Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough - Chapter 21: The Desert Tribe of Thieves

Chapter 21: The Desert Tribe of Thieves

The final temple lies across the western desert: the Haunted Wasteland. To reach it, you’ll have to cross the lands of the Gerudo, Ganondorf’s tribe. There has to be some way to win their favor…


  1. Sneak into Gerudo Fortress and rescue the four captured carpenters.
  2. Pass the trials of the Haunted Wasteland.
  3. Investigate the Spirit Temple.
  4. Return to the past and warp to the Desert Colossus.

Important Obtainables:

New Enemies:


1 - Sneak into Gerudo Fortress and rescue the four captured carpenters.

Your next objective lies far to the west, in the desert from which Ganondorf himself hails. To get there, head to Gerudo Valley and cross over the broken bridge using either your Longshot or a jump from Epona. On the other side you’ll find Mutoh, the boss of the carpenters. Apparently his men have all gone off to Gerudo Fortress and haven’t come back. It’s up to you to round them all up and get them back to rebuilding the bridge.

Unfortunately the Gerudo don’t take kindly to intruders - as soon as you set foot in their fortress they’ll arrest you! - unless, of course, you’re sneaky enough to take out one of the guards with an arrow before they spot you. Luckily they don’t take any of your equipment, so you can use your Longshot on the wooden board hanging over the cell window to get up and out. From the sill, point your Fairy Bow at the nearest guard on the ground and let an arrow fly. This will stun her, giving you an opening to drop down and enter the first door on the left.

The Boss of the Carpenters, Mutoh, charges you with finding his missing workers Escape from your cell with the Longshot Slip through this first door

Inside you’ll find one of the carpenters trapped in a cell. Apparently the Gerudo locked him and his buddies up! A Gerudo Guard will find you and attack you. She’s tough, but if you fight her with a similar strategy to the one you use against Stalfos you should do fine. Beware her charged jump attack, for if it hits home she’ll send you right back to your cell. Defeating her will grant you the Cell Key, which you can use to free the carpenter.



Here's the first of the carpenters These Gerudo guards are pretty aggressive! Watch out for the jump attack!

Head out the door at the other end of the chamber and you’ll find yourself back outside. Cut immediately to the left and reenter the fortress. Peek around the corner using L-targeting and wait for the guard to come into view. Pick her off with an arrow from afar, then run up to the exit immediately on the right a little ways down the hall. You’ll emerge outside again, and should tread carefully along the wall to your left.

Peer around the corner here with L-targeting and shoot the guard when her back is turned, then enter the door she’s guarding. Inside, fight another Gerudo Guard to free the second of the four carpenters and head outside. There’s a door on your left that you’ll need to go through later, but for now make a right and climb down the vines on the wall to reach another entrance. The third carpenter is inside, guarded as usual by a Gerudo Guard.

Climb back up the vines and enter the door you bypassed earlier. This room is a kitchen area of sorts, and it’s crawling with guards. Fortunately, as long as you don’t drop down into the middle of the room you’re out of sight, so use your Longshot to cross the room by latching onto the wooden ceiling beams. Head through the exit to emerge on a narrow ledge. To the west of this ledge is a smaller ledge below, which you jump down to from here. There’s an entrance here that leads to the last of the prison sectors.

The second passage into the fortress is here Disable the guard here, then proceed insideShoot the guards here to stun them

Wait for the guard to walk by and take her out with an arrow, then run over to the jail cell at the end of the hallway. One last Gerudo Guard will appear, and once you’ve fought her off you can free the final carpenter. The master of the fortress will show up and applaud you for your efforts. She recognizes that you have tons of potential as a thief, so she invites you to be the first man accepted into the all-female Gerudo clan. You’ll get a Membership Card as proof of your worth.


Take out this guard before you proceed This card is like a passport that gives you free run of the fortress

2 - Pass the trials of the Haunted Wasteland.

Now you can try your hand at the Optional Secrets now open to you, including the Gerudo Training Grounds mini-dungeon, but your objective lies through the west gate. Talk to the guard at the top of the gate’s tower and she’ll open it right up for you. Slip on your Hover Boots and get ready to go.

You’ll run into the first trial immediately after entering the wastes - it’s a river of quicksand. Your Hover Boots will protect you from sinking, but you can also use your Longshot on the crate on the far side to cross. Off to the left is a bridge leading to a strange man on a flying magic carpet who will sell them Bombchus if you want them. They cost quite a pretty penny, so there’s really no rush to buy any unless you’re running really low.

There are two trials for you to pass in the desert The first is to cross the river of sand Follow the flagpoles from there to the monument, where the next trial awaits

From there you’ll enter the sandstorm - follow the flags posted throughout the desert to avoid getting lost. If you have a hard time seeing them, just play the Song of Storms and the lightning will help them stand out against the swirling sands. After awhile you’ll reach a great stone structure rising up in the middle of the desert. Grab Skulltula Token 91 from inside, then climb on top of it and use the Lens of Truth to spot the spirit guide you’ll need to take you the rest of the way.

Follow the Poe spirit closely, watching out when it stops and abruptly switches directions so as not to get lost. Eventually it will lead you towards some more flagpoles which mark the end of the wastes. Pass through them to reach the Desert Colossus at the western edge of the sands.

Your ghost guide is actually a Big Poe… should you be worried? Follow him… or her… all the way to the other end of the desert to reach the Spirit Temple

3 - Investigate the Spirit Temple.

Look at that giant statue! This is the exterior of the Spirit Temple. You can poke around a bit in this area, but all you really have to do is walk inside. You can’t actually get very far yet, but read the tablet inscriptions to either side of the stairs - one talks of entering the temple as a child, and the other of a power of silver that you can use as an adult. You don’t have any kind of silver power yet, so your next move must be to return here as a child.



The Spirit Temple is inside this giant statue You heard the mysterious snake-like inscription! Use this song to get back to the Spirit Temple as a child

Step outside the temple and Sheik will intercept you to teach you the Requiem of Spirit. Though you won’t be able to cross the desert as a child because Gerudo’s Fortress is totally blocked off, you can use the Requiem of Spirit to warp straight to the Desert Colossus so you can easily access the temple.



4 - Return to the past and warp to the Desert Colossus.

You know what to do - use the Prelude of Light to get back to the Temple of Time and replace the Master Sword in its pedestal to return to the past. From there, getting to the Spirit Temple is as simple as playing the Requiem of Spirit and letting yourself get whisked away. Step inside the temple to begin the next stage of your quest…

Optional Secrets:


Now that you’re a member of the Gerudo, give the Horseback Archery challenge a go. If you can do well and beat the high scores, you’ll get a chance to earn two items: the Biggest Quiver and a Heart Piece.


Shoot both the jars and the targets as you pass to rack up points You get lined up pretty well for some bulls-eyes with the big targets at the two ends of the courseCh 21-35 Biggest Quiver Get.bmp

Blast through the cracked wall along the northern cliffs near the Desert Colossus and you’ll uncover a hidden Great Fairy Fountain. Play Zelda’s Lullaby at the Triforce crest and a Great Fairy will appear to grant you the magic spell Nayru’s Love.


Blast this wall to reveal a hidden fairy's fountain This is the last of the three Goddess spells

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