From this Palace on, the statues of the Ironknuckles standing guard will release either a Red Ironknuckle or Red Magic Jar when you stab it. It’s a useful way to refill your health and life, or level grind as the Red Ironknuckles are 100 EXP points each. Be careful though, they’re faster with their sword and shield than the Orange Ironknuckles.


Head down the elevator. Keep going past the room with the columns that drip, and go down one more floor to the room with the columns that don’t drip. Head left. Watch out for the snake heads that spit boulders at you. Block the boulders with your shield and stab at them. In the next room, kill the blob and keep going. Two Blue Stalfos will fall from the ceiling on either side of you. These guys operate the same way as the Red Stalfos, but these guys also jump over you. Careful. After defeating them, keep going left and grab the key. Head back to the elevator.


Continue going down the elevator. Proceed to the right, and kill the blobs in the room. In the next room you’ll fight two mace throwers. After defeating them both, grab the second key and head back over to the elevator and back up to the floor with the dripping columns.


Proceed to the left, avoiding the flying heads and killing or jumping over the blobs. In the next room, be careful with your timing, as one wrong jump could mean you jump right onto a blob waiting just off screen, knocking you into the lava. Don’t forget to grab the key on the blocks. Keep going and you’ll run into two orange Ironknuckles. As you go down the stairs in the next room, hit the gargoyle statue for a red magic jar. Use Life if you need to and then grab the jar to refill your magic. Go down the elevator and head left. There’ll be a snake head and another Blue Stalfos here. The next room has falling blocks that will unexpectedly start falling. Avoid them as best you can and go into the next room, where the glove waits. A Red Ironknuckle guards it. He’s tough — tougher than anything you’ve faced so far. He’s faster with his sword and shield than the Orange Ironknuckle. Just when you thought it was safe, another Red Ironknuckle waits just behind him.

After defeating both Ironknuckles, unlock the door and grab the glove. The glove allows you to break blocks you find in the Palaces by hitting them with your sword. Walk back towards the way you came. Move forward cautiously, as the blocks will start falling again. Wait for them to create a wall at least three blocks deep so that you can break a path with your sword and not get clobbered over the head by a falling block.


Go back to the elevator and go down. Head right and defeat the two Orange Ironknuckles. One screen over, avoid the beams the gargoyles shoot out while killing the Blue Stalfos. Once you’ve reached the elevator surrounded by dripping columns, don’t go down but instead continue on to the right. At the end of the long hallway, you’ll find another mace thrower. Kill him and grab the key he was guarding.


Go back to the elevator you skipped a little bit ago and go down. Climb the stairs and kill the mace thrower. Grab the experience point bag in the next room by downward stabbing onto the top of the bag. Then, jump over the lava onto the floor. Kill the two tinsuits and the Red Ironknuckle. Keep going, and kill the enemies in the next chamber. The next screen will be the boss.


This boss is similar to Horsehead in that you’ll jump and slash at the Boss’s head, except there is an added difficulty in that after you hit his head and knock his helmet off, the helmet comes to life and floats around the room, shooting beams at you. This happens with the next helmet too so that you have two floating helmets shooting beams at you while you are also jumping and slashing at the boss’s now exposed head which also shoots beams at you. Your regular shield will block the beams that Helmethead and his helmets shoot at you, so block when you can and stab his head when possible. A few good hits to his exposed head will defeat him. You can also try and cast Jump and bounce on his exposed head using the downward stab if you’re careful, but this can be dangerous as you’ll most likely be knocked over by a beam shot by a floating helmet.

Once he dies, grab the key and go into the next room to restore the crystal to the statue, and wait until your experience points fill up to level up your next attribute. Then leave the room by walking to the right.