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Our The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough is a complete, full-text guide crafted in a similar vein to our Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough and A Link to the Past Walkthrough. Featuring in-depth text descriptions of every enemy, puzzle, and secret, quick-reference guides for baddies, characters, and collectibles, exclusive in-game screenshots, video clips, and so much more, this is the premier Skyward Sword Walkthrough available on the net.

Be sure to bookmark this page for your future walkthrough needs, since Skyward Sword is setting up to be the best Zelda ever and we want to be able to help you enjoy every last second of it. Every item and upgrade, every Heart Piece, treasure, and sidequest: we've got it all here.

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Chapter 1: The Skyloft Wing Ceremony

SkyloftOur story opens in the sky city of Skyloft, when Link receives a letter from his dear friend Zelda about the upcoming Wing Ceremony. When Link's special Crimson Loftwing goes missing, he needs to take up a sword and track it down in order to properly participate in the festivities. Can he locate his bird in time?

New Locations: Skyloft
New Items: Practice Sword, Sailcloth
New Characters: Zelda, Groose, Gaepora
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 2: Sword of the Goddess

The Goddess SwordThe adventure begins! After the colossal tornado subsides, Link awakens in Headmaster Gaepora's care - but Zelda is still missing! A mysterious figure approaches Link and beckons him to follow her to a hidden chamber deep below Skyloft. Should he trust this enigmatic woman? And what ancient secrets await him in this holy shrine?

New Locations: Skyloft Shrine, Sealed Grounds
New Items: Goddess Sword, Adventure Pouch
New Characters: Fi, Old Woman
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 3: Forging into Faron Woods

Faron WoodsOnce Link reaches the forest proper, he hears rumors from the resident Kikwi Tribe that suggest that Zelda might be somewhere nearby. Can he follow the clues to find her, or will the monsters prowling the woods get the better of him?

New Locations: Faron Woods, Deep Woods
New Items: Slingshot
New Characters: Kikwi Tribe, Elder Bucha, Gorko
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 4: The Skyview Temple

Skyview TempleThe long trail of evidence leads Link to the first dungeon of the game - the Skyview Temple at the heart of the forest. Dangerous monsters await Link there - but he gets a sense of an even greater threat lurking in the shadows. Is he being tracked? And is Zelda really somewhere in this temple? Only one way to find out...

New Locations: Skyview Temple
New Items: Beetle
Boss: Demon Lord Ghirahim
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 5: Climbing Eldin Volcano

Eldin Volcano

After scouring the Skyview Temple to no avail, Link returns to Skyloft and heads to another region of the surface world - Eldin Volcano - but the monsters seem to have gotten there first. Not all the creatures he meets are out to get him, of course, such as the friendly Mogma who offer to help him if he takes care of the recent monster infestation.

New Locations: Eldin Volcano
New Items: Bomb Flowers, Digging Mitts
New Characters: Mogma Tribe
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 6: The Earth Temple

The Earth TempleLink's trek up Eldin Volcano leads him to the game's second dungeon - the Earth Temple at the heart of the mountain. It's deathly hot in here, and with the lava pits everywhere Link is going to have to be careful not to get burned. Fi's Dowsing power says Zelda is at the heart of the temple...but when he gets there, will she be waiting for him or will she once again slip through his fingers?

New Locations: Earth Temple
New Items: Bomb Bag
Boss: Pyroclastic Fiend Scaldera
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 7: Voyage to Lanayru Desert

Lanayru DesertLink makes his way to the third surface region: the desert. Ancient ruins from an ancient civilization are scattered everywhere in this sand-choked wasteland, but Link's going to have to solve the mystery at their heart if he wants to complete the task set to him by Fi. Will Zelda be waiting for him at the end of the journey? Or will she elude him yet again?

New Locations: Lanayru Mine, Lanayru Desert
New Items: Hook Beetle
New Characters: Ancient Robots
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 8: The Lanayru Mining Facility

The Lanayru Ruins of an ancient civilization, renowned for their technology, rest in the middle of the desert. Their powers included the ability to manipulate time and space, left behind in crystals scattered throughout the temple. Link will have to move through the ancient shrine, activating it as he goes, in order to unearth its long-sealed secrets...

New Locations: Lanayru Mining Facility
New Items: Gust Bellows
Boss: Thousand-Year Arachnid Moldarach
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 9: Instrument of the Goddess

Goddess Harp You've traveled through forests, over mountains, into scorching deserts, and even across the skies searching for your beloved Zelda. All the while, Ghirahim has dogged your steps, sending demons after you at every turn. After so many setbacks and failed leads, your travels seem to have finally led you to her at the Temple of Time, but it looks like the reunion will be bittersweet...

New Locations: Temple of Time, Thunderhead, Isle of Songs
New Items: Goddess's Harp, Ballad of the Goddess
Boss: The Imprisoned
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 10: Diving into Lake Floria

Lake Floria Link's search for the power of the goddesses leads him south of the forest to Lake Floria, the home of the aquatic people. He's going to have to sink or swim to survive this new wet locale - but are these aquatic creatures friends or foes? We'll just have to see. And what's this about an ancient subterranean water storehouse? Sounds like he'll have to investigate...

New Locations: Farore's Silent Realm, Lake Floria
New Items: Farore's Courage, Water Dragon's Scale, Sacred Water
New Characters: Parella Tribe, Water Dragon
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 11: The Ancient Cistern

The Ancient Cistern This ancient underground water storage facility may look beautiful at first, but something about it reeks of evil. Maybe it's the zomibified Bokoblins roaming the depths of the place, or perhaps the stagnant water in the lower levels. Link finds the Whip here, but can it help him navigate this crumbling ruin? Or will he be forever lost in these watery catacombs?

New Locations: Ancient Cistern
New Items: Whip, Farore's Flame, Goddess Longsword
Boss: Ancient Automaton Koloktos
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 12: Sailing on the Sand Sea

The Lanayru Sand Sea Another dangerous trial awaits Link in Lanayru Desert as he prepares to hunt down the second of the three sacred flames. After completing it, he's going to need to enlist the help of the Skipper robot and his ship to track down the missing Sandship, where Nayru's Flame is rumored to be housed. Are his mariner's skills up to the test against the pirates roaming the desert sea?

New Locations: Nayru's Silent Realm, Sand Sea
New Items: Nayru's Wisdom, Clawshots, Sea Chart
New Characters: Skipper
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 13: The Sandship

The Sandshp Finally, Link's tracked down the derelict Sandship. Bokoblins seem to have taken over, aided by a vile mechanical menace from ancient times. The sacred flame is hidden here somewhere...but will the dangers of the Sand Sea get the better of Link before he can track it down?

New Locations: Sandship
New Items: Bow, Nayru's Flame, Goddess White Sword
Boss: Abyssal Leviathan Tentalus
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 14: Spelunking in the Volcano

Volcano Summit Link travels deeper into Eldin Volcano to search for the next shrine on his path to forging a blade that can bring him through the Gate of Time, and it looks like evil now cloaks the mountain. He'll have to head into its fiery depths and navigate the enemy's strongholds here if he wants to obtain what he seeks...

New Locations: Din's Silent Realm, Volcano Summit
New Items: Din's Power, Fireshield Earrings
New Characters: None
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 15: The Fire Sanctuary

The Fire Sanctuary This sanctuary positively dwarfs the temple Link encountered during his last trip here! Looks like some of the Mogmas have been taken prisoner inside, but this place is so hot that there's no telling how he'll survive. Nevertheless, if he wants to claim that power of light, he'll need to venture inside anyhow...

New Locations: Fire Sanctuary
New Items: Mogma Mitts, Din's Flame, Master Sword
Boss: Demon Lord Ghirahim
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 16: Power of the Gods

Zelda blesses Link with the power of the goddess Link finally has the sword he needs to open the Gate of Time and return to the past, but what will he find on the other side? Is it finally time to bring Zelda home? Or is this just the beginning of a greater destiny?

New Locations: Temple of Hylia, Levias
New Items: True Master Sword
Boss: The Imprisoned, Ocular Parasite Bilocyte
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 17: Song of the Fire Dragon

Link sneaks into the Bokoblin Base The pieces of the Song of the Hero required to access the place where the sacred power is hidden have been kept by the three dragons since ancient times. One of these dragons lives on Eldin Volcano...but an ominous eruption greets Link's arrival and leads to his capture. He'll have to recover his gear and sneak into the volcano to reach the dragon...

New Locations: Bokoblin Base
New Items: Fire Dragon's Song
New Characters: Fire Dragon
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 18: Song of the Thunder Dragon

The Thunder Dragon, keeper of a piece of the song The Thunder Dragon is the guardian of Lanayru Desert, but his power seems to be broken. Link's going to need to find a sacred healing plant in order to restore him to health and claim the second piece of the Hero's song.

New Locations: Lanayru Gorge
New Items: Thunder Dragon's Song
New Characters: Thunder Dragon
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 19: Song of the Water Dragon

The Water Dragon won't surrender her song portion easily The Water Dragon, enraged by the onslaught of monsters, has flooded Faron Woods! Link's going to have to dive into the newly-submerged forest and prove himself once again to the fickle deity in order to learn the third part of the Song of the Hero. Don't drown in there!

New Locations: Flooded Woods
New Items: Tadtones, Water Dragon's Song
Boss: The Imprisoned
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 20: The Sky Keep

Sky Keep With the Song of the Hero, Link can access a final trial in the Silent Realm - this time, in his own homeland of Skyloft. He'll need to prove himself in this test to unlock the way to the ancient power of the gods in the Sky Keep resting on the Isle of the Goddess...

New Locations: Goddess's Silent Realm
New Items: Stone of Trials, Triforce
Boss: Dreadfuse
(Spoiler Free Version)

Chapter 21: The Realm of the Past

Demise the Demon King Link has succeeded in destroying Demise with his sacred wish, but that couldn't stop Ghirahim from kidnapping Zelda and escaping to the past to attempt to revive his master in ancient times. Looks like there's one final battle ahead before peace can truly return to the land...

New Locations: Hylia's Realm
New Items: None
Boss: Ghirahim, Demise
(Spoiler Free Version)

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