Skyward Sword Boss Guide

Skyward Sword Boss Guide

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Our Skyward Sword Boss Guide explains the strategies and tactics you can use to take down every boss you'll meet in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It's perfect if you need a little help figuring out how to finish off that dungeon guardian you're stuck on or are curious to find different ways of fighting the game's major enemies without having to browse our full Skyward Sword Walkthrough.

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Demon Lord Ghirahim

Location: Skyview Temple

Ghirahim Ghirahim is the Demon Lord who rules the surface world. He's incredibly cocky and will fight you barehanded at first. His right hand will trace your sword's movements and he'll catch your blade between his fingers if you telegraph the directions of your attacks, so try to confuse him with quick strikes and by tracing circles in the air with your sword. If he manages to grab hold of your sword, try to pull it away before he yanks it from your grasp and wields it against you. You can use a Shield Attack to knock it back out of his hands or wait for him to throw it at you (dodge it, of course!).

After a few rounds of successful hits, he'll abandon this strategy and brandish his own demonic blade. It's tough to hit him while he has a weapon to defend himself with, and he'll teleport out of your reach if you try to approach him head-on. Wait for him to charge at you from a distance and meet his attack with either a bash from your shield or a mighty Spin Attack to catch him mid-attack. This will leave him vulnerable for a few more moments.

Occasionally he'll summon daggers, which he sends your way with demonic magic. Cut them along the angle at which they fly or block them with your shield to avoid damage.

Pyroclastic Fiend Scaldera

Location: Earth Temple

Scaldera Scaldera is a molten fiend covered in a rocky shell. Its eye is its primary weak point, but to strike at it you'll need to dismantle its outer carapace. Bombs should do the trick, but they'll only really work if detonated within. The monster will crawl along the narrow arena, attempting to step on you with its magma feet, as well as shoot giant fireballs at you from either end of the stage. Dodge these attacks and, when it opens its mouth to inhale hot air, toss a Bomb in along with it. The blast will break off pieces of the rocky coating.

Once the core eyeball is exposed, approach it and hack away with your sword. The eyeball will attempt to dodge your attacks, so make sure you strike it in the right direction.

Thousand-Year Arachnid Moldarach

Location: Lanayru Mining Facility

Moldarah Moldarach is a giant scorpion, a fully-matured Aracha that has dwelt in this facility for a thousand years. Its weak points are the "eyes" inside of its claws, which you can strike with your sword but only if you slice them down the middle, without hitting the armored pincers themselves. At first it will try to grab you with its claws - if it gets you, shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk violently to break free - but if you deal enough damage you'll break its claws right off. Fortunately, you can tell when it's about to attack because the "eye" on one of its claws will glow a reddish hue.

After it's sustained enough damage, Moldarach will retreat underneath the sand and attempt to stab you with its scorpion stinger. That's you cue to blow away the dust with the Gust Bellows to reveal it lying beneath and resume your attack. Once both claws are dealt with, all that's left is the central eye, which you can only damage with stabbing attacks.

The Imprisoned

Location: Sealed Grounds

The Imprisoned The Imprisoned is attempting to break free of its bonds and is traveling up the spiraling hills of the Sealed Grounds. To defeat it, you'll need to hop on its back and strike the ancient sealing spike back into its head, which will return it to its prison. Since it's moving up the hill, hitting it in the toes to slow its ascent will help you get on its back without getting knocked off.

Use the air vents placed at intervals to catch a gust of wind with your Sailcloth to ascend so you can reach its back. This will also help you get ahead of the Imprisoned so you can reach its feet with your sword. You can also damage its feet by rolling Bombs its way.

Ancient Automaton Koloktos

Location: Ancient Cistern

Koloktos Koloktos is held together by red "cores," energized by Ghirahim so it can smash you to pieces. Dodge its many-armed attacks and watch for one of the cores to reveal itself. Your Whip can tug on the hooks protruding from the cores, yanking them free and dismantling the arms entirely. The catch: the cores only reveal themselves as the arms unleash their mighty attacks. You'll have to tread carefully without keeping too much distance.

With the arms out of the way, the central core will be exposed. Attack it with your sword before Koloktos regains control! At a certain point during the fight, Koloktos will rise up from the ground and move about the arena.

Abyssal Leviathan Tentalus

Location: Sandship

Tentalus Tentalus is trying to tear the Sandship apart with its gargantuan tentacles. You'll have to cut into a few of them at first before the monster will truly reveal itself, but only a Skyward Strike will do the trick. Point your sword upward to charge power, but make sure you don't get knocked around in the meantime. After you've dealt enough damage to the tentacles, Tentalus will rise up from the waves and attack you directly. Its giant eye is its weak point, and because it's out of your sword's reach only the Bow can hit it.

Tentalus is most vulnerable to shots from your Bow immediately after launching an attack. You can move around while aiming your Bow, so use the mobility to your advantage. Dodge a tentacle swipe and fire! Hitting the tentacles will replenish your life, so it's usually worth it to attempt to attack them rather than trying too hard to avoid damage.

Ocular Parasite Bilocyte

Location: Levias

Bilocyte Bilocyte is the parasitic tentacle that has latched onto the sky god Levias and taken control of him. It fires noxious goo from its eye stalk, but you can repel the attack with your sword to launch it right back at the beast. In order to get in an attack against its central eye, however, you'll first need to deal with its defensive mechanisms - the fins on either side. By swinging your sword to the left or right, you can send back its goo attacks at different angles in order to direct them at the fins. Once the fins are out of the picture, use vertical sword strikes to send the balls of gunk straight back to the eye.

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