Skyward Sword Enemy Guide

Skyward Sword Enemy Guide

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword's Wii Motion Plus input scheme promises to deliver a major overhaul to the combat system we know and love from its predecessors, so it's more important than ever to know thy enemy. To that end, we've built this Skyward Sword Enemy Guide as part of our Skyward Sword Walkthrough to help you succeed against every last foe you encounter during your epic struggle.

If you're looking for boss battle strategies, try our Skyward Sword Boss Guide, which explains how to defeat every mini-boss and dungeon boss in detail.

Remlit | Keese | Chu Chu | Walltula | Deku Baba | Quadro Baba | Octorok | Guay | Bokoblin | Staldra
Skulltula | Stalfos | Fire Keese | Pyrup | Magma Spume | Lizalfos | Technoblin | Ampilus | Hrok
Electro Spume | Moblin | Aracha | Froak | Sentrobe | Beamos | Armos | Cranioc | Furnix | Stalmaster
Cursed Bokoblin | Cursed Spume | Thunder Keese | Scervo | Magmanos | Dark Keese
Guardian | Watcher | Dark Lizalfos


Remlit Type: Possessed Feline
Location: Skyloft at night
Attacks: Swipe
Effective Weapon(s): Sword
Strategy: Remlits are normally quite docile, but at night they become feral thanks to a demonic power. If you transform Batreaux into a human, they'll no longer change when the moon comes out, making it safe to traverse the town at night. Zelda owns one of these as a pet.


Keese Type: Winged Vermin
Location: Caves and Dungeons
Attacks: Swoop
Effective Weapon(s): Sword, Slingshot, Whip
Strategy: Keese can be tricky little buggers. They fly relatively erratically until they spot you, at which point they try to dive-bomb you. You can tell when they're about to attack because their eyes flash red. They go down easily, but because they're so small and agile it can be hard to hit them if you aren't skilled with your blade or other weapons.

Chu Chu

ChuChuType: Sentient Jelly
Location: Everywhere
Varieties: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
Attacks: Jump
Effective Weapon(s): Sword
Strategy: Your sword can slice right through a Chu Chu, but it'll continue to grow if you don't deal with it quickly. Each time you cut one, it divides into smaller segments, which will recombine unless you take them out. Red ones set you on fire and Yellow ones are charged with electricity.


WalltulaType: Wall-Obsessed Arachnid
Location: Walls, especially climbable ones
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Wall Bite
Effective Weapon(s): Slingshot, Beetle, Bow
Strategy: Walltulas hang out on walls where they could possibly be of some inconvenience to travelers. They'll attack you if you try to climb past them, but they're pretty easy to pick off from a distance with projectiles.

Deku Baba

Deku BabaType: Carnivorous Plant
Location: Faron Woods, Skyview Temple
Varieties: None
Attacks: Venomous Bite
Effective Weapon(s): Sword, Beetle, Bombs, Bow
Strategy: Deku Babas don't have any eyes, but that doesn't mean they can't track you with... wait, they don't have any sense of smell or sound, either. Be careful not to let them bite you. Their buds are covered in a hard carapace, so if you want to cut them you'll have to slice them across their open mouths. Gold-colored ones are tougher and can open their mouths in multiple directions, so watch them carefully. The Beetle can also slice right through their stems, and they'll gobble down any Bomb Flowers you toss their way...

Quadro Baba

Quadro BabaType: Carnivorous Plant
Type: Evolved Carnivorous Plantform
Location: Faron Woods, Skyview Temple
Attacks: Deku Bite
Effective Weapon(s): Sword, Bombs, Bow
Strategy: This gold colored Deku Baba is more durable than its blue cousin and also possesses the ability to open its mouth in multiple directions. Pay close attention to these dynamic changes as you fight. It's still got all the other vulnerabilities, too...


Octorok Type: Rock-Spitting Cephalopod
Location: Faron Woods, The Sky
Varieties: Grass, Rock
Attacks: Spit Rocks
Effective Weapon(s): Shield
Strategy: Octoroks attack you both on land and in the sky. Sky Octoroks latch onto floating islands and try to shoot you from your bird, while land-bound varieties disguise themselves as bushes and burrow in holes in the grounds to hide. Using a Shield Bash to repel their rocks back at them will defeat them.


Guay Type: Angry Crow
Location: Faron Woods
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Peck, Bird Bomb
Effective Weapon(s): Sword, Slingshot
Strategy: Guay will dive-bomb you and peck away, just as annoying as the Keese, but they also have an extra ability: they can lay droppings on your head. These potent heaps of nasty will slowly drain health as you choke in an effort to breathe in the noxious fumes.


BokoblinType: Goblin Warrior
Location: The Surface
Varieties: Red, Green, Blue, Archer
Attacks: Swipe
Effective Weapon(s): Sword, Bombs, Bow
Strategy: Bokoblins are more intelligent than your average monsters. They'll use their weapons to block your attacks, sometimes parrying your incoming blows. To defeat them, you'll have to strike from a direction they're not defending against. They are known to wield a variety of weapons, from rusty cleavers to clubs and hammers. Boss Bokoblins carry horns that they use to summon reinforcements. You'll have to take them out by detonating their watchtowers with Bombs to prevent them from calling in backup. They seem to appear in multiple color varieties as well.


Skulltula Type: Armored Arachnid
Location: Skyview Temple, Ancient Cistern
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Web Spray, Spider Bite
Effective Weapons: Sword, Beetle, Bombs
Strategy: Skulltulas have spun sticky webs all over the Skyview Temple. Many of them still lurk within its depths, hanging from the ceiling by their strings. You can cut them down with the Beetle to get them back on the ground, then flip them over with a careful uppercut with your sword or a well-placed Bomb explosion to get them on their backs. From there, a simple Finishing Blow will squish them. Alternatively, you can spin them around with your sword while they're still suspended and, with good timing, stab them right in their glowing guts.


StalfosType: Rotted Warrior
Location: Dungeons
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Slash, Double Strike
Effective Weapons: Sword, Shield Bash
Strategy: Stalfos fight with multiple weapons at once, meaning twice the threat level and twice the blocking potential. You can still find gaps in their defenses to exploit with your sword, however. They don't go down easily, though - expect a long battle during your early encounters. A well-placed Shield Bash can knock off their arms temporarily, leaving them open to more damage. Watch out for their Double Strike attack, as it knocks off two hearts!


Staldra Type: Three-Headed Wyrm
Location: Lanayru Mining Facility
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Chomp
Effective Weapons: Sword
Strategy: Staldra will try to bite you with any or all of its three heads, so keep your eyes on all three of them to avoid getting chomped. To defeat it, slash through all three of its heads. Fail to cut them all and the severed ones will just grow back, meaning you have to work quickly. A Spin Attack is great for getting the job done if you find a moment during which the heads are neatly aligned.

Fire Keese

Fire KeeseType: Flaming Flying Vermin
Location: Eldin Volcano
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Fire Bite
Effective Weapons: Sword, Slingshot
Strategy: Fire Keese have somehow found a way to keep themselves ablaze, much to the dismay of hopeful heroes. They behave in much the same way as regular Keese, only they pack a bit more of a punch since they can set you on fire. Be especially careful so you don't lose your Wooden Shield - or just buy an iron one to play it safe.


Pyrup Type: Fire-Breathing Lava Seal
Location: Eldin Volcano
Varieties: Standard, Armored
Attacks: Flame Breath
Effective Weapons: Bombs
Strategy: Pyrups hide in small alcoves and breathe fire whenever they sense danger, but if you roll a Bomb just right you can blast them out of commission. Later on you'll encounter a variety that hunkers beneath a rock-like shell and requires you to toss a Bomb overhead to blow away its armor before you can defeat it.

Magma Spume

Magma SpumeType: Lava-Dwelling Amphibian
Location: Eldin Volcano
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Fire Ball
Effective Weapons: Bombs, Bow
Strategy: Magma Spumes swim around in the lava, only popping out to spit a fireball your way. Most of y your standard equipment won't suffice, but if you chuck a Bomb their way you can blow them right out of the lava. Be careful not to get hit with one of their flame attacks in the process, as any Bomb you have at the ready will explode instantly if it comes in contact with fire.


Lizalfos Type: Lizard Warrior
Location: Earth Temple
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Swipe
Effective Weapons: Sword
Strategy: Lizalfos are fairly agile warriors, but their pride can get the better of them. They carry a shield-like gauntlet for defense. They're fats enough to slide out of the way of most of your attacks, but if you successfully dodge one of their hits they'll instinctively taunt you to try to intimidate you. Don't let this tactic distract you, though - go in for the kill!


Technoblin Type: Mechanized Goblin Warrior
Location: Lanayru Desert
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Electric Sword
Effective Weapons: Sword, Now
Strategy: The Bokoblins who have invaded the desert region have also laid hold of much of the old technology there, including electrically-charged swords and gadget-equipped armor. Strike their swords with yours and you'll get zapped, leaving you open to attack. You'll have to be precise to win!


Ampilus Type: Electrically-Charged Hermit Crab
Location: Lanayru Desert
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Electric Wheel
Effective Weapons: Shield Bash, Hook Beetle
Strategy: Ampiluses are crabs that once inhabited the Lanayru sea... but in the centuries since they've evolved and become electrified! They roll around in their round shells to attack. If they touch you they'll zap you and then come around for another pass. Use your Shield Bash to stop their momentum and stun them.


Type: Great Bird
Location: Lanayru Desert
Attacks: Boulder Spit
Effective Weapon(s): Hook Beetle
Strategy: Hroks spit giant boulders at their enemies which are formed from hundreds of tiny ones they've been gathering in their throats.

Electro Spume

Electro Spume Type: Dusty Rock-Shooting Amphibian
Location: Lanayru Desert
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Spit
Effective Weapons: Bombs
Strategy: Electro Spumes hide in the sand and pop out only to shoot passing prey by spitting rocks from their mouths. Electricity courses across their body, so you can't hit them with sword attacks. They're not very smart, though, so if you roll a bomb their way, they'll unwittingly go down before they even know what's happening.


Aracha Type: Scoprion Spawn
Location: Lanayru Mining Facility
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Sting
Effective Weapons: Sword, Gust Bellows
Strategy: Aracha are the tiny spawn of the colossal scorpion demon Moldarach. They scuttle about the Lanayru Mining Facility looking for fresh prey so they can grow big and strong like their matriarch. They get easily blown around by the Gust Bellows.


Froak Type: Floating Pufferfish
Location: Lanayru Mining Facility, Skyview Temple (flooded)
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Spines
Effective Weapons: Gust Bellows
Strategy: The Froak inflates itself and flies around inside the Lanayru Mining Facility's ancient unused depths. Hitting it with a strong blast from the Gust Bellows will knock it out of the air, and the immense pressure will cause it to explode.


Sentrobe Type: Floating Sentry Drone
Location: Lanayru Mining Facility
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Missile Attack
Effective Weapons: Sword, Gust Bellows
Strategy: Sentrobe are small flying drones that unleash a barrage of homing missiles your way as soon as they spot you. Because they're so tiny, they can be hard to hit. Most of them have a vulnerable seam along which you can slice them to pieces, but you can also use a gust of wind to knock them out of the air.


Beamos Type: Sentry Mech
Location: Lanayru Mining Facility
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Laser Eye
Effective Weapons: Sword, Hylian Shield
Strategy: Beamos are stationary sentry turrets that scan the rooms they're installed in with their single eye. Once they spot movement, they'll fire a powerful beam at whatever has wandered into their sights. You can send this beam right back at them with a Shield Bash from your Hylian Shield, which will temporarily stun it. That's your cue to run in close and slice it along the glowing seams of energy that hold it together. Once you've eliminated all but the primary segment, attack its eye to defeat it.


Type: Ancient Statue Robot
Location: Lanayru Mining Facility
Attacks: Ram
Effective Weapon(s): Sword, Gust Bellows
Strategy: This ancient mech has lain dormant in the Lanayru Mining Facility for ages. Its weak point is inside its mouth, but you'll need to open it up by aiming your Gust Bellows at its head to stun it before you can strike.


Moblin Type: Goblin Goliath
Location: The Surface
Varieties: Wooden Shield , Iron Shield
Attacks: Spear Jab
Effective Weapons: Sword
Strategy: Moblin carry large shields that are bigger than you! Fortunately, their shields are made of wood, making them easy fodder for your sword. The direction in which you slice them is reflected in the way they fall apart. Once their shields are out of the way, you can cut them directly. Watch out for their spear attacks, though - they're big and strong and can take out a decent portion of your life! If you dash directly at them, you can hop on top of their shields and over their heads to attack them from behind.


Cranioc Type: Bulbous Fish
Location: Lake Floria
Attacks: Mad Charge
Effective Weapon(s): Unknown
Strategy: Craniocs have strong rivalries with each other, and try to prove their superiority by attacking anything threatening in sight. They turn red with fury before they attack, so you'll know when it's coming.


Furnix Type: Demon Bird
Location: Ancient Cistern
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Unknown
Effective Weapons: Whip
Strategy: Furnix have taken up roost in the Ancient Cistern ever since the place has become populated with monsters. They have giant wings which they use to fly around and attack from the air. They're agile, so they do a good job avoiding your Slingshot's pellets and your sword. Try using your Whip to grab onto their tails so you can tug them out of the air and get in some killer strikes!


Stalmaster Type: Petrified Warrior
Location: Dungeons
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Slash, Quadruple Strike
Effective Weapons: Sword, Shield
Strategy: The Stalmaster is an even more powerful version of the Stalfos that fights with four arms and four bladed weapons. As such, it can block in several directions at once, forcing you to pinpoint an even narrower window through which to attack. Use caution, as it's not only harder to hit but hits you harder as well.

Cursed Bokoblin

Cursed Bokoblin Type: Undead Goblin Warrior
Location: Ancient Cistern
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Zombie Rush
Effective Weapons: Unknown
Strategy: The Bokoblins that have been subjected to the poisons infesting the underbelly of the Ancient Cistern for too long become cursed, twisted, and zombie-like. Looks like their flesh is rotting... They come at you mindlessly and in large groups, but how are you supposed to damage them?

Cursed Spume

Type: Cursed Amphibian
Location: Volcano Summit
Attacks: Poison Spit
Effective Weapon(s): Bow
Strategy:Cursed Spumes are similar to the Spume varieties you've already seen, but they live in more dangerous environments. Watch out for their cursed spit and fight back with projectiles and other ranged attacks!

Thunder Keese

Type: Electrified Vermin
Location: Lanayru Desert
Attacks: Electric Bite
Effective Weapon(s): Sword
Strategy: These lightning-charged Keese are dangerous if you try to go against them with metallic weapons. Fortunately, they're not charged all the time.

LD-002G Scervo

Scervo Type: Robot Pirate
Location: Lanayru Desert
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Electric Sword
Effective Weapons: Sword, Shield Bash
Strategy: Scervo is a robotic pirate that guards the coastal area of Lanayru Desert. It fights with an electrically-charged sword, kind of like the Technoblins. One has to wonder whether the Technoblins stole their technology from the robotic guardians of this region...


Magmanos Type: Molten Hand
Location: Fire Sanctuary
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Fiery Crush
Effective Weapons: Unknown
Strategy: Magmanos are giant magma hands that rise up out of the lava in the Fire Sanctuary. They can't be damaged by physical attacks, so weapons like your sword and bow will just pass through them. You'll need to find some more magical way of dealing with them...

Dark Keese

Type: Cursed Flying Vermin
Location: Volcano Summit
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Cursed Bite
Effective Weapons: Sword
Strategy: If this wicked bat bites you, you won't be able to use your items until its curse wears off. Fortunately, they don't really put up much of a fight otherwise and a strong hit from your sword will take them out easily.


Guardian Type: Divine Protector
Location: Silent Realm
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Silent Crush
Effective Weapons: Tears of Light
Strategy: Guardians watch incessantly over the spiritual Silent Realm. You can't defeat the them since you left your weapons behind in the real world, so just run. If you pick up one of the Tears of Light scattered across the realm, the world will be bathed in a pale blue light that stuns the Guardians for the next 90 seconds. Find all the Tears quickly!


Watcher Type: Divine Sentry
Location: Silent Realm
Varieties: Sky, Earth
Attacks: Siren Chime
Effective Weapons: None
Strategy: Watchers patrol the Silent Realm in tandem with the Guardians. They're unaffected by the Tears of Light and their lights shine through the stunning glow cast by the Tears, making them extra dangerous. If you're caught in their lamplight, they'll let out a loud chime that immediately smothers the power of the Tears and awakens the Guardians - so you'll have to tread carefully even while the Guardians are stunned.

Dark Lizalfos

Dark Lizalfos Type: Corrupted Lizard Warrior
Location: Fire Sanctuary
Varieties: Unknown
Attacks: Unknown
Effective Weapons: Sword
Strategy: Dark Lizalfos have heightened battle skills compared to their standard counterparts. They're still possible to beat, however, provided your own skills are up to the task. They also pack quite a punch and can take a decent beating before going down, meaning it'll take endurance in addition to skill and precision.