In the latest episode of the Hyrule Compendium, Gooey and I tackle the question of whether or not there should be alternative playable protagonists in future Zelda titles. Throughout the series we’ve had small glimpses of playing with other characters for short periods of time, and in the recent spin-off title, Hyrule Warriors, we got to fully play as a whole cast of characters. Do you think this should come to a major Zelda title in the future? Should we be have a game staring Zelda? What about playing as Linkle? Be sure to check out our video and post your own thoughts.

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  • Vados

    No. My favorite thing about the Zelda franchise, is playing as Link. He is insanely versatile and any obstacle can be fluently dealt with, thanks to his abilities. What point would there be in an alternative protagonist? What can they do, that Link can’t? They would have to downgrade Link, in order for this other character to not become completely useless. I don’t think the legendary Hero of Hyrule should play the second fiddle to some other random character.

    • HylianHero33

      Link has limited magic powers, so an alternative could be a magic-user. Weapons could include sword, wand, staff, idk

      • Vados

        Does he though? Looking at BotW he has fire, ice electric Rods and arrows, magic bombs, stasis, magensis, cryonis and the champion abilities. He already is quite the magic user.

        • HylianHero33

          Yes, but in future games they’re not likely to give him all of that. Due to the expansive world, I’d go as far as to say they had no choice to make him as versatile as possible in a world with near-unlimited possibilities.

          Also, the arrows, rods, and sheikah slate make him a technology/weapon user.
          The Champions’ blessings aren’t even him wielding the power to do so anyway; they’re just the spirits of the Champions aiding him.
          I’m talking magic like Ganon – transformation, energy punches, magic spells, etc.

  • richa


    Only in a small spinoff game or bonus quests. Or like they already did in wind waker.

  • Scrubtheos

    We have controlled Medli and Makar, but they definitely weren’t protagonists, whereas we haven’t controlled Midna who definitely was a protagonist. Spirit Tracks didn’t leave much of an impression.

    I could see a GTA V solution as the next step in open world Zelda, with a free choice of character at most times. With a Nintendo twist.

  • Christian Beach

    In a mainline Zelda game, Link should remain as the protagonist.

    In a spin-off (such as the much-requested Sheik spin-off), alternative protagonists are fine.

    • Chaz Wallace

      I agree, but it’d also be neat if a main line LoZ game had 2 players, you could run the dungeon together and make it easy or split up and make it quick, quests that aren’t linear and you could split up to each check off different portions of it. Zelda being the 2nd player no option on that (or i suppose Linkle) or to keep up with BotW’s non linear play you could each take on an entirely different dungeon.

      • Christian Beach

        That would actually work, so long as Link is still one of the protagonists. Personally, I’d like to see a new console-based Zelda with multiplayer functionality, so that idea would certainly be a welcome one.

  • Squirrel on crack cocaine.

    I want to be able to control an Attack Helicopter in future Zelda games. As some who identifies as one I am underrepresented in the media.

  • Brad Vincent

    I Don’t mind the digressions, playing as other characters in bits and pieces. Wouldn’t mind if that was expanded on for a little longer, like in some other games, where the new character you play has more of a role than just an assist. Like in Resident Evil, where you often have a character come to the rescue or play their own minor role, but they’re able to fight, at least to some minor extent.

    Even better, if they were to include a DLC story completely centered around another character. Kind of like (to bring up RE again) Separate Ways in RE4. The ever popular “what’s Shiek doing the rest of the time in OoT?” Virtually any Zelda game, except maybe TP, could depict some kind of Zelda side story, or a rash of other characters that it would be interesting to include.

    Ultimately, I don’t think it should be necessary to add “alternative protagonists” to the central Zelda franchise. If people want to play a Zelda game as someone else, then Nintendo, or even other developers, should recognize that outcry and make better adventure games.

  • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

    Mainline games? Nope.
    Spin offs? ‘Tis cool

  • I could easily see segments where we get to play as zelda instead but as an alternate main character no. Perhaps if the entire game was built around zelda being the protagonist but then Link shouldn’t be available.

  • Well technically Link is a host of diffrent characters one soul who keeps reincarnating but as diffrent people.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    Absolutely! Admit it, we’ve all been waiting for a chance to play as the forgettable side character who spends all day standing around at their house waiting for a young elf boy to come rob them of their personal belongings! Exhilarating!!

  • Shaun Hall

    If Ganon gave up on Reincarnation at the end of BotW why can’t Zelda and Link’s spirits be at rest as well. The next game should simply be called “The Legend” and should begin a new timeline with only the Tri-Force as the link between the games. We can create our own protagonist.
    One thing is certain — Nintendo can’t go back to the way things were. They have to push new boundaries with tLoZ now and that might have to be at the expense of Link, Zelda, and Ganon.

    • Red-tuniclink

      That was a mistranslated. In japan Zelda says that Ganon refuses to give up on resurrecting, which is why he becomes dark beast Ganon.
      Regardless, there is absolutely no chance of them getting rid of Link. Zelda and Ganon maybe, but Link? Never.

    • Kriss Dempsey

      I genuinely like and would play Shaun Hall’s suggestion.

      • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

        Well, Shaun’s entire proposition depends on THE KING of mistranslations

    • Vados

      That sounds terrible tbh. Not to mention that it goes against anything the series has established so far.
      If I’d want to play as some boring avatar I’d play Elder Scrolls or Dark Souls.

  • As long as it’s done in a Zelda style (meaning not a Dynasty Warriors style like HW), I don’t see why not. Being able to play different characters could work, especially for backstory like flashbacks but playable. There were so many parts of BoTW that would’ve been really cool if we could have played as the guardians in the events right before they died.

  • Yann Royer

    Absolutely! Admit it, we’ve all been waiting for a chance to play as the forgettable side character who spends all day standing around at their house waiting for a young elf boy to come rob them of their personal belongings! Exhilarating!!

  • randompissedoffchick

    What is it with these types of questions? Are people really saying that playing as Link now in Zelda games has become boring and repetitive? Seriously? How so?
    I mean it’s always been a neat surprise to get to suddenly control or play a sidekick type character in Zelda games before but really playing an entire Zelda game the way it’s suppose to be played with another character besides Link doesn’t sound like a good idea at all.
    Spin offs are the way to go for sidekick characters. Playing as Link is fun and it should never change for a Zelda game imo.
    I’m personally not into games where I have to create my own avatar and pretend to play as myself in the game. They are usually lame to me and horrible to even consider doing that in a Zelda game.

    • Carlos Hernadez Rios

      For some odd reason some feminist want to remove link from the game and Zelda informer keeps asking the same c.rap every time

      • randompissedoffchick

        Because they have mental issues.
        Yea ZI is very “progressive” apparently.

  • jaylen

    Well technically Link is a host of diffrent characters one soul who keeps reincarnating but as diffrent people.

  • Sentinel

    Not really. At least I don’t think so.

    Might just be me, but I’ve never really had a desire to play as Zelda for any of these games.

  • nico

    Mainline games? Nope.Spin offs? ‘Tis cool

  • HylianHero33

    A game where you are Link, but you tag up with other playable Hyrule knights, each searching different areas for different stories/magic items/etc. in order to ultimately come together so Link can defeat Ganon.

    Like all the Champions are playable, but each has a different story and all are searching for, say, magic gems in different regions, which when united open the door to the master sword or the triforce or something.

  • K2L

    It’s been done with TWW and ST, so I’d go for it. There were even small glimpses of this in PH (Gongoron) and SS (Groose).

  • I’d love to play as other characters who aren’t Link, I just don’t want Link to be those “Other characters.” That said, I think the best course for exploring playable characters who aren’t Link would be through spin-offs or a side series.

  • Carlos Hernadez Rios

    Na stop asking already is getting old