The first thing you’ll see in Eastern Hyrule is no paths! Anywhere! Also, the second thing you’ll see is a group of trees down to the south. It contains an EXP point bag worth 200. It’s highly recommended you get this. Just avoid the enemies here and grab the EXP bag. Then, head East until you do come to a path (Whew!) and then head south till you get to the town of Nabooru. If you do run into enemies, don’t fight them because you’ll find that you simply can’t. You have no power here. Walk into the town.


First things first as always, have your magic and life refilled if you need to, although the Life Lady isn’t until later on into the town.There’s nothing of interest (except the orange magic lady) in the first section of town. In the second section, a lady emerges from her home to tell you that, of all that is wrong with the world, she’s thirsty. Apparently her water was turned off for non-payment. Thankfully, just down the way, there is a talking public water fountain that you can get some water from. talk to the fountain to get some water and take it back to the thirsty lady. She’ll reward you by being able to meet with the Sage of Nabooru who will grant you the spell of Fire. This allows you to shoot fire from your sword. Now, you’re able to kill the armored monsters in the field. Fill up your life and magic and leave the town. If you notice there are two roads you can take. One leading east that leads to the sea with no ramp for a raft, and the other that leads north into a cave. Head to the north and into the cave.

Either kill the enemies inside by casting fire and testing it out, or avoid them and exit the cave. Make your way east once out of the cave and through the forest. Walk onto the bridge and you’ll be immediately transported to Maze Island.


Just like it sounds, this island is just one giant maze. But it has prizes! Immediately walk south, along the outside bottom rim. Head all the way east until you have to walk North. Keep going until you reach a dead end. The very last spot in the path is a sinkhole. And yes, that Palace is the next one to visit, but you’re not going there yet. You’ll get killed in five seconds if you walk into there unprepared. Walk onto the spot and fall into the sinkhole. Fight the Lizalfo which operates similarly to an orange Ironknuckle. You can block its spear, but it’s faster than an Ironknuckle so you may not see it coming.

Save the child and then place him into your carrying satchel. You’re going to take the kidnapped child back to his parents in a new town you haven’t visited yet. Head back West the way you came, off the island, over the river and through the woods to the children’s house you go. Keep going west, past the cave opening you came from and into the western mountain desert. There are some cut scenes of action elements here in the narrow paths. Be careful. These cut scenes are simple, yet can be complicated as you have to jump from pillar to pillar while avoiding walking Blue Octoroks and, in the second cutscene, Octoroks and bubbles. Once through, You’ll have reached the mountain town of Darunia.


This town has roofs you can jump on! It’s quite exciting. In the first section, get your magic refilled if you need it.


In the second section, behind the door of the very first house, there is someone there. You can find this out if you “talk” to the door. It’s quite creepy. To find out who it is, cast Jump and find the lowest roofed house you can jump onto as seen in the second screenshot. Then jump over onto the roof of the house which has someone behind the door. Once you’re on the roof, go down the chimney like Santa Claus just arrived by pushing down on the Control Pad. Inside the house, make your way to the basement like normal and you’ll find not a sage, but a Knight who wishes to teach Link another helpful sword technique. The Upward Stab. Once you have this technique, you can stab upward when you press up and jump at the same time. A very helpful technique indeed. Leave the house the normal way.


In the very next house in the very next section of town lies the Grandmother who is waiting for her child to be returned to her. Luckily, we already have him. Talk to her to give him back and she’ll invite you inside where you’ll receive the Reflect spell from the Sage of Darunia. Now that you’re properly trained and equipped, it’s time to head to the Maze Palace.