Head south from Ruto and you’ll come to a cave. Go inside and fight through the Octorks and Goriya in the first room. The second room is much of the same. Keep going until you come to a tall wall. Use the jump spell in order to jump higher and onto the top of the wall.

Once outside, you’ll notice a small group of trees off to the side. It has a fairy inside if you need it. If you need it, go in and grab it. Grab it in much the same way you did inside Parapa Palace by jumping and touching it. There are no enemies to trip you up or anything. If you don’t need it keep going; however, If you need an extra life there’s a 1-up Doll in the swamp. The spot just to the southwest of the boulder in front of the cave houses the Link doll.

There are six Link Dolls in the whole game. It’s advised to save them all for the end of the game. Then, when all you have left to do is go to the Great Palace, die repeatedly in order to start back at the beginning of the game. As you make your way to the Great Palace, grab each Link doll on the way there. That way you have nine lives with which to navigate the Great Palace and fight the final two bosses. If you choose to follow this tip, this walk-through will inform you as to the correct time and place in which to die repeatedly so as to collect all the Link Dolls.

After you’ve collected the doll — if you’ve chosen to do so — it’s time to head to Bagu’s house in order to get a note to prove your worth to the the Riverman of Saria. If you do not meet with Bagu first, the Riverman will not let the bridge down and you cannot cross the River. Apparently, Bagu is some hermit who lives in the forest and him and the Riverman of Saria have some sort of weird arrangement. It’s probably to prevent the “unworthy” from reaching Death Mountain, but who knows for sure. Anyway, proceed down south towards the grass and the safety of the road. Once on the road, go east until you’re in the middle of the bend in the road through the forest. Bagu’s house lies to the north in the middle of the forest. If you take the path indicated, you’ll find the secret path through the forest. Follow the arrows indicated in the screenshot to arrive at Bagu’s house safely without running into fighting cut scenes. Once inside, talk to him and he’ll tell you to give his note to the Riverman. Apparently they have some elementary school secret correspondence going on between the two of them (Do you like me? Check yes or no).

Now that you’ve gotten his note, proceed back out of the forest following the same way you got in and head over to the bridge to the southwest. Stepping on to the bridge brings another action scene of Link dodging flying skulls. Simply block the rocks they shoot by ducking with your shield and you’ll also evade them as they fly over your head. After leaving, head south-east to the lone group of trees to fight bouncing bearded bunnies and to collect another Experience Point Bag. This one is worth 100 EXP. That done, head back to the road and on to the Water Town of Saria.


There are several things to do in town. If you need to, visit with Madame L’Rouge and Madame L’Orange to fill up your life and magic, respectively. They reside in different sections of the town. If you talk to people, be careful because some will turn into bats. One woman who leaves her house early in the first section of town says that she’s lost her mirror. The mirror is in the very next (abandoned) house in the next section of town. Now that you’ve found it, it’s probably time to stop wondering what that lady was doing in an abandoned house by herself with a mirror under the table and give it back to her. She’ll be grateful and invite you inside to presumably show you her mirror collection or something. Proceed to the basement and meet with the Sage of Saria who will grant you the spell of Life, another extremely helpful spell that refills your life meter by a pre-determined amount. With the mirror restored to its rightful owner, it’s time to visit the Riverman in order to proceed to Death Mountain. Keep going through town, talking to the people — avoiding the bat people — and learning valuable information.

Once you get to the river (you’ll know because you can’t go any further without falling into the water and dying), enter the boat-house to talk to the Riverman. After talking with him, leave the house and he’ll release the bridge so you can cross. Leave town and head South towards the cave to Death Mountain.


Immediately you’ll be presented with a maze of caves. Refer to the screenshot for the designated path through Death Mountain

The enemies will get progressively harder as you venture farther through the caves. Ultimately, once reaching Spectacle Rock, you’ll fight more “Daira” (Axe-wielding Alligators — Don’t ask) than you will ever care to see in your life. Orange Dairas simply try and hit you with their axe. Take the same precautions like you did with the stalfos knights in Parapa Palace. Duck and slash when they get close. They’ll bounce back from your sword like the Stalfos did so simply scoot forward slightly and duck and slash again. The Red Daira throws an unlimited supply of axes at you through the air. Simply stand close by, next to it and jump to dodge their axe whenever they throw and slash at them as you come back down. It does take a bit of skill to time it just right with both Orange and Red. FYI: The last two caves before Spectacle Rock contain nothing but blobs and orange Dairas but you do get a red magic jar at the end of the last cave, just before the Hammer Cave, in order to fill your life up.


The Hammer cave is the last cave in Death Mountain — the one that’s standing all by itself next to the other rock in Spectacle Rock at the bottom of the map screenshot. Inside the cave, go forward until you find your first Red Daira. Dispatch of him by standing right next to him and jumping just as he throws his axe, then stabbing as you come back down. Rinse and Repeat. You’ll also find Red Bats in this room. In the next room, kill the bearded bouncing bunnies and the Orange Daira and take the elevator down.You can keep going, but you’ll only come to a room where you’ll fight octoroks in a dead end. Besides, the real battle lies below. After taking the elevator down, you’ll meet a Red Daira if you go right, and a Red Daira if you go left, along with those spiky things that move around on the floor that you can’t kill (yet). The left path leads to a red magic jar, and the right leads to the hammer. If you’re low on life, try getting the red jar first to refill your health. If you don’t need it, head for the hammer. In the next room, you’ll fight an Orange Daira and another Red Daira. It seems like these guys breed like bouncing bearded rabbits. Once you’ve made it to the end, jump up onto the platform and grab the Hammer. Once you have the hammer, make you way left, up the elevator, and back out the cave. Once you’re outside, stand next to the other rock in Spectacle Rock and smash it with the hammer. To do so, simply stand next to the rock and push A on the controller. The rock will turn to dust. Walk onto the spot where the rock used to be and you’ll fall into the sinkhole you just created.


Down the hole you’ll see the magic container sitting there just waiting for you to take it. Do so. Now, leave the cave by heading to the left. It’s time to go back to normal civilization. Go to the cave by the coast and enter. Fight the octoroks in the cave and exit. You’ll make your way up the coast and enter a new cave. As soon as you leave you exit and find yourself next to a bridge. Walk onto the bridge. In the first section of the bridge, you’ll fight some lowders and some spear-wielding weird guys. Finish them off and keep going.The next section of the bridge will seem normal and fine, with a return of the bubbles rising up like on the way to the first heart container. BUT! Keep going and you’ll find, yes, yet another Red Daira. How it got onto the bridge is unknown, but dispatch of it the same way you did the ones in the Hammer Cave.

Once you’ve reached the end of the bridge, you’ll be next to the graveyard, and the town of Mido but we won’t go there yet. There is another Link Doll in this area in the south of the desert if you wish to pick it up. However, if you’re following the tip from earlier, make a note of where the doll is and keep going.


Head east then North along the narrow road along the graveyard. Cross the short desert and break the boulder in the way. Continue heading north until you pass the swamp on your left, and you reach grass and can see a cave. Go inside that cave. Fight the bouncing bearded bunnies and the Orange Goriya here. In the next room, grab the 200 experience point bag. Leave the cave. Head east, across the road and break down the boulder in front of the cave by smashing it with the hammer. Inside the cave, fight your way past the enemies into the next room. In here you’ll find your second heart container that you need to increase your health bar. Leave the cave.


Head south and go back west towards the way you initially came in the beginning of this chapter. Find the cave in the swamp with the boulder in front of it and destroy it. Hint, the cave is right next to where you found the first Link doll. Inside, avoid the bone-fish and block their attacks. In the next room, you’ll fight an orange Daira and two Red Dairas, but your reward is the Water of Life. This Water is used to heal a sick child in Mido Town, which is where we’re going next.


After leaving the cave, head south to get back on the road and head east through the forest. When you get to the fork, go east. Keep going, and you’ll find the Harbor Town of Mido. There are a couple things to do here. First, refill your life and magic if you need to by visiting the Lady in Red or the Lady in Orange. Link will learn a handy dandy new sword combat technique (that will instantly be your favorite) in this town. Find the house that looks like a church in the second section of town and cast Jump in order to, you know, jump onto the balcony. Go in the door, and visit the Knight in the basement who will teach you the new technique. Now, whenever you jump and press down, Link will stab with his sword below him. It makes defeating some enemies a lot easier since you can basically now kill things by bouncing repeatedly on their head, stabbing them in the process. It’s a very useful skill. Practice with it well in order to become proficient. After leaving the house, keep going into the next section of town until you reach the old woman who says her daughter was sick. Now that you have the Water of Life, she’ll invite you in and reward you by arranging a meeting with the Sage of Mido. He’ll give you the Fairy Spell which, when cast, turns Link into a fairy. It can be useful in order to get yourself out of sticky situations. And now, you can fly around the room, especially up into the air.


Leave town and head west. Once the road splits, go north until you’ve passed the swamp, then head west onto the grass. There is a red magic jar on the Right side of the two square strip of land. Grab it if you need to, otherwise, keep heading west through the swamp to get to Midoro Palace.