The next stop is the Island Palace; a place of dread and fear. To get to the Palace on the Island, you’ll have to find the false grave in the graveyard. Walk directly south of King’s Tomb (the single grave by itself) and eventually you’ll fall into a hole cleverly disguised as a grave. It’s been marked in the screenshot below for easy reference. Downstab as you fall into the room in order to hit the Lowders on the back. Otherwise, just duck and stab. Chant the Fairy spell to turn Link into a Fairy, and fly up the narrow pathway to the right. This is the underwater passage to the Island Palace. Fight the next room of enemies which is nothing spectacular, and leave the cave. You’ll find yourself on the Island. Walk to the Palace.


Stab the statue to get the red magic jar. Sometimes, as has been previously mentioned, it’ll clone itself into a Red Ironknuckle. If that happens, leave the palace and come back until you get a red magic jar. If no Magic or Life is needed, skip the jar. Or defeat the Ironknuckle for the experience points if so desired.

This palace, unlike Midoro Palace, is fairly straightforward; though, there are new, tough, and scary enemies here. In the first room, you’ll come across what’s called a Doomknocker. He’ll throw boomerang maces at Link, so jump to avoid them and slash at him with your sword. Jump back over the mace when it flies back. These guys are even more dangerous because they can jump while moving back and forth, so be careful. In this same room you’ll find what’s called a Parutamu, which operates in the exact same way as a Blue Stalfos with the exception that it takes more hits to kill.

In the next room, be careful down-stabbing the spiky thingys. Thanks to the Glove, anytime you make contact with a block now you’ll break it which means the re-generating Tinsuits will fall into these holes (along with you) and with no where to go will repeatedly stab you draining your precious experience points. The next room has a block around which other smaller blocks will fall. in addition there is a floating eye thing that expels fire somehow at set intervals. Just power through the blocks and continue on, avoiding the fire whenever possible. The fourth room looks similar to the second, although now there’s another Doomknocker here so be careful. Grab the key and make a hasty retreat out of the blocks. The EXP Point bag is worth 100, in case you’re interested.

The whole Island Palace is interesting in that you can make life hard or easy for yourself. For instance, you could break all the blocks in the next room and release the Red Ironknuckle, fight him and cast Jump to jump onto the blocks, but why do that when you have this handy dandy walkthrough? Instead, just break the top left corner block and jump onto that in order to bypass the enemies and keep yourself safe. Link could stand on top of this block all day and never feel a thing as you see in the screenshot to the left. Repeat the process until you’re up and over the bricks. Continue right, jumping over the pit by casting Jump and you’ll find yourself outside. Yes, Outside! Fight all the enemies here and retrieve the key at the end. For reference, there are flying eyeball fire things and a Red Ironknuckle guarding the key. Back inside, head back down into the pit, fight the Red Parutamu, and head down the elevator.


Once down the elevator, head Right first. Be careful of the floating heads that spew beams at you. In the next room to the right, break the blocks and wait for the blob to jump into the lava. That way, you won’t have to worry about it knocking you off the platform. On the platform with the key is also a Red Ironknuckle (of COURSE there is!) You can either fight him and eventually knock him into the lava (which is super fun) or when you get close to the lava, back up and allow him to run at you then finish fighting him for the experience points. Your choice.

In the next room you’ll find yet another Red Ironknuckle, followed by a Blue Ironknuckle. Now, the blue ones are the worst because they can throw their swords at you and it’s completely horrible because it’s a relentless barrage of sword dodging followed by you continually trying to stab them where they don’t hold their shield. DEFEND FIRST and attack when you can. In this way you’ll never lose. Sometimes, these guys get super pissed off for some reason and decide to unleash a barrage of projectile knives in quick succession. If that happens, just stop attacking and defend with your shield. This usually doesn’t last long. If you need to, cast Shield as these guys can be TOUGH! But your reward for your hard work volunteering as tribute is the Raft.


Head back to the left in the direction you came. Once you reach the elevator, keep going past it farther to the left dodging the beam shooter guys as best you can (Downthrust helps). Defeat the Red Ironknuckle (Seems a breeze now, huh!) and unlock the gate but don’t go down the elevator yet. You’re about to meet a fate worse than a Blue Ironknuckle. A Room of Regenerating Beam Shooting Floating Heads. Kill the tinsuits and the second Red Ironknuckle and enter the Room of Death. This room is the Zelda II Equivalent of the Water Temple due to the feelings of hatred it generates in every player.

It’s very easy to think you may know the best way through this room, but it takes a bit of preplanning due to the randomly regenerating beam-shooting floaty-head things. Refer to the screenshots to the left on how best to get the key and build your exit ramp. First, you’ll want to down stab a 6×2 block all while keeping the regenerating guys at bay. Then, down stab a 2×2 block where shown. Finally, down stab down into the key chamber, grab it, and make your quick escape. You may get hit a couple times, that’s normal. Don’t panic.

Every now and then a player may get frantic and decide to tunnel out through the left and then just cast Jump and jump up onto the blocks, running their way back to the other safe room on the right. This is acceptable, provided you still have enough magic power to cast jump and enough beam shooting guys littering the screen up above you to disallow the gaming engine to regenerate any more. Anyway, grab the key and go. Quickly. Head back to the previous room and go down the elevator.

Kill the Red Parutamu and the Doomknocker, heading into the next room. The EXP bag is only 100, so grab it if you are close to the next level. Otherwise, just ignore it. Now, this room can be tricky for some. There is no need to cast Jump if you time your jumps right. Yes, the Blue Ironknuckle will shoot swords at you but if you time the jump at just the right time you can jump right up onto the platform without wasting magic on a spell. Now, on top of the whole thing, it’s best to break the blocks as shown in the screenshot on the right, with the blocks on the right being broken when the Blue Ironknuckle is as far to the left as he gets. That way he won’t see/hear you jump down and won’t come after you with the throwing knives. If you have to fight both him and the Red Ironknuckle at the same time, it’s over. Continue to the right from the middle section, once you’ve killed the Red Ironknuckle.


Initially, the boss will be hidden off-screen, and after a certain amount of time will come out flying on his horse charging right at you. Jump over the horse and down-stab onto the empty space between the horse’s head and the Ironknuckle’s head as you see in the third screenshot. After enough of this, He’ll dismount the horse, but his health will replenish. At this point, it’s safe to treat him like a regular Blue Ironknuckle, defending his knife throws first and attacking when you can. Once you get towards the edge of the screen, it’ll be hard to see him as he’ll disappear behind the screen. At this point, run back towards the left all the way still trying to dodge his flying knives. Then, charge at him in order to smack him with your sword. Eventually, after enough hits, he’ll die giving you a nice 300 EXP and you can put the crystal into the statue, gaining your next level for the next attribute you need.


Make your way back to the mainland, and step out onto the harbor port next to Mido as if you were going to walk onto the water. Link will automatically sit on the raft, sailing away. This will be the last you see of Western Hyrule for a while. Say goodbye, because Eastern Hyrule is up ahead, and it’s hard.