Skyward Sword Storyline Guide

Skyward Sword Storyline Guide

Skyward Sword Walkthrough, Skyward Sword Storyline Guide

Welcome to Zelda Informer's in-depth Skyward Sword Storyline Guide! As part of our Skyward Sword Walkthrough initiative, this guide is for this game's story what a 100% guide is for game content. We've got all the plot summaries, character descriptions, major quotations, cutscene libraries, and healthy blends of theory, speculation, and analysis you've come to expect from Zelda Informer, all organized in one convenient place to celebrate Skyward Sword.

If you found our Skyward Sword Compendium article to be informative, then keep your eyes on this page as there are tons of exciting updates to come as Skyward Sword's release date approaches!

I'll be releasing this guide in chapters just like the primary game walkthrough, so you can follow along with the story as you play the game without having to worry about getting spoiled with stuff you haven't come across yet.

The prologue deals with legends of events that long predate Skyloft... come unravel the mysteries with us!

Prologue: Legend of the Goddess

Before we dive into the events of Skyward Sword, we're told an ancient tale that explains the evils now swarming the surface world as well as the creation of Skyloft - but there's so much more to the legend that evokes memories of previous Zelda stories. This preliminary chapter digs into the mysteries surrounding the goddess, the ultimate power, and the coming of darkness.