Skyward Sword Character Guide

Skyward Sword Character Guide

Link & Zelda have a really tight bond in this game

At the recent 3DS Conference, Miyamoto took the stage to describe the storyline of Skyward Sword: "Now, on The Legend of Zelda games we work on having a vast storyline. This one's no different."

A key part of that vast story is the cast of characters - and we've got the lowdown on every last one of them. This is just one of the components of our Skyward Sword Storyline Guide, which will guide you through the complete story of Skyward Sword, Zelda Informer style.

If you aren't looking for story spoilers but want some help figuring out how to get through the game, check out our main Skyward Sword Walkthrough. Whatever you're looking for, you'll probably find it there.

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Main Cast

Skyward Sword's got a ton of characters packed into its story and world, but a select few stand out among the rest. See who's at the top of the credits list for this all-star Zelda cast. Which characters will we see the most of throughout our adventure?

Link | Zelda | Fi | Ghirahim | Groose | Gaepora | The Imprisoned | Impa


LinkRace: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Student at the Knight Academy
Related character(s): Zelda, Fi
Description: Link is the hero of Skyward Sword and the player's in-game identity. He starts off as a lazy knight-in-training living up in the sky city of Skyloft, but a series of strange events force him to take action to rescue his best friend, Zelda, who has been sucked down to the world below the clouds by a giant tornado. To save her, Link claims the ancient Goddess Sword, a weapon left behind by the gods, and charges down to the surface, driven by the heart of a hero...

Link is a swordsman training at the Knight Academy in Skyloft, but no one sees much promise in him. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, he's often ridiculed for his affinity with the rare Crimson Loftwing, a prized breed of the carrier birds Skyloft residents use to travel between the various islands in the sky. In the end he proves them all wrong by winning the annual birdriding competition and attaining the rank of knighthood, and then embarks on the most heroic quest the people of Skyloft have ever known - the quest to save Zelda.


Zelda Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Servant of the Goddess
Related character(s): Link, Gaepora, the Goddess
Description: Zelda is Link's best friend, a young girl who lives up in Skyloft. She is kind and beautiful and adored by all who meet her. During the Wing Ceremony festival she is chosen to play the role of the Goddess, but not long afterward she is dragged down below the clouds by a mysterious tornado. Before the forces of evil can snatch her away, though, she is rescued by a fellow servant of the Goddess, who manages to keep her safe. Stuck on the surface with no way to return, she is forced to take action and unravel the mystery of the world below...

She strikes out for the temples, meeting the various peoples of the surface as she travels - the Kikwi, the Mogmas, and others. We don't quite know what she hopes to achieve, but she's relentless and seems to always be one step ahead of Link. Link soon learns that she's also being pursued by the evil Ghirahim, who wants her for some dark purpose. Can Link get to her before Ghirahim and his cronies do?


FiRace: Unknown
Home: Goddess Sword
Occupation: Spirit of the Goddess Sword
Related character(s): Link, the Goddess
Description: Fi is a spiritual being that inhabits the Goddess Sword, created by the Goddess. Her purpose seems to be to guide a would-be hero that is worthy of the sword in a quest to smite evil. Though she appears to be female, as an artificial spirit of sorts she is technically genderless. When she first meets Link, she quietly leads him to the sanctuary where the Goddess Sword rests enshrined and beckons him to claim it.

From then on, the two become partners in their search for Zelda. Fi offers the powers of the Goddess Sword, the Skyward Strike and its Dowsing divination abilities, to aid Link in his quest. She also provides helpful analysis of both monsters and the various regions of the surface and gathers rumors from the surrounding areas to give Link additional assistance when he feels truly stumped.


GhirahimRace: Demon
Home: The Surface
Occupation: Demon Lord
Related character(s): The Demons
Description: Ghirahim is the demon lord who rules the surface world. Long ago he and his clan of demons tried to capture the absolute power passed down to the Goddess from the gods of old. Now he's after Zelda, believing her to be the key to events thought sealed away long ago. He seeks to revive his old master, imprisoned in ages past by the Goddess.

He's quite an odd character, and seems rather haughty in demeanor. For a time, he pursues Link, hoping the young hero will lead him straight to Zelda. When he first encounters Link at the heart of the Skyview Temple, he seems content to toy with the lad, promising not to kill him, but only to flail him within an inch of his life. He seems to recognize the Goddess Sword from the ancient conflict between Her Grace and the demons.


GrooseRace: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Student at the Knight Academy, resident bully
Related character(s): Cawlin, Stritch
Description: Groose is a greasy dude who thinks he's all that. He's training to become a knight right alongside Link, but his pushy attitude makes him seem like an unlikely candidate. Because he has a strong crush on Zelda, he sees Link as his top rival. He tends to cheat to try to make himself look better - early in the story he captures Link's Crimson Loftwing and traps it in a cave beneath the island, and he and his cronies, Cawlin and Stritch, try to get in Link's way during the birdriders' competition.

We've been told that Groose will show up many times during our adventure to cause trouble for Link. Whether this means he'll just be a minor inconvenience or a major antagonist has yet to be seen, but it seems likely that he's one of the leading characters this time around. Some have also speculated that he may be the progenitor of the Gerudo race due to his red hair, yellowed eyes, and troublesome, cutthroat nature. His desire to find Zelda drives him to the surface just like it did you.


GaeporaRace: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Headmaster of the Knight Academy
Related character(s): Zelda, Link
Description: Gaepora is a tall sage-like figure who is the Headmaster of Skyloft's Knight Academy. He is the keeper of Skyloft's legends and lore, meaning he's one of the chosen few who knows the secrets of the Goddess Statue and Goddess Sword and the surface world below. He also happens to be Zelda's father - meaning that when she goes missing, he's especially invested in making sure she returns safely. To this end, he christens Link a knight and sends him down to the surface to track her down.

His appearance and mannerisms are reminiscent of the wise old owl Kaepora Gaebora, and it seems clear that he's the ancient incarnation of Link's feathered guide. He also bears somewhat of a resemblance to Rauru, the ancient sage of the Light Temple.

The Imprisoned

The Imprisoned Race: Demon
Home: Sealed Grounds
Occupation: Ancient Sealed Evil
Related character(s): Ghirahim
Description: The Imprisoned is the massive black beast that's been haunting Link's dreams of late. It's also the evil that was sealed away in the Sealed Grounds all those years ago. But is it the wicked master that Ghirahim is trying to revive, or just a portent of the darkness to come? Why does it take such a twisted, unnatural form? And how can Link defeat a colossal creature ten times his size?

Link will encounter this behemoth at the place where it was sealed in ancient times and join it in a race to the temple resting at the top. What will happen if he fails to stop it? And why does this beast want Zelda so badly?


Impa Race: Sheikah
Home: The Surface
Occupation: Servant of the Goddess
Related character(s): Zelda, the Goddess
Description: This mysterious woman protects Zelda as they travel across the surface world together in resistance against Ghirahim and his minions. For reasons unknown, she needs Zelda to come with her to the three temples. She also helps Zelda unlock the true power of her Goddess Harp.

Link doesn't know her true motives, but she seems to be putting herself on the line to protect Zelda, so he has no choice but to trust her. She seems to be a member of the ancient Sheikah tribe, which serves the Goddess and protects Her Grace's priestesses throughout the generations.

People of the Sky

Skyloft's the largest town in the game, which means it's chock full of characters to meet and sidequest for. And beyond Skyloft there are plenty more sky islands to explore, many with their own inhabitants. We'll be tackling the more major, named ones in this guide - will the rest of the minor cast get names as well, like the characters of The Wind Waker?

Fledge | Pipit | Horwell | Owlan | Cawlin & Strich | Beedle | Knight Commander Eagus | Batreaux
Gondo | Rupin | Luv | Bertie | Peatrice | Sparrot | Karane | Orielle | Parrow | Jakamar | Wryna | Gully
Henya | Keet | Rusta | Kukiel | Goselle | Greba | Mallara | Dovos | Peater | Piper | Dodoh | Pumm | Kina


Fledge Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Dunce of the Knight Academy
Related character(s): Link
Description: Fledge is a bit of a mild-mannered fellow. He's enrolled at the Knight Academy but can't seem to do anything right due to his meekness and weakness - he even needs Link to lift up the barrels in the dormitory corridor! Groose has intimidated him into keeping quiet about the plot to disqualify Link from the competition.


Pipit Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Skyloft Knight and Bird Expert
Related character(s): Link, Gaepora
Description: Pipit's the Knight Academy's resident Loftwing expert and a sort of tutor to Link. He seems to have been part of a previous graduating class, which is why he wears a yellow tunic and hat along with the gauntlets and chain mail given to full-fledged knights. You'll see him a lot throughout the opening parts of the story.


Horwell Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Knight Academy Instructor
Related character(s): Gaepora, Knight Instructor
Description: Horwell looks like a Rito - and probably for good reason, since he's in charge of the birdriding ceremony that determines which of the Knight Academy students can go on to become fully-knighted warriors. He also loves to collect plants - maybe if you bring him some he'll help you out somehow? He's Link's closest instructor.


Owlan Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Knight Academy Instructor
Related character(s): Link, Gaepora
Description: Owlan is one of the younger instructors at the Skyloft Knight Academy. He's quite wise and his owl-like stature shows just how much he reveres Headmaster Gaepora. He's also the Master of Ceremonies for the Wing Ceremony competition.

Cawlin & Strich

Cawlin & Strich Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Groose's Lackeys
Related character(s): Groose
Description: Cawlin and Strich are Groose's two closest "friends" - but they're really more like henchmen. They help Groose capture Link's Loftwing at the beginning of the game and cause all kinds of trouble during the birdriding competition. How they became pupils at the Knight Academy is beyond me. You'll have to grapple with them just as much as you do Groose.


Beedle Race: Human
Home: The Sky
Occupation: Ship Shop Owner & Manager
Related character(s): N/A
Description: Beedle's Ship Shop is back! - except this time, it's an airship! He pedals around the Sky to peddle his wares (get it?), which you can of course partake of if you have enough Rupees. It's not really clear whether he lives in Skyloft or hails from another of the floating islands in the vicinity. He doesn't seem to share the long ears of the others...

Knight Commander Eagus

Knight Instructor Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Knight Academy Instructor
Related character(s): Link, Gaepora
Description: Eagus is the best swordsman in all of Skyloft. He spends most of his days waiting in the dojo Sparring Hall for any knights-in-training to come looking for sword practice. He considers Link to be one of his star pupils, and lets him take a training sword to hunt for his missing Loftwing.


Batreaux Race: Demon
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Friendly Demon
Related character(s): Kukiel
Description: Batreaux is a demon who has a soft side and wants to become human. Despite his terrifying form, he's harmless and couldn't hurt a fly. Unfortunately, he's the cause of the nightly curse that riles up the Remlits. Bring him Gratitude Crystals to feed him positive energy so he can fulfill his wish.


Gondo, the Scrap Shop Smithy Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Scrap Shop Owner & Smithy
Related character(s): His Trusty Toolbox
Description: Gondo runs the Scrap Shop in Skyloft's Bazaar, the place where you can take your items to have them reforged. He doesn't charge too much, but he does require that you bring him the raw materials needed to fix up your items and weapons. How he knows what to do with stuff that comes from the surface is beyond me...


Rupin the Item Shop Owner Race: Human
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Gear Shop Owner
Related character(s): N/A
Description: Rupin runs the Gear Shop in Skyloft's Bazaar, which sells all manner of ammunition: from Slingshot Seeds to Bombs to Arrows. Should you ever run out of stock and you have the Rupees to throw around, it's a lot faster (and safer!) to come here than to scavenge on the surface. He also runs another kind of business at night...


Luv the Potion Shop Owner Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Potion Shop Owner
Related character(s): Potion Brewer
Description: This rather boisterous gal's the master of potion-brewing. She's got red potion, green potion, and blue potion in stock - but it also seems that if you combine her potions with certain types of bugs, her husband can whip up some special concoctions that work a bit better than her normal brew. Try out all the different combinations and see what you can come up with!


Bertie the Potion Brewer Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Potion Brewer
Related character(s): Potion Shop Owner
Description: Bertie can crush up the bugs you collect with your Bug-Catching Net to improve your potions, increasing their effects and sometimes adding new ones. You'll have to buy the potions from his wife, however. One has to wonder if all the potion fumes affect his child...


Peatrice the Item Check Teller Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Item Check Teller
Related character(s): N/A
Description: This young lady manages the counter at the Item Bank. Here you can store any items you don't need to make more room in your Item Pouch. You'll need to come here often to swap out items so you can better tackle the challenges in new areas! Just how many items can you carry at one time anyways?


Sparrot Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Fortune Teller
Related character(s): Crystal Ball
Description: Sparrot gazes into the perhaps not-so-distant future using a crystal ball, after the manner of traditional clairvoyants. What sorts of things does he see? We have no idea - but we'll probably see something similar to Madame Fanadi in Twilight Princess, who could tell you either where to go next or reveal the hidden locations of Heart Pieces.


Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Knight Academy Student
Related character(s): Owlan
Description: Karane is one of the female knight students. She's a senior, so she gets to wear the green knight tunic. She's quite popular among the boys!


Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Bird Expert
Related character(s): Parrow
Description: This woman knows a lot about Loftwings, even for a Skyloftian. She and her brother, Parrow, like to study all kinds of birds.


Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Bird Expert
Related character(s): Orielle
Description: This guy loves studying birds with his younger sister, Orielle. He also is pretty darn good at handling Loftwings.


Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Repairman
Related character(s): Wryna
Description: Jakamar fancies himself an artist, but he's stuck fixing up the various buildings around Skyloft.


Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Repairman's Wife
Related character(s): Jakamar
Description: Wryna is Jakamar's wife, and the inspiration for his forays into the world of art.


Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Insect Expert
Related character(s): Piper
Description: Gully is a mischevious young boy who has a strong interest in insects.


Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Caretaker
Related character(s): Rusta
Description: Henya has worked at the Knight Academy for all of the 25 years it's been in operation. She absolutely adores caring for the students boarding at the dormitory.


Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Young Lad
Related character(s): Kina
Description: Keet is relatively normal. He has a bit of an interest in Kina, the waitress at the Lumpy Pumpkin.


Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Elderly Husband
Related character(s): Henya
Description: Rusta is the elderly husband of Henya. He's full of old-timer opinions and is set in his ways.


Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Kindly Girl
Related character(s): Jakamar
Description: Kukiel somehow manages to get along with everybody - even the demon Batreaux! Now he wants to become a human.


Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Antique Connoisseur
Related character(s): Rupin


Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Laundry Lady
Related character(s): Gondo


Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Cleaning Lady
Related character(s): Pipit


Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Gourmet
Related character(s): None


Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Bamboo Cutter
Related character(s): Peatrice


Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Skilled Cook
Related character(s): Gully


Dodoh Race: Hylian
Home: Fun Fun Island
Occupation: Minigame Host
Related character(s): N/A
Description: Dodoh loves to provide amusements for the denizens of the sky, so he opened his own mini theme park on Fun Fun Island. Dive through the hoops and try to pinpoint your landing on one of the colored zones to gain Rupees - just try not to lose money!


Race: Hylian
Home: Skyloft
Occupation: Lumpy Pumpkin Owner
Related character(s): Kina
Description: This fellow runs the Lumpy Pumpkin. His pumpkin soup is known the world over for its regenerative qualities!


Race: Hylian
Home: Pumpkin Landing
Occupation: Waitress
Related character(s): Pumm
Description: Kina is the waitress at the Lumpy Pumpkin Pub at Pumpkin Landing. She's the daughter of the bar's owner, Pumm, which means you'd better not try to hit on her...

People of the Surface

Link visits several different regions on the surface, each populated with their own unique group of people, tribes, and spirits. Wondering who you'll meet in Faron Woods? What about Eldin Volcano? Or even the forest offshoot, Lake Floria?

Old Woman | Gorko | Kikwi Tribe | Machi | Elder Bucha | Parella Tribe | Water Dragon Faron | Mogma Tribe
Ledd | Ancient Robots | Scrapper

Old Woman

This Old Woman was lovingly dubbed Impa by the fan community. We still don't know her true name... Race: Sheikah
Home: Sealed Temple
Occupation: Seer
Related character(s): The Sheikah
Description: The Old Woman at the Sealed Temple has been waiting for the coming of a hero from the sky for centuries. She hopes to give the hero guidance and advice on his quest. Her strange braid looks a lot like a metronome. I wonder what she's doing so close to the sealed evil, and why she knows so much about Zelda's harp...


Gorko Race: Goron
Home: Nomadic
Occupation: Archaeologist
Related character(s): The Goron Tribe
Description: Gorko is a traveling archaeologist trying to uncover the secret history of the surface and sky worlds. He's a bit obsessed with sky culture, particularly the ruins related to the Goddess Sword. Your use of the Skyward Strike gets him rather excited. Among Gorons he's not much of a fighter, and you'll need to rescue him from monsters when you first meet him in Faron Woods.

Elder Bucha

Elder Bucha Race: Kikwi
Home: Faron Woods
Occupation: Elder
Related character(s): The Kikwi Tribe
Description: Bucha is the biggest Kikwi and sports the bushiest mustache, thus making him the leader of the tribe. He asks Link to help him track down all the missing members of his clan, who have scattered with the coming of the monsters. He'll give you a Slingshot for your troubles, which you'll need to make it through the Deep Woods to Skyview Temple. Good thing, too, cause with that dude's girth there's no way he'd be using it anytime soon.


Machi Race: Kikwi
Home: Faron Woods
Occupation: Forest Denizen
Related character(s): Elder Bucha
Description: Machi is a timid little Kikwi. He's one of the tribe members you need to track down for Bucha before the elder will give you the Slingshot. He's distinguishable by the little greenish root coming out of his head.


Race: Kikwi
Home: Faron Woods
Occupation: Forest Denizen
Related character(s): Elder Bucha
Description: Oolo is easily flustered.


Race: Kikwi
Home: Faron Woods
Occupation: Forest Denizen
Related character(s): Elder Bucha
Description: Lopsa is terribly cowardly.


Race: Kikwi
Home: Faron Woods
Occupation: Forest Denizen
Related character(s): Elder Bucha
Description: Erla is extremely careless.


Race: Kikwi
Home: Faron Woods
Occupation: Forest Hermit
Related character(s): No one
Description: Yerbal once climbed a tree and never came down, so he's become renowned as the Kikwi Hermit.

The Parella Tribe

Parella Race: Parella
Home: Lake Floria
Occupation: Lake Floria Residents
Related character(s): Faron
Description: The squid-like Parella live in caves deep within Lake Floria to the south of Faron Woods. They seem distrustful of anyone possessing a bony spine, meaning they'll shy away from Link at first. Link has to make chase and follow them to their subterranean home. They make their dwelling nearby the ancient water dragon and protector of the lake, Faron.

Water Dragon Faron

Water Dragon Faron Race: Spirit
Home: Lake Floria
Occupation: Lake Floria Guardian, Servant of the Goddess
Related character(s): The Parella Tribe, Goddess Hylia
Description: Faron the Water Dragon is a servant of the ancient goddess who protects Lake Floria, its residents, and the entire Faron region from evil. As it turns out, the Water Dragon has been injured and requires that you bring her one of her missing scales, hidden away in the Silent Realm, in order to access the Ancient Cistern.

The Mogma Tribe

Mogma Race: Mogma
Home: Eldin Volcano
Occupation: Eldin Guardians
Related character(s): N/A
Description: The Mogma live in the area surrounding Eldin Volcano and have guarded the gateway to the temple there ever since monsters started encroaching upon the region. They managed to scatter and bury the pieces of the temple's key, but not before some of the monsters slipped inside the Earth Temple's hallowed halls. Work together with them to recover the pieces of the key and defeat the monsters and they'll give you some items to help you out.


Ledd Race: Mogma
Home: Eldin Volcano
Occupation: Pyrotechnic
Related character(s): The Mogma Tribe
Description: Ledd is stark mad-obsessed with explosions. He's so crazy about them that he's crafted a special bag that can hold Bomb Flowers just to he can blow things up anywhere. He'll give it to you if you help deal with the monsters plaguing the Earth Temple.

Ancient Robots

Salvo Race: Ancient Robot
Home: Lanayru Desert
Occupation: Lanayru Working Robots
Related character(s): N/A
Description: The Ancient Robots were once working drones that served the people of Lanayru. When the region fell into decline due to the over-consumption of its resources, the robots were left to rust and ruin. Turning back time with the Timeshift stones will bring them back to their original states, meaning they can help you get to the heart of the desert.


Scrapper Race: Ancient Robot
Home: Lanayru Desert
Occupation: Salvager
Related character(s): Unknown
Description: Scrapper loves collecting scrap artifacts and helping move things around. He found a strange-looking vase somewhere on Eldin Volcano and hopes to be able to make himself useful. Since he's carrying the giant urn, he has no real way of defending himself, so you'll have to protect him as you travel together.

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