Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough - Chapter 24: Showdown With the Evil King

Chapter 24: Showdown With the Evil King

It’s time to rendezvous with Sheik to prepare for your final battle with Ganondorf, but - wait, what happened to Princess Zelda? You haven’t seen or heard from her since you first woke up in the future…


  1. Meet Sheik at the Temple of Time.
  2. Infiltrate Ganon’s Tower.
  3. Eliminate the Forest barrier.
  4. Eliminate the Water barrier.
  5. Eliminate the Shadow barrier.
  6. Eliminate the Fire barrier.
  7. Eliminate the Light barrier.
  8. Eliminate the Spirit barrier.
  9. Climb to the top of Ganon’s Tower and challenge Ganondorf.
  10. Escape the crumbling tower before it collapses.
  11. Battle Ganon to seal him away in the Evil Realm.

Important Obtainables:

New Enemies:


1 - Meet Sheik at the Temple of Time.

Return to the Temple of Time using the Prelude of Light and you’ll meet up with Sheik for one of the game’s most shocking plot twists. Princess Zelda will get captured and spirited away to Ganon’s Tower, but not before you receive the Light Arrows that can stun Ganon.


Sheik has…the Triforce? Zelda will give you the Light Arrows so you can pierce Ganon's defenses Well, you heard the Evil King of Darkness…

2 - Cross into Ganon’s Tower.

Look for Ganon’s Tower in the spot where Hyrule Castle used to be. A giant lava pit separates you from the entrance, but now that you’ve united the Six Sages they should have no problem creating a magical bridge that you can use to cross. Walk along the rainbow path and enter the tower.

Once inside, proceed straight ahead, blasting through the Beamos (or just running past) and entering the door at the end of the passage. Here you’ll get a good look at the evil barrier blocking the central turret inside the tower. To eliminate that barrier, you’ll need to dispel the sources of its magic - each is based on one of the Sage elements. Look for the doors beneath each conduit.

Cross the rainbow bridge <strike>of love</strike> and enter the palace” src=“http://www.zeldainformer.com/assets_c/2011/06/Ch%2024-8%20Enter%20Ganon%27s%20Castle-thumb-250x187-9851.bmp” width=“250” height=“187” class=“mt-image-none” style=”” /></a> <a data-toggle=Watch out for Beamos fire

There’s a hidden room underneath the bridge here that you can access with your Lens of Truth. Inside you’ll find a band of Business Scrubs who’ll peddle anything you could possibly desire.

3 - Eliminate the Forest barrier.

First, head through the green door into the Forest chamber. Up ahead is what looks like a relatively empty room, save for a set of unlit torches, but as you approach a Wolfos rises up to attack! Defeat it, then use Din’s Fire to light all of the torches on the ground floor. It won’t quite reach the one nestled above the door up ahead, though, so either prepare a Fire Arrow or shoot an arrow through one of the other torches to get it going. This will unseal the door.

Din's Fire will light ALMOST all of the torches Point a Fire Arrow at the last one

The next room is full of giant fans like the ones you saw in the Shadow Temple. Fun fact: this is because the Forest Temple was once intended to be the Wind Temple - a subtle nod to the game in beta. Look to your left at the Silver Rupee there, and when Navi turns green whip out your Ocarina of Time and play the Song of Time to summon a Time Block. Collect the Rupee, then when the fan nearby starts blowing at full steam throw on your Hover Boots and run along the breeze to the nearby platform.

Your Hover Boots will help reach the Rupees, but be careful not to get blown around Hit this switch… ...and you'll raise a Hookshot target you need to reach the last Rupee

You can’t reach the Silver Rupee here just yet, but you can reach two more on the ledges close by, so use your Hover Boots to run over to them. Next you’ll want to head over to that floor switch - stepping on it will summon a Hookshot target you can use to reach that floating Rupee. Last but not least, wait for the fan to the right of the next door to stop, then quickly grab the Rupee there before it starts up again. This will open the door to the Forest barrier’s core. Just shoot the core with a Light Arrow to disable its power.

Shoot a Light Arrow at the Forest Barrier to disable it Saria appears to grant you more power

4 - Eliminate the Water barrier.

Back in the central chamber, head counterclockwise around the room and enter the door with the Water Medallion displayed above. You’ll emerge in an ice-filled cavern reminiscent of the ice dungeon from earlier. As you make your way towards the center of the room, Freezards will appear - defeat them to unbar the door at the other end of the chamber. Unfortunately, the door is sealed behind a sheet of Red Ice. Grab some Blue Fire from the middle of the room and melt your way through.

You've dealt with their like before… I wonder if Ganon created all that Red Ice in the Ice Cavern, too?

Make sure to collect one more bottle of the blue stuff, then proceed to the next chamber. This room has a block puzzle and a time limit. Run past the first block, then push the second one towards the nearby stone. From there, you can shove it into the slot in the floor. Next, approach the other block and push it so that it slides over the now-filled gap and rests against another stone, then push it towards the original stone and off to the left, towards an alcove in the left-hand wall. Melt the Red Ice here, then use the Megaton Hammer to pound the rusty switch to open the next door. Blast the barrier’s core with a Light Arrow to destroy it.

Drop the block into the slot in the floor to fill it in Then you can push its companion block right over it! This barrier goes down just as easily as the last Your ex-wife-to-be shows up to offer some moral support

5 - Eliminate the Shadow barrier.

Walk up the stairs on your right and enter the Shadow door. You’ll emerge in what looks like a room with a long, impassible pit - but as you learned in the Shadow Temple, nothing is as it seems. Use your Fairy Bow to take out the Green Bubble floating in the middle of the room as well as the Like Like on the ledge across the way, then add the power of fire to your bow and light the torch off to the right to create a series of platforms so that you can cross.

Light a torch… ...and the way across will appear

They’ll only stay up for a limited time, but you can re-light the torch at any time to make them appear again. Cross over to another ledge and step down the artificial stairs to hit the floor switch at the bottom, then use your Longshot to latch onto the chest that appears. Inside are the Golden Gauntlets, an upgraded version of your Silver Gauntlets. Now you can lift even bigger things!


Make sure you can reach this switch… Then Longshot back up to grab the Golden Gauntlets

Next, use the Lens of Truth to reveal a hidden path leading to the rusty switch on your left. Strike it with your Megaton Hammer and the door up ahead will open. Longshot onto the torch next to the door to reach it easily, then go inside and dispel the Shadow barrier.

Follow the invisible path to the rusty switch Destroy the Shadow Barrier… Then Impa appears - like magic!

6 - Eliminate the Fire barrier.

You’ll move onto the Fire barrier next, but now that you have the Golden Gauntlets you can now head outside and off down the path to the left to remove the giant stone blocking one last Great Fairy Fountain. This fairy will bestow you a life energy shield that will reduce the damage you take by half! It’ll help greatly in the battle ahead.



The Golden Gauntlets help you lift up massive columns like this one HI-YAH! Now you'll take half as much damage from enemy attacks

Head through the door with the Fire Medallion displayed above - you’ll enter a room filled with lava! This lava’s too hot for even your Goron Tunic, but be sure to put it on so you don’t pass out from the heat in the air. Step onto the long winding platform ahead. Your Hover Boots will help make you a little airier, but be careful because of the low traction.

Grab the Silver Rupee on the sinking platform on your right, then onto the platform with the fire-spewing totem on the left for another, and then follow the path to the end and climb up to the giant column that you can toss with your Golden Gauntlets. Press A nearby and you’ll automatically chuck it across the room, creating a platform in the lava. Underneath it there also happens to be a Silver Rupee! Grab this one, then head over to the opposite side of the room to grab the last two Rupees. Look out for the Torch Slugs!

Line your pockets! Thank the goddesses for inhuman strength You can actually use the column as a stepping stone

If you fall into the lava at this point, don’t worry - as long as you’ve gotten all of the Rupees the door at the end of the passage will remain unsealed. Longshot over to it using the target nearby and proceed through the door to find the Fire barrier. You know what to do.

Just think, if Ganon hadn't put this here… Take aim with your Light Arrows… Your Sworn Brother has arrived!

7 - Eliminate the Light barrier.

Walk over to the giant column beneath the conduit of light energy and toss it aside to reveal the door to the Light barrier. Inside, your first challenge is to defeat a series of invisible enemies.

You can use your Lens of Truth to find them, but I might as well tell you where they are anyway: there’s a Big Skulltula hiding in the middle of the room that you can take out with your Longshot. The other enemies are Keese, and they’re hanging out on top of the chests here. Pick off one from the chest all the way on the left, a second one two treasure chests away from it, then a third from the chest in the middle on the right-hand side. Defeating them all will reveal a treasure chest with the key to the door ahead.

Don't get used to those Golden Gauntlets - this is the last of the giant obstacles You can still target invisible foes Looks like Ganon couldn't purge ALL of the Royal Family's emblems

In the next room, finding the key is a simple matter of standing on the Triforce mark and playing Zelda’s Lullaby to make it fall in from the ceiling. That was easy, right? Well, the next room is a bit trickier (although, honestly, still not that hard). Avoid the boulders rolling around the room and circumnavigate it to collect four Silver Rupees from alcoves in the wall and from spaces between the various ledges in the center of the room. Then use your Longshot on the target on the ceiling to collect the fifth Rupee, which opens the door.

Check the alcoves in the wall There's also a target on the ceiling for your Longshot

Inside you’ll find what looks like the barrier chamber - except there’s no barrier! Hang around too long and a Wallmaster will come to call. Turns out the wall ahead is fake - you can use your Lens to see through it into the real barrier chamber. Just walk right past and disable the Light barrier.

This has got to be the weirdest design for a mansion that I have ever seen He went all out on the decorating, though His real estate agent is just ANCIENT though- no wait, that's Rauru

8 - Eliminate the Spirit barrier.

One more barrier to go! Head up the stairs to the Spirit barrier corridor. This one’s full of tricky traps like the ones you found in the Spirit Temple. Your first order of business: collect five Silver Rupees from a room crawling with blade traps. Defeat the Beamos in the middle of the room first to make it easier on yourself - there also happens to be a Silver Rupee floating right above it that you can reach using the Hookshot target on the ceiling. Grab another Rupee on the floor nearby.

The others are harder - use careful timing to nab them from nearby the blade traps. It helps a lot to tug on the statues to pull them further away from the wall in order to give yourself a bit more of a window during which to grab them.

This room's chock full of traps and Silver Rupees Pull back the statues to give you more of a window

Through the next door you’ll find a pair of Torch Slugs and what looks like a jail cell. There are two crystal switches inside the cell. You can hit the first with a Spin Attack to make a chest containing Bombchus appear, but the second is just out of range. If you point one of the Bombchus at it, however, it’ll travel up the cell bars and through a small gap at the top and proceed straight for the switch, opening the door.

You can hit through the bars with your Biggoron's Sword Even if your Bombchu is a little off, the explosion reaches a wide area The Mirror Shield's last hurrah

In this last room, burn through the spiderwebs on the ceiling using a Fire Arrow, then use your Mirror Shield to reflect the light at the second sun icon from the right (using the door as the reference point) to unbar it. The rest of them cause Wallmasters to fall from the ceiling, so be careful! Through this last door is the Spirit barrier - take it down and you can proceed to Ganon’s keep.

There's the last of them Nabooru offers her prayers

9 - Climb to the top of Ganon’s Tower and challenge Ganondorf.

Step across the bridge and into the open mouth of Ganon’s central keep to go inside. Eerie organ music plays in the background as you ascend, getting louder as you get higher, a fitting atmosphere for the long climb to the final battle.

In this first room, either avoid or straight-up eliminate the Fire Keese and climb the stairs to the next door. Next you’ll have to fight upgraded Lizalfos known as Dinolfos. They fight using similar strategies to the Lizalfos you fought as a kid, only they don’t have multiple platforms to jump on and don’t force you to alternate between them. Defeat both of them to open the door ahead.



Time to ascend the central citadel! Beat the Dinolfos with whatever weapon you like Cut through the Stalfos to earn the Boss Key

You’ll see a chest sheathed in flame. Defeat the two Stalfos here to put out the flames, then grab the Boss Key from the chest. Keep following the stairs up and you’ll run into a pair of Iron Knuckles - one clad in white armor, the other in black. They’re otherwise just like normal Iron Knuckles, so be careful. They won’t move until you hit them, so you can choose to either fight one at a time or both at once. Take them out and climb the stairs to the boss door.

The next door is on your left, but take some time to loot the jars here for hearts, magic, and arrows before you go through it. You’ll emerge into a room with one final staircase leading to the last door - the door to Ganondorf’s chamber.

You can deal with them one at a time - just take care not to disturb the other Almost…there… The three have gathered - let the final showdown begin!


Ganondorf starts off the battle by pounding the ground, causing parts of the floor to fall away. Run to the outside edges of the room to reach safety, then watch as the floor surrounding him crumbles. If you try to approach him while he’s floating, he’ll pound the ground again, which could cause more sections of floor to disappear. He’ll also do this occasionally just for the fun of it. Stay back for now and wait for him to unleash his magic attacks.

His primary attack should be familiar if you remember the Phantom Ganon battle - he’ll cast an energy ball at you, which you then strike with your sword to send it back at him. (As a neat little joke, you can also use an Empty Bottle with the same effect.) After a short round of back-and-forth volleys, the ball will eventually strike Ganondorf (assuming it doesn’t hit you first). That’s your cue to point a Light Arrow at him and let fly to stun him. He’ll fall to the ground, and you can jump in and hack away with your sword. A short while later he’ll recover and float back into the air and the process begins anew.

Ganondorf starts the battle by pounding the ground - step back! This attack looks familiar… After stunning him with his own attack, give him a taste of Light Arrow

If he takes out too many sections of floor, you might need to use your Longshot or Hover Boots to reach him while he’s stunned. You can actually hook onto his cloak to get over to him, and you can do the same with the stained glass windows along the room’s edges to get back to the outside.

Generally this strategy is all you’ll need to use to defeat him, but there is one more attack you want to watch out for: his black hole energy attack. When it looks like he’s conjuring a void of energy above his head, that’s how you know he’s about to unleash this devastating attack. It’ll send a massive swarm of energy particles your way.

There are two ways to use this attack to your advantage, however. The first is to simply shoot him with a Light Arrow while he’s charging - he can’t avoid it in this state. The second is to perform a Spin Attack right as the energy is about to hit you to repel it - this will stun him just like repelling a normal magic attack would.

You get a great opening to hit him with a Light Arrow when he charges up his mega attack Hit him while he's down to deal damage Beaten at last…

His cloak will get more and more tattered as the battle wears on to show you that you’re making progress. You might also get beat up a little, so if you need some hearts or magic power, drop down to the floor below and slash through the jars there to collect some. You can then climb up the central column to return to the arena and pick up where you left off.

After tossing him around a bit with your sword, you’ll defeat him, and in a last burst of energy he’ll bring the room down around you. His power is otherwise broken, though - Zelda will be freed from her crystal prison and return to your side.

It’s not over yet, though…

10 - Escape the crumbling tower before it collapses.

With his last breath, Ganon tries to bring down the tower with you and Zelda still on it. She’ll help you escape, but you have to move quickly! Follow her over to a ramp leading down the side of the castle. Tread carefully so as not to fall and avoid falling debris until you reach a large gate blocking your passage. Approach it with Zelda and she’ll use her powers to open it for you.

Back inside the tower, follow Zelda around to the next gate, which is on the left. Avoid the debris cluttering the floor as you go - although if you stay at the outside edge of the room this’ll be pretty easy as none of it has landed there. Head down another exterior incline to the next gate.

So much for taking over the place Zelda can open up gates like this one

In this chamber, follow Zelda around the right edge of the room to stay clear of the debris in the middle and you’ll make it easily to the next gate. Descend the ramp outside to reach the next floor. Here, Zelda will try to cross the room, but a ring of flames will surround her! Defeat the two Stalfos that appear to free her, but try to do so quickly, not just for the timer’s sake but because if you kill one and take too long to finish the other it’ll reform itself!

The next part’s nothing new - just climb down to the next floor and traverse another debris-filled chamber to the gate on the other side. From there, head down the staircase and you’ll reach a bridge leading to a gate on the ground floor. There’s a Redead midway across the bridge, so either avoid it, kill it, or use your Longshot to stun it so you can easily get past and follow Zelda out of the tower. It’ll crumble right before your eyes, leaving nothing but a ruined wreck.

It's a trap! Take down the Stalfos quickly to free the princess You can paralyze this Redead with your Longshot

11 - Battle Ganon to seal him away in the Evil Realm.

A rumbling sound echoes from the ruins. Approach it to investigate, and Ganondorf will pop out of the wreckage! He’ll use the Triforce of Power in one final angry outburst of energy and transform into a giant demon beast!

Back from the brink of death, and stronger than ever


Ganon’s weak point is his tail, which he guards carefully. Since he knocked your Master Sword out of the arena just before the battle began, you’ll have to use either the Megaton Hammer or the Biggoron’s Sword if you want to fight with melee attacks. Of course, hitting it won’t be easy. Ganon attacks relentlessly with his twin blades and as I said before will work extra hard to keep his weak spot safe.

There are three main methods of hitting him. The first is to just try to get behind him by L-targeting and strafing. When he attacks, he takes a moment to recover before continuing to pursue you in earnest, so if you can jump out of range take the opportunity to get behind him and get in a shot at his tail. The two aforementioned melee items will damage him, but so will most other items (including Deku Nuts!). You can also use L-targeting to easily track his tail - although with it swishing around so much it might still be hard to hit it!

The Master Sword is out of play… but don't you need it to defeat him? Hit him in the face with a Light Arrow to stun him Then go for his glowing tail!

The second strategy is to roll between his legs to get behind him quickly. You can do this at any time as long as he’s facing you - just run at him and perform a rolling attack at the last second and you’ll swoosh straight through. The third is to stun him - which you’ll combine with one of the other methods, both of which become a lot easier in the process. The Light Arrows deliver the best stun, but you can also slow him down, although for much briefer periods, with many other weapons: Deku Nuts, the Longshot, any other type of arrow, Din’s Fire - you name it, it’ll probably work.

If you take too much damage, try to lure him nearby a piece of the wreckage so that he smashes through it. This will reveal items such as ammo refills, hearts, and magic - although you won’t always get quite what you want.

After a few good hits on his tail, the fire surrounding the battlefield will subside for a moment. You can pick up your Master Sword now, so do so quickly and dive right back into the fight. The fires will return, but you have everything you need to defeat him now. He now moves much more quickly, however, making it almost impossibly hard to get behind him by simply strafing, so defer to the stunning or rolling methods if you had tried to just maneuver around him before. The battle proceeds otherwise exactly as before - get behind him, hit his tail, lather, rinse, repeat.

Retrieve your sword when you get the chance Ganon guards his weak spot much more carefully now

You need only hit him a few more times before Zelda blasts him with a wave of energy. Your sword will glow with power - that’s your cue to step in and deliver the final blow. The Sages will cast him into the Evil Realm, and from there, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

Now that he's down… ready your Master Sword… ...and finish him off!

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