Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough - Chapter 23: The Spirit Temple

Chapter 23: The Spirit Temple

Now that you have the power of silver, it’s time to storm the temple and defeat those witches so you can save Nabooru!


  1. Head to the Sand Goddess’s chamber using the power of silver.
  2. Defeat another Iron Knuckle to earn the Mirror Shield.
  3. Track down the Boss Key.
  4. Melt the Sand Goddess’s face and challenge the Iron Knuckle.
  5. Confront the Sorceress Sisters Twinrova to rescue Nabooru.

Important Obtainables:

New Enemies:


1 - Head to the Sand Goddess’s chamber using the power of silver.

This time, when you enter the temple you’ll want to use the Silver Gauntlets to push the giant gray block on your right. Keep shoving it until it drops into a slot in the floor, opening the way to the other half of the temple. Take out the Beamos here, then point your Longshot at the crystal switch on the ceiling to unseal the doors here. Proceed through the left one first, just as you did in this room’s twin as a child. And, just like in the child half, there’s a locked door in between the two doors here.

Defeat the Wolfos here, then stand on the Triforce mark and play Zelda’s Lullaby. A chest will appear across the gap that you can Hookshot over to; the Compass is inside. Not much else to do here, so return to the previous room, this time heading through the door on the right.

Now you can push absurdly heavy objects, like this giant block Hit the crystal switch on the ceiling… Then play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce crest in the next room to summon the Compass

Boulders roll back and forth across a pseudo-half pipe in this room. Silver Rupees are hidden in a set of alcoves in the wall - there’s also one you need to use the Hover Boots to reach. Play the Song of Time to manipulate the Time Blocks so that you can get into each of the alcoves and investigate their contents. The alcove in the middle on the wall to the west hides Skulltula Token 99.

Inside the door, there’s a chest containing a Small Key - but that’s not all! Watch out for the Like Like that falls from the ceiling to avoid losing your shield. Grab the Small Key and return to the locked door you saw earlier.

There are rupees in the alcoves in the wall here… ...but there's also one hovering above the pit There's a key in the next room

Fight off the Like Like and the traps in this next hallway and climb up the grooves in the wall to go higher. At the top, defeat the invisible Floormaster and then examine the sun icons on the wall. Light shines into the room from above, reflecting off of the mirror placed in the center of the chamber.

You can rotate the mirror to point the light at one of the icons, but beware! Only one of them is real! I recommend rotating it clockwise, as the ones the light will pass if you turn it that way don’t pose any direct threat. Don’t grab the second chest that appears, though! It will let out a burst of cold air that will freeze you on the spot. The third icon from the left opens up the door, which takes you back to the chamber of the Sand Goddess.

Another climbable wall - like they knew you were coming Only one of these switches will open the way

2 - Defeat another Iron Knuckle to earn the Mirror Shield.

Don’t touch the Armos statue on this platform - it’s a real Armos! Instead, climb to the top of the stairs here and look out at the Goddess’s left hand - there’s a Triforce mark inscribed on its palm. Use your Hover Boots to reach it, then stand on it and play Zelda’s Lullably to summon a Small Key chest on her opposite palm! Your Longshot should help you span the gap. (Look out for Skulltula Token 100, which is hidden in this room.)

Time to whip out your Ocarina! The Longshot will take you to the chest

There’s also a shortcut back to the beginning that you can unlock by hitting the rusty switch at the northeast corner of the room. Enter the door that unseals and push the giant block into its slot, then hit another rusty switch to trigger an elevator you can use to get back to this room quickly as an adult.

Hit this switch to open a door leading to a shortcut leading back to this room from the entrance Drop this huge block in its slot Then hit this switch to trigger the elevator

Take your key up to the top of the stairs nearby the entrance to this room and use it to unlock the door there. Blast past the Beamos guarding the stairs beyond and proceed to the next chamber. There are three Anubis enemies here, so you’ll need to set them ablaze to continue. Why not make it easy on yourself and just use Fire Arrows? Bomb the Beamos here as well to clear the room, then enter the door to the southeast. There’s a locked door directly across from this one that you’ll need to come back and open later.

You need to press the blue pressure switch here, but as those Armos statues are real enemies, there’s nothing to hold it down with. Unless…stand next to the door so that the switch is right between you and one of the Armos, then agitate it with your Longshot to get it to chase after you. Right as it lands on the switch, quickly open the door behind you and you’ll make it inside before it seals again.

Fire Arrows can easily take out the Anubis Can't hold the switch? Let an Armos do it for you!

Climb the eerie set of stairs and you’ll reach another throne room containing another Iron Knuckle. It’s much easier now that you’re an adult, but the strategy hasn’t changed much. Just attack with all you’ve got and dodge its attacks when necessary. Once you’ve finished it off, proceed through the door ahead and you’ll emerge on the goddess’s opposite hand. This time, the chest here contains the Mirror Shield.


Iron Knuckles are much easier with your Adult inventory Another classic item returns!

3 - Track down the Boss Key.

Return to the room where you manipulated the Armos and head to the north end, where light shines in from the ceiling. Use the Mirror Shield to reflect this light onto the nearby sun icon to open the adjacent door. Inside is a Small Key that you can use to open the locked door back in the Anubis room.

Beyond it is a room with a shifting wall that you need to climb carefully up to proceed. Because of the way the wall shifts you have to make sure you’re positioned squarely in the center of one of the shifting sections and not caught reaching from one to the other - otherwise the shifting will try to pull you in two directions at once and you’ll lose your grip and take damage. Fortunately there’s a shortcut that’ll make scaling the wall a bit easier.

Blow up the Beamos, then point your Longshot at the protruding bricks sticking out of a section of wall about midway up that doesn’t move to either side. You can actually grapple up to this spot to bypass much of the wall. You’ll still have to be careful as you climb up the rest of the way, however, so don’t get too cocky. At the top, destroy or avoid the two Beamos and head through the door to the next chamber.

The Mirror Shield can reflect light Alex, you sly dog

Step on the Triforce mark up ahead and play Zelda’s Lullaby to unbar the nearby door. Once inside, defeat the Torch Slugs and start blasting away at the fake doors. One of the ones in the northwest corner of the room hides a gold eye switch you can use to create a midair platform that’ll appear right beneath a Hookshot target on the ceiling. Use your Longshot to get on top of it, then hop over to the switch and press it to lower the flames surrounding the chest here - inside is the Boss Key.

Triforce marks EVERYWHERE! Shoot the eye switch behind the fake door in the left hand corner A platform will appear underneath the Hookshot target on the ceiling

4 - Melt the Sand Goddess’s face and challenge the Iron Knuckle.

Return to the previous room and hang a right to climb some stairs up to another door. Once inside, approach the bars on your left and use a Super Spin Attack to hit the crystal switch on the other side - this will open the nearby door. NOTE: In the 3DS version, this switch has moved. Look for it nearby the set of chains descending from the ceiling on your right once you enter the room. Fight the Lizalfos inside and reflect light onto the sun icon using your Mirror Shield and a chest containing Bombs will appear.

Proceed down the hall to the south and examine the wall on your left - it’s made up of packed debris. Plant a Bomb nearby to crumble it, then rotate the mirror here so that it shines down the newly-opened passage. Follow the light over to another mirror, which you can turn to reflect light through the bars to the north and onto a large mirror back at the beginning of the room.

You can attack the switch through the bars with a Spin Attack - or your Biggoron's Sword Bomb the wall here so you can reflect light between the mirrors Once you've pointed the light at the big mirror, reflect it onto the sun icon


Backtrack there and stand beneath the shining light so that you can reflect it onto the sun icon nearby. This will cause the platform you’re standing on to lower into the Sand Goddess’s chamber below. Reflect the light onto her face and it’ll crumble, revealing a gate that you can use your Longshot to hook onto in order to reach the boss’s chamber.

Shine light on the statue's face and it will crumble Longshot onto the gate to get inside

5 - Confront the Sorceress Sisters Twinrova to rescue Nabooru.

The witches who kidnapped Nabooru, Koume and Kotake of the Gerudo tribe, will appear and summon a giant Iron Knuckle to fight you. Fight it as you did the others - midway through the battle its armor will fall off, revealing…Nabooru? Turns out she was brainwashed by the witch sisters into doing Ganondorf’s bidding. They try to get her out of the way and then taunt you into following them to their sanctum for a final showdown.



During the first part of the battle, the sisters will each fly around the room and attempt to cast magic your way. Your Mirror Shield can reflect the magic, so use it to send fire magic back at Kotake, the ice witch, and to send ice magic back at Koume, the fire witch. There’s no real rhyme or reason to this: just L-target the one casting the spell and hope the opposite sister moves stupidly into the line of fire (or ice). You can shift your position somewhat to influence the direction the magic travels, but that’s about it.

If by chance your shield doesn’t make contact with the magic, avoid it. Its effects will spread across the ground, so make sure to stay extra far away. After a few rounds of this, the sisters will initiate their special Double Dynamite technique and merge to become one entity.

It's pretty obvious when one of the sisters is about to attack Your Mirror Shield can reflect the magic - point it at the other sister! After a few hits, they'll merge into one entity

Now if you try to reflect the attacks, your shield will absorb the energy instead. You can absorb energy up to three times to stack its power, but be careful not to take a hit from the opposing element while you’re charging up - even using your shield - as the two sides will cancel each other out. After you’ve built up magic from three attacks, your shield will unleash the energy back at Twinrova, stunning her. That’s your cue to jump over to the platform she falls onto and hack at her with your sword.

At first the sisters will attack in an easy-to-follow pattern, with one sister shooting three of her attacks in a row before the other moves in kind, but the more damage you deal, the more unpredictable the attacks become. Avoid attacks as necessary and continue to build up power to blast back at her and eventually you’ll defeat her, revealing the final Heart Container and a path to the Light Temple, where you’ll meet Nabooru and receive the Spirit Medallion.

During Round 2, build up power with your shield After stacking three of the same type of attack, your shield will unleash energy at Twinrova That's your cue to use your sword!

A thief is the Sage of Spirit… well, whatever works I guess Magic Pog Collection Complete! Rauru calls you back to the Temple of Time…

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