Skyward Sword Gratitude Crystals Guide

Skyward Sword Gratitude Crystals Guide

Skyward Sword Walkthrough, Gratitude Crystals Guide

Skyward Sword‘s big unique sidequest system is the Gratitude Crystals sidequest, which involves doing good deeds for the various peoples you meet throughout your quest. You can think of it as a combination between Twilight Princess‘s Poe Souls and Majora’s Mask‘s Bomber’s Notebook in that you’ll get crystals for helping characters with their problems. Be vigilant as you meet NPCs - any of them could offer you Gratitude Crystals if you interact with them in just the right way.

Bring your collected Gratitude Crystals to the friendly demon, Batreaux, who wants to use them to become human, and he’ll give you various rewards as thanks. These include capacity upgrades for your Wallets, Satchels, and Pouches, as well as other goodies.

As part of our Skyward Sword Walkthrough, we’ll be delivering a full-blown log that keeps track of the locations of every single Gratitude Crystal in the game so you can make sure you track down each one and complete all the related sidequests. There are sure to be tons, so double-check periodically if you’re not sure whether you’ve missed a few!

Gratitude Crystal Sidequests

Most Gratitude Crystals come from helping others with their troubles. In these cases, they come in groups of five, but they can be quite challenging to figure out. You can spot people who need help and who can assist you in helping others by looking for the talk icons above their heads as you approach them.

Kukiel Gone Missing

Sometime after you unlock the path to Eldin Volcano, Kukiel’s parents will inform you that she has gone missing. You can follow clues to the old man in the Lumpy Pumpkin, who knows something about a demon who haunts the Skyloft graveyard. Strike the tree nearby the top-leftmost grave and the tombstone will start glowing. That’s your cue to give it a good shove, which will open the shed door nearby. Drop down the ladder inside to reach an old decrepit house. Inside is Batreaux, the friendly demon. Kukiel’s been keeping him company. She’ll return home the next morning and you can receive five Gratitude Crystals from her mother.

Wounded Loftwing

Orielle has gone missing. She was last seen flying towards Fun Fun Island, but she seems to have disappeared en route. You’ll find her on the small round island between Skyloft and Fun Fun Island. She’ll ask you to talk to her brother, Parrow, who is looking for her, and retrieve a bottle of mushroom medicine for her bird. Bring her the bottle and she’ll let you keep it, as well as pass on five Gratitude Crystals. Talk to Parrow later for five more.

Paper, Please

The bathroom in Skyloft seems to be haunted - strange noises come from it at night, asking for paper. (I wonder what for?) You can retrieve some from Cawlin if you agree to deliver his letter. At that point, you have two choices - bring the bathroom ghost the paper she needs, or take it to Karane as promised. Either path will result in you earning five Gratitude Crystals.

To Get Stronger

Fledge looks up to you, and so he’s trying to get stronger with a nightly workout routine. He needs more endurance to make it through however, so he asks you to bring him a Stamina Potion. Do so once and his workout ethic will improve. Later on he’ll ask for a second potion, and if you comply, he’ll eventually build up enough strength to pass on five Gratitude Crystals.

Cleaning Lady

Head for Pipit’s House at the northeastern part of Skyloft. His mother has let the house fall into a ruined state, but you can use the Gust Bellows to clean up. Make sure you clean every dirty surface, including the windows, beds, and dressers. You’ll get five crystals as thanks.

Good Night’s Sleep

Bertie runs the Potion Shop with his wife, Luv. He’s stuck taking care of their infant child, who doesn’t seem to want to sleep through the night. You’ll need to find his missing Rattle to calm the young babe. Use your Clawshots to grapple up to the floating waterfall island, accessible from nearby the entrance to the Waterfall cave, then skydive onto the bird’s nest atop the tower nearby the Bazaar. Use the Gust Bellows to clear out the nest and pick up the Rattle, then deliver it to Bertie for five Gratitude Crystals.

Misfortune Teller

Sparrot the Fortune Teller will at one point break his crystal ball. He’ll ask you to find a replacement, which is no problem if you have the Clawshots. Simply grapple up to the top of the entrance of the Earth Temple with the Clawshots and approach the round shiny orb. Scrapper can bring it back up to Skyloft for you, at which point all you need to do is approach Sparrot and you’ll receive five Gratitude Crystals for your troubles.

Hard Day’s Work

Kina of Pumpkin Landing hopes to find someone to help plow the Pumpkin Fields. The person she’s looking for is the Mogma Elder, who is waiting on one of the tall stalagmites jutting up from the caverns below Eldin Volcano. Skydive nearby him and Scrapper can bring him up to the sky. He’ll perform so well as his task that Kina will produce five Gratitude Crystals.

No Fun Island

Dodoh of Fun Fun Island wants to run a family-friendly minigame joint, but he just doesn’t feel up to the task without his “fun wheel.” Turns out it fell off the island and landed in Lanayru Desert. Dive down to the first Bird Statue you ever found in the desert proper. Strike the Timeshift Stone there to create a series of vines leading up to a ledge above, then make your way over to the Fun Wheel and have Scrapper carry it back into the clouds with you. Dodoh will be so happy he’ll give you five Gratitude Crystals as thanks.

Bank of Love

If you frequent the Item Check, speak flatteringly to Peatrice and she’ll start to fall for you. Keep indulging her to the very end and her father will ask you to figure out who’s bothering her. Talk to her a final time at night in her house and she’ll confess her undying love for you and give you five Gratitude Crystals.

Plant or Animal?

Owlan loves studying rare plants, but there’s only so much to examine in Skyloft. He’s looking for a new specimen. If you talk to Machi the Kikwi, who’s still convinced he should be hiding, he’ll agree to come up to Skyloft with you. You can find him in the grove where the Kikwi decided to settle down after you cleared Skyview Temple.

Beedle the Bard

Talk to Beedle as you approach the ending hours of the game and you’ll learn his precious beetle has gone missing. Turns out it was recovered by Strich, who will only surrender it to you if you clear his insect-finding gauntlet in the Thunderhead. To win, you’ll need to collect certain predetermined insects within a three minute time limit. The best route is as follows:

  • Head counter-clockwise. Swing across the water with the hanging rope and drop down the path to the right. Don’t bother with the log, it’ll just slow you down.
  • Scoop up the Eldin Roller, Blessed Butterfly, and Faron Grasshopper you run across as you move around the bend.
  • Climb up onto the ledge and grab the Woodland Rhino Beetle, then hop up a second ledge and carefully catch the Sand Cicada on the outer barricade.
  • Keep going around the circuit and drop down to the original path to scoop up the second Eldin Roller and Faron Grasshopper you need to finish.
  • Scramble back up the ledges and continue, but this time scale the steep slope. Catch the Gerudo Dragonfly you pass on the way.
  • Avoid the tree (it contains Deku Hornets!) and move clockwise around the top of the structure. Catch the Lanayru Ant you pass along the way and shatter the jars nearby the tree to reveal a Skyloft Mantis.

Return the Beetle to Beedle on his island at night and he’ll give you five Gratitude Crystals.

Gratitude Crystal Singles

Single Gratitude Crystals appear only at night, meaning they’re only in areas where you can fall asleep. You can find them at the following locations:

Skyloft Gratitude Crystals

  • There’s a Gratitude Crystal in your room.
  • A Gratitude Crystal is just sitting around in a planter inside the Knight Academy on the second floor, nearby the exit.
  • There’s a Gratitude Crystal resting in the rafters of the Sparring Hall above Eagus. You need the Beetle to reach it.
  • At the end of the Waterfall cave, you’ll find a Gratitude Crystal nearby the Bird Statue.
  • A second Gratitude Crystal awaits in the cave where your Loftwing was held by Groose.
  • Dive off the platform just south of the Knight Academy and land on the floating island with the Goddess Cube chest. From here you can dive down to another floating island containing a Gratitude Crystal.
  • A Gratitude Crystal rests earby one of the trees at the pumpkin patch.
  • There’s a Gratitude Crystal inside Parrow & Orielle’s house.
  • Look for a Gratitude Crystal hidden in the wooden walkway nearby the Bazaar.
  • A Gratitude Crystal is hidden at the back of the base of the Tower of Light.
  • The floating waterfall above the lake has a Gratitude Crystal near the edge of the falls. You need the Clawshots to climb up, but you can use the Quick Beetle to reach the crystal.
  • Use the Clawshots on the target above the chimney of the Knight Academy and crawl into the hole in the ceiling leading to Zelda’s room. There’s a Gratitude Crystal waiting for you.

Pumpkin Landing Gratitude Crystals

  • Look for a Gratitude Crystal in the storage shed.
  • A Gratitude Crystal is resting on the second floor of the Lumpy Pumpkin.

Beedle’s Island Gratitude Crystals

  • If you fall asleep at Beedle’s Airshop, you can use the Beetle to fetch a Gratitude Crystal from the roof of his ship.

Gratitude Crystal Rewards

  • 5 Gratitude Crystals: Medium Wallet
  • 10 Gratitude Crystals: Heart Piece
  • 30 Gratitude Crystals: Big Wallet
  • 30 Gratitude Crystals: Cursed Medal
  • 40 Gratitude Crystals: 300 Rupees
  • 50 Gratitude Crystals: Giant Wallet
  • 70 Gratitude Crystals: 600 Rupees
  • 80 Gratitude Crystals: Tycoon Wallet