Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough - Secret Dungeon: Gerudo Training Ground

Secret Dungeon: Gerudo Training Ground

There’s some kind of treasure hidden inside this Gerudo-only obstacle course, but what is it? You’ll have to survive all the trials if you want to find out…


  1. Clear all the trials in the Gerudo Training Ground.

Important Obtainables:

1 - Clear all the trials in the Gerudo Training Ground.

You’ll start off in a room with three lion heads framing three doors. The one in the center will take you to the treasure room, but there’s a maze with a series of locked doors and you’ll need to find Small Keys in order to get to the prize. This guide will take you clockwise through the maze, so head to the left door.

The First Trial - Old Bones

The first trial is simple: defeat two Stalfos within a 1 minute, 30 second time limit and you’ll earn a Small Key.

Head through the left-hand door Defeat the Stalfos before time runs out!

The Second Trial - Silver Rupees

In the next room, you’ll find a series of corridors. Giant boulders roll down the ones to either side, making it dangerous to enter, and jets of flame shoot up at various junctures. Wallmasters also fall from the ceiling at intervals, meaning you have to keep moving to avoid getting grabbed. You need to collect five Silver Rupees before the time limit runs out in order to proceed.

The locations of the Rupees are as follows:

This may be the hardest Silver Rupee puzzle yet

Be brave and hurry!
  • Use your Longshot to grapple up to the raised ledge, then point your Longshot at a target on the ceiling in the distance to grab the first Rupee
  • The second Rupee’s hovering right underneath the target you just connected with, so as you fall you’ll pick it up
  • Head down the passage on the right nearest the ledge, then follow a giant boulder down the slope and pick up a Silver Rupee in the alcove to the right near the end of the hall
  • Travel back up the slope and cut through the first hall on your left, then run straight across to the slope on the opposite side and grab the Rupee at the edge of the pit at the bottom of the incline
  • At the top of this slope, beneath the spot where the boulders tumble in, you’ll find the last Silver Rupee

The Third Trial - Illusory Exit

Longshot up to the ledge and proceed through the door and you’ll enter a room full of Wolfos, two white, the other two normal. They’re not too much of a challenge - you’ve fought their kind before. If you have the Silver Gauntlets, you can move the giant block at the far end of the room to find a secret chamber containing a Small Key (in a hidden chest that you’ll need the Lens of Truth to see), but you don’t need it - it’s just an extra in case you open an incorrect door later on.

After you’ve taken care of the Wolfos, scan the wall on the right using your Lens of Truth. You’ll see that part of the wall is fake, and there’s a Longshot target and a passage behind it leading to the next room.

If you have the Silver Gauntlets, you can access an extra key Just use the Lens of Truth to spot it You'll also need the Lens to see the exit to this room

The Fourth Trial - Blind the Statue

This one’s simple - drop down to the lower floor, stand on the rotating circular platform in the center of the room, and shoot the statue in its eyes with your Fairy Bow. The eyes are positioned at various heights, so you’ll have to adjust your aim as each one passes by. After you’ve struck all of the eyes, a chest containing a key will appear on the statue’s pedestal, so jump over and grab it.

Back on the upper level, a door will unseal that you can reach by using the Scarecrow’s Song when Navi floats up and turns green. Proceed through the door and you’ll find another Small Key.

Put out the statue's four eyes Then use the Scarecrow's Song to get back up… ...and you can grab another key from this treasure room!

The Fifth Trial - Fire Totem

Fire-based enemies patrol the room - Keese and Torch Slugs. Defeat them all, then pound the totem pole to the northeast - the one at the left side of the far wall, based on the direction you were facing when you entered - and step on the floor switch there to lower the ring of fire surrounding the chest in the center of the room long enough to retrieve the Small Key.

You know the drill - pound the totem… ... and you'll find the secret underneath!

The Sixth Trial - The Lake of Fire

This next room has five more Silver Rupees, but this time they’re scattered about a lake of fire. Not even the Goron Tunic can protect you from this lava should you touch it, so take care not to fall. To get the Silver Rupees:

  • Point your Longshot at the target on the wall above the entrance alcove
  • Drop down onto the short ledge off to your left
  • Equip your Hover Boots, then run across to the next few ledges to grab two more Rupees
  • Step on the floor switch nestled next to the highest ledge, then run across to the Silver Rupee that was trapped by fire before time runs out

This will open a door leading to the seventh trial. Before you go, however, approach the highest ledge and play the Song of Time to summon a stairway of Time Blocks that you can use to climb up to another Small Key.

First on the list… Step on this switch to lower the ring of fire Climb up these Time Blocks to grab another key

The Seventh Trial - The Whirlpool

Approach the Time Blocks in the center of the room and play the Song of Time to make them disappear. Then drop down into the water below with both your Zora Tunic and Iron Boots equipped to sink down into the whirlpool. There are five more Silver Rupees here, and you’ll need to use your Longshot and your swimming techniques to get them all:

  • There’s a Silver Rupee on the floor in the center of the room - watch out for the Blade Trap!
  • Defeat the Shell Blades, then stand in a corner nearby a Silver Rupee and point your Longshot at the targets on the wall so that you’ll collect them as you pull yourself up - you can get two of the Rupees this way
  • Underneath one of the Hookshot targets you used to grab the last two Silver Rupees is another Rupee
  • Remove your Iron Boots and swim around the edges of the room to grab the last Silver Rupee
Enter the room that opened up when you got all of the Rupees The Longshot is the surest way to get all of the Rupees, but just swimming around works too It might even be the faster means…

A chest will appear back on the surface, so float up and climb out of the water to grab it!

The Eighth Trial - The Monsters

Return to the lava room and head down the passage to the left and you’ll find a room full of monsters - Dinolfos and a Beamos. You only have a limited time to defeat them all so that you can escape the room and earn a key for your trouble. Take out the Beamos first so you’re free to fight the Dinolfos one-by-one. They’re more or less a more advanced version of the Lizalfos, and you’ll only encounter them here and in Ganon’s Tower. Defeating them will unbar the door and give you another Small Key.

Dinolfos aren't TOO bad, really…

The Ninth Trial - The Maze of Keys

Entering the next door will take you back to the lion head chamber at the entrance. Now that you have a bunch of keys, head down the center lion’s head door to enter the maze of keys. At first you’ll have a choice: left or right? Choose the left path - if you head down to the right you’ll run into a dead-end, wasting a pair of keys in the process. Fortunately there are two extra keys hidden here in case you mess up, but I’m sure you’d rather not force yourself to use them.

Follow the locked doors to the prize Climb up into this hidden room if you need a spare The Ice Arrows await at the center of the chamber

Through the first door on the left, you can actually climb up the grating into a fake ceiling (which you can see right through with the Lens of Truth) to reach a hidden chamber containing one of the extra keys. Otherwise just follow the trail of locked doors until you reach the center of the room, where you’ll find a big treasure chest containing the Ice Arrows!


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