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When you’re (most likely) bored or just feel the need to be entertained, but sadly there’s nothing on TV, the cat is outside, or your Netflix subscription just ended, some of us will probably reach for the Guiness Book of World Records, seeking enjoyment in little, extraordinary, yet strangely interesting stories. As fans of said book will most likely know, the annual release is often followed by a spin-off title known as the Guiness Book of World Records: Gamers Edition, as was the case a week ago when we received the 2015 edition. 

An interesting point…

IGN recently made a Top Ten list where they asked their viewers for the ten best video game villains of all time. Unsurprisingly, Ganondorf won by a lot.

The list includes other iconic villains like The Joker, GLaDOS, and even Dark Link and Master Hand, giving Nintendo, and the Zelda series specifically, a huge vantage point from all other games.

They also included other questions, such as Top Ten Worst Bosses…

Whenever it comes to top 10 listings, it should always be noted that everything is subjective. Everyone likes things for different reasons and there is no such thing as a definitive list. That being said, GameTrailers attempts to do the impossible and not only crowd the top few games in the series in their opinion, but to fully list out a top 10. As it stands, there are 17 games in the main series, which means 7 didn’t make the cut, making a top 10 list all the more interesting. While I may feel strongly about A Link Between Worlds, GameTrailers does not include the game for consideration so time can pass and they can weigh their feelings over a longer period of time. Can’t fault them for wanting more time to mull their feelings on that game.

The list includes a few shockers, including having Zelda II ranked ahead of The Wind Waker. For the full list and video breakdown, head inside!

Prima, the folks probably best known for publishing mountains of gaming walkthroughs, has published their top ten list for The Legend of Zelda series. It’s not terribly controversial or anything—Ocarina of Time takes the top spot—but it is notable that A Link Between Worlds landed so high on the list, coming it at number four. Tenth place goes to Link’s Awakening.

Head past the jump to Prima’s top ten Zelda games.