When you start a new quest you’ll find yourself in the North Palace, with Sleeping Beauty (aka Princess Zelda) behind you in a raised bed. Make your way left or right until you walk off the screen; doing this will take you outside. Once you’re outside make your way along the zigzag road to the right until you see a single group of trees to your North. Walk into the trees. Inside the tiny forest, make your way right. Fight the bats that fly down at you and grab the Experience Point Bag by kneeling down and stabbing it with your sword. You’ll get enough experience points (50) in order to level up your life to level two. That done, you now take less damage when attacked.. Continue walking across the screen until you leave the forest.


Follow the road East, towards the larger forest and mountains, and then follow it South as it bends. Enter the town of Rauru. Once you’re in town, talk to everyone in order to gain valuable information. The Lady in Red pacing in front of her house will replenish your health meter; the Old Lady in Orange will replenish your magic meter. These two women are in every town where people live. Be careful in later towns throughout the game, as sometimes when you talk to people, they turn into bats (like what you just fought in the tiny forest) and attack you. There will not be any “bat-people” in this town, though.

Eventually, you’ll come across a lady in a bluish-purple dress with a hat outside of a white brick house who asks you to come inside and talk with her father.

If you talk to her again when you’re in the house, she’ll tell you that every town has a wise old man, and to look for one in each town; although sometimes, you’ll have to perform a task in order to “prove your worth.” Continue walking right, and you’ll come to a basement where the Sage of Rauru happens to be. Talk to him and he’ll give you the magic spell of Shield. This is a powerful defense spell that minimizes the damage you take from enemies.

Having the spell, it’s time to go to the desert, like the Sage says. Leave town and walk North through the forest across the road and enter the cave. It’ll be dark since you don’t have a candle. Walk slowly. Stop after you jump onto a second rock hump, as there will be a lowder crawling around on the ground just past it. You’ll be able to see where it is if you watch the ground. Wait until it moves away from the second platform then jump off and kneel down to its level. If it sees you, it’ll move faster towards you. Once it gets close, two hits with your sword should take it out.


After leaving the cave, walk East then head South following along the mountains. You’ll come to a narrow road between the mountains and ocean. After about halfway down the road you’ll come to a cut-scene where you’ll have to avoid the bubbles by jumping from pillar to pillar. Don’t fall into the water as, sadly, no one ever taught our sixteen-year-old hero how to swim and will immediately drown, losing a life. After successfully jumping through the pillars and continuing along the road, you’ll come to a meadow surrounded by a ring of trees. Walk onto the grassy square.

Head right, and you’ll see a Heart Container within easy reach. It’s tempting to just grab it, but there is an Orange Goriya. Simply block his boomerangs with your shield, and stab when he’s not throwing. If you take the Heart Container first, he’ll hit you with boomerangs while you stand there showing everyone how cool the Heart Container is that you just picked up. After you’ve defeated him, jump over and grab the Heart Container. Once you do, your maximum life energy will be increased by one bar. How cool is that! Head back North along the narrow road, dodging the bubbles and avoiding the water pits. Keep heading North when you’ve reached the desert and you’ll arrive at Parapa Palace.


Walk to the right through the columns. Head down the elevator and go to the left. Watch out for the Tinsuits. Every hit from one of those will drain a small amount of experience points, which is extremely annoying. They can be easily taken out with a hit from the floating sword though (sword used with full life), so that you don’t have to get too close to them. Alternatively, you can jump over them if you time it just right. Keep making your way left, and eventually you’ll get to a room with two blobs on a floating block formation. Be patient and stand there until the blobs blob their way over to you. Kill them and then continue going left. On the other end of the floating block formation, a Red Stalfos will drop from the ceiling. These enemies take a little bit of skill to dispatch easily. You’ll have to crouch and strike with your sword while they’re close, and then move toward them a little, repeating the same motion of crouching and striking. Once you’ve vanquished your foe, keep heading to the left to grab the First Key. Simply strike the key with your sword to grab it.

Head back down to the right, to the elevator you initially came down. Keep going past the elevator, into the next room, killing or jumping over the Tinsuits as you go. Unlock the door by walking into it, and keep going left into the next room. You’ll encounter another Red Stalfos and an elevator going down behind it. Don’t go down for now; keep going right. You’ll meet another Red Stalfos. Kill him and keep going until you get to another elevator. Take this elevator up. Go down the hall, and collect the Second Key at the end after jumping up the steps. Keep going, into the chamber of the Mace-thrower. Don’t go all Bruce Lee and attack him just yet; watch his pattern for a little bit, and you’ll see an opening pop up every now and then. Jump through the opening and stab him with your sword a few times. Once you’ve killed him, collect the Third Key and go back down the hall to the elevator.


Go down the elevator, stopping at the same floor you were previously on. DO NOT go all the way down yet. If you need to replenish your energy from the fight with the Mace-thrower, there is a Fairy to the right, but save it for later as you’re about to meet much stronger enemies in the halls ahead. Go back to the left in order to use the elevator surrounded by the Red Stalfos you saw earlier. Go down that elevator and head left.

In this room, avoid the bubbles as best you can. They take A LOT of hits to kill, even if your attack power was maxed out at level eight. Plus, they not only damage you, they steal some of your magic. Run and jump out of the way of these enemies every time the opportunity presents itself. In the next room you’ll see some more blobs blobbing around. Wait patiently for them to blob over to you and then dispatch them with your sword. After you’ve vanquished the blobs, run across the bridge without stopping as it disappears as you step on it. If you’re feeling brave, you can try and crouch fast and grab the power bag sitting so innocently on the bridge, but it’s only 50 Experience Points. If you time it right, you just might make it. If you don’t get it, it’ll regenerate if it falls into the lava, but so will you and you’ll lose a life. If it’s not too important (which it shouldn’t be at this point), keep going right past it.

The chamber in the next room contains your toughest fight yet. Another Mace-thrower is here, followed by an Ironknuckle Knight. Dispatch of the Mace-thrower with the same strategy as before (waiting for a gap in the maces, then running in and stabbing). Be careful this time as sometimes it jumps forward when you stab it. After you’ve destroyed the Mace-thrower, you’ll meet an Orange Ironknuckle. His shield protects him, so crouch or stand and stab wherever his shield is not protecting him. He will also swing his sword at you, so dodge his sword attacks with your shield, and stab when you can. Once he’s been defeated, proceed to the left and unlock the door to receive your reward for defeating these two enemies. It’s the candle, which will light up caves so you can see inside them (and the enemies they contain) perfectly fine now.


After getting the candle, head back over the collapsing bridge and up the elevator, avoiding the magic-stealing bubbles. After going up the elevator, head right, to the elevator that goes both ways. Continue right if you want to grab the fairy (if you haven’t used it by now) and then head down the elevator. You’ll be immediately met by another Orange Ironknuckle. Defeat him in a similar way to the previous one guarding the candle. As you progress up the stone steps you’ll be met by two more Red Stalfos. Stay on the level you’re on so you can stab them in the legs while you’re standing. They’re a little easier this way. You may have to move back and forth slightly in order to stab their legs. In the next room, unlock the door and defeat the Mace-thrower and continue on, defeating another Orange Ironknuckle. After you’ve defeated both, head into the next room.


Step forward until you can see the curtains at the top of the screen, and then stop. Cast the “Shield” spell. Then, step forward until you are in Horsehead’s lair. If you get close to him, he’ll swing his mace at you, causing yourself some significant damage; however, he does prep his swing momentarily by swinging the mace backwards and then forwards, although only for a very short time. When you get about a stone-and-a-half to two stones away from him (as determined by the floor), jump and slash at his white head. The white part of him is the only part that’s vulnerable to your sword attack as the rest is clad in thick red armor. Every time you slash and hit his white head, he’ll also slide backwards slightly, giving you more floor space. Do this enough to keep him away and wear him down. Ultimately you’ll defeat him and get the key.

Grab the key and proceed through the door to the right. Step onto the monument and move yourself into the middle of it. Link will automatically restore the crystal, and your magic and health will be restored. Stay put, because your experience points will also fill up to the next level. After you’ve leveled up, walk past the Ironknuckle statue to exit the Palace.


After leaving the Palace, head back to the North Palace (where you started the game) by going through the cave to the Southwest and heading West back to the zigzag road. You’ll notice that your sight is a lot better in caves now that you have the candle. Don’t go onto the island with the North Palace. Instead, head South and West and you’ll see a cave tucked into the mountains. Go inside. Fight the Lowders and Octoroks, blocking their stones with your shield and striking when they jump. At the end of the cave you’ll find a Magic Container, increasing your magic bar by one box. Leave the cave.


If you’ve explored on your own a little bit, you’ll know there’s a town to the Northwest of North Palace and a cave surrounded by mountains directly North of North Palace. Now that you have the candle, it’s time to go to the latter cave. If you haven’t been exploring and following this walkthrough, head directly North from North Palace until you come to the desert. Keep going, and you’ll notice the cave. Go inside, fight the enemies and jump over the lava pits. Fight the Goriya at the end, and grab the Trophy. The Goriya had stolen it from a family living in the town of Ruto.


Now that you have the Trophy, head West to the town of Ruto. Again, talk to everyone in town to learn valuable information. If you need health or magic, find the respective houses and talk to the inhabitants. Eventually, you’ll find a woman in red inside one of the houses who thanks you (without using any punctuation) for finding the Trophy and to come inside. Follow her in to talk to Sage of Ruto who will grant you the Jump spell.

This spell enables you to jump twice as high as you normally do, and is one of the most helpful spells in the whole game. After you’ve talked to everyone and left town, it’s time to head South to the swamp land, and Death Mountain.