room, kill the annoying tinsuits and, if you’ve chosen to, cast Reflect to throw the beams back at the wizzrobes. Otherwise, keep going. Go over the disappearing ledges, avoiding the spiky floor things, and head down the elevator. Kill the Blue Parutamus here, if you wish. The EXP bag is worth it if you feel like casting Jump again to get it. Otherwise, save your magic; you’re gonna need it. As you make your way right, a red Ironknuckle will fall. Dispatch of it quickly. Another Red Ironknuckle will try and take you out further on. In the next room is the boss.


Cast Reflect immediately. If you wish, you can cast Shield to lessen the damage you take from the evil Wizard. Your sword is entirely useless here. You have to Reflect his magic beams back at him by kneeling. Choose a spot in the room and don’t move from it. Face back and forth in order to shoot his beams back at him. You may get hit a couple times from him appearing right where you’re standing, that’s normal. Just keep kneeling and reflecting his magic back at him and he’ll go down soon. After you’ve beaten him, place the crystal in the statue and leave the palace.

Now that you can walk on water with the boots, try it! Step onto the water right next to the palace. You can walk all the way back to the bridge, avoiding the whole maze island pathways. In addition, there are some fun things you can do now.