Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough - Chapter 22: The Power of Silver

Chapter 22: The Power of Silver

You need the power of silver from this temple to enter it as an adult, so try to find a way in as a kid so you can pilfer them. Turns out there might just be another thief looking for the same treasure…


  1. Return to the Spirit Temple as a child and win Nabooru’s trust.
  2. Find a key to open the locked door beyond the crawlspace.
  3. Light up the Sand Goddess’s chamber.
  4. Defeat the Iron Knuckle to win the Silver Gauntlets.
  5. Return to the Temple of Time and travel back to the future.

Important Obtainables:

New Enemies:


1 - Return to the Spirit Temple as a child and win Nabooru’s trust.

Head up the stairs and approach the girl blocking the crawlspace off to the left. Her name is Nabooru and she’s one of the Gerudo - and she shares your hatred of Ganondorf! She’ll ask you to help you steal a treasure from this temple so she can use it in her struggle against his evil deeds. When she asks you what you’re doing, answer: “Nothing, really,” and give your assurances that you’re out to get Ganondorf as much as she is.

Once she moves out of the way, duck into the crawlspace and make your way inside…

Hint: it's a trick question Sounds like the Time to crawl right in

2 - Find a key to open the locked door beyond the crawlspace.

Defeat all the Keese in this chamber as well as the Armos in the center of the room to unseal the doors here, then proceed through the one on your left. Make note of the crawlspace here, since you’ll need to come back with a key later to open the locked door on the other side.

Ward off the Stalfos, then stun the Green Bubble with your Boomerang and shoot it down with the Slingshot to clear the gap. Stand back and face the crystal switch - it’s on the other side of a long, narrow grated bridge - and toss your Boomerang a little to the left of it. If you aimed correctly, it’ll arc around to hit the switch, and the bridge will fall into place, giving you a way across.

The Spirit Temple's full of all kinds of enemies, both old and new The Stalfos is a lot harder to beat with your little dagger than it was with the Master Sword You've seen this puzzle before, way back in Jabu-Jabu's Belly

In the next room, the Anubis enemy will mirror your every move. You can use this to your advantage, thankfully, by manipulating it so it’s floating right in front of the sealed door, then hitting the crystal switch nearby to trigger a ring of fire to appear. The fire will engulf the Anubis, killing it and opening the door. (Or you can just be cheeky and use Din’s Fire.)



The next chamber is swarming with Keese, and a Wallmaster hangs from the ceiling. Defeat all of the enemies using your Boomerang and collect the five Silver Rupees here to lower the bridge to the other side of the room. Once you’ve bridged the gap, light the unlit torches and a chest will drop into place that contains the Small Key you need to unlock the locked door I mentioned earlier. Grab Skulltula Token 94 and return to the door so you can proceed through it.

Hit the crystal switch when the Anubis is in position and it'll burn up More Silver Rupees! The Keese will try to bite you even through the grating Crawl through the hole to the locked door to proceed

3 - Light up the Sand Goddess’s chamber.

You can climb up the bricks protruding from the wall in the chamber ahead to reach the higher floor. Don’t forget to pick up Skulltula Token 95 as you pass. Look up at the light seeping through a crack in the wall. If you point a Bombchu at the cracked wall, it will travel to it and explode, letting light into the room that will shine directly onto the sun icon on the floor. Lighting it up activates it - in this case causing the next door to open up.

These bricks make solid foot and handholds Drop a Bombchu so that it blows up the boulder blocking the sunlight This will shine light on the sun switch on the floor

The next room houses a replica of the Desert Colossus statue - the Goddess of the Sand. Push the stone Armos look-alike off the edge of the ledge onto the blue pressure switch below to open a door up above, then head to the middle of the room and light the two torches with Din’s Fire to cause a chest containing the Dungeon Map to appear.

Head up the stairs to the door you unbarred a moment ago. Inside you’ll find a room filled with Beamos and blade traps. Take out the Beamos with Bombs to reveal platforms you can use to climb up onto the ledges running around the edges and middle of the room. Climb up to grab the five Silver Rupees, which will light a torch nearby the room’s entrance. Take out a Deku Stick and use this brazier to light the other torches in this room and a chest containing a Small Key will appear.

Push this statue off the edge of the ledge to hold down the blue switch below First grab Silver Rupees… ...then light the torches…

Clear out a few blocks… ...then slide this sun icon into position under the light

You’re not done yet, though - there’s a block with a sun icon on it in the middle of the room. You’ll have to pull a bunch of other blocks out of the way to give yourself room to move it, but once you’ve gotten hold of it, push it underneath the ray of light coming down into the room to open the next door.

4 - Defeat the Iron Knuckle to win the Silver Gauntlets.

Proceed up the stairs (grab Skulltula Token 96 while you’re here) and enter the locked door ahead to reach the temple’s mini-boss: the Iron Knuckle. He’s probably the strongest foe you’ll face, dealing tons of damage with each blow. Use Nayru’s Love if you need some defense in a pinch, but otherwise attack him relentlessly, pausing only to dodge his wide ax attacks.



Dodge its attacks - it deals LOTS of damage Wait for openings to strike in-between its attacks Break through its armor and defeat it!

If you need health, let the Iron Knuckle attack the pillars throughout the room - usually they’ll leave hearts behind that you can use to replenish life. Once you’ve bested it, the door behind the throne will slide open, leading outside to the Silver Gauntlets. Pick them up and watch what happens next…


You got the Silver Gauntlets! Now take them back to Nabooru! Well, looks like that isn't happening

5 - Return to the Temple of Time and travel back to the future.

Poor Nabooru’s been kidnapped - I guess that’s a risk you take in this line of work! To save her, you need to return to the temple as an adult. Warp back to the Temple of Time and take the Master Sword to become an adult again, then play the Requiem of Spirit to come back and put those Silver Gauntlets to good use…

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