Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough - Chapter 20: The Shadow Temple

Chapter 20: The Shadow Temple

This is the cursed temple where the restless spirits of the dead roam. Impa has gone ahead of you to try to intercept Bongo Bongo, the evil spirit that attacked the village, so try to catch up to her and defeat it!


  1. Search the catacombs for the Hover Boots.
  2. Work your way to the lower levels of the temple.
  3. Toss a bomb into the flaming skull.
  4. Clear the trials of wind.
  5. Set sail across the great abyss.
  6. Track down the Boss Key in the invisible maze.
  7. Vanquish Bongo-Bongo to end the blight threatening Kakariko Village.

Important Obtainables:

New Enemies:


1 - Search the catacombs for the Hover Boots.

Keep your Lens of Truth handy for this dungeon, since it’s full of tricks and illusions that you’ll need magic to see through. Round the first corner and point your Longshot at the target ahead to cross the gap, then proceed through the fake wall ahead. In this room, there’s a bird statue in the center of a circle of skull-capped stakes and a tongue-shaped ledge leading into a sealed passage across a long gap. You’ll need this dungeon’s secret item to clear this room, so ignore these two fixtures for now and make a left to another fake wall.

You know the drill by now The Lens of Truth is crucial for finding hidden passages like this one

You’ll emerge in a series of catacombs. Look on the right-hand wall with your Lens of Truth for a hidden passage leading into a small room containing only a Redead. Kill it and a chest will appear with the Dungeon Map inside. Return to the catacombs and make another right, looking for another illusory wall to pass through.

In the next chamber, the secret doorway is once again on the right, but this time it’s in the far corner of the room. Inside the hidden cave behind the fake wall, you’ll encounter Dead Hand once again. This time, he has more hands to assist him. You can use the Lens of Truth to look for his shadow on the ground and place a Bomb nearby to draw him out without going near the hands. Otherwise, defeat him the same way you did as a child to earn the Hover Boots.


Look for more fake walls in the catacombs One passage has a Redead guarding the Map The other has another Dead Hand who guards the Hover Boots

2 - Work your way to the lower levels of the temple.

Return to the room with the bird statue and activate your Lens of Truth to examine the skull-capped stakes. Turns out most of the skulls are illusions, but one of them is real. Rotate the statue so that the bird’s beak points towards the real skull and the gate across the gap to the east will open. Point it at the wrong skull and the floor will drop out from under you.

Use your Hover Boots to run across the gap onto the tongue and enter the passage to the lower floor. You’ll run into a room with a Beamos in the middle that branches off in four directions. This Beamos is hardier than the ones you fought as a kid, and will take a couple hits from Bombs before going down. Turns out the north and south walls are fake and you can walk right through them. Take the right (south) path first and defeat the Gibdos inside to earn the Compass. Then cross over to the north passage into a room with two spinning scythes.

Point the bird's beak at the Dash across the gap to the tongue A Gibdo is a slightly modified, mummified Redead

These scythes are reminiscent of the ice blades in the Ice Cavern, and you’ll have to avoid them in the very same way. You’ll need to grab all five Silver Rupees here to get the key in this room. There are two in the middle nearby the scythes, and two more in alcoves at the northeast and southwest corners of the room. The last of them requires that you use your Longshot to get up onto the stack of wood in the northwest corner, then jump for the Rupee. Getting all of them will open a passage to the southeast that leads to a Small Key.

Back in the Beamos room, examine the east wall - it’s vulnerable to a Bomb blast. After you explode your way through, tread carefully down the incline, looking out for the Big Skulltulas that drop from the ceiling as you pass. After a certain point you’ll reach a hall riddled with guillotines. Wait for them to fall, then as they begin to lift up again roll quickly under to get past safely.

This is the creepiest Silver Rupee collection yet Bomb the north wall - the only one that's not walk-through No, they won't kill you in one hit, and - hey, that's not an invitation to experiment!

You’ll emerge in a room with a number of ledges overlooking a giant bottomless pit. Continue past the next couple guillotines - watch out for the Red Bubble that leaps out of you when you least expect it - until you reach a platform where a Stalfos engages you.

Defeat it and you have two choices as far as where to go next - you can cross over the invisible platforms on your left or across to the rising and falling platform on your right. The room on the left contains Skulltula Token 82, while the way to the right will take you deeper into the dungeon.

Use the Hover Boots to walk safely onto the rising and falling platform on the right, then wait for it to ascend to its highest height and hover again to make it onto the main ledge. There’s another set of Silver Rupees here - four of them are arranged around the spinning Blade Traps, and the fifth is hidden inside of the Beamos. Getting them all will open the door to the west.

This guy totally caught me off-guard on my first play Watch out for traps and grab the Silver Rupees!

Proceed to enter the room with the rain of blades and the stone umbrella. The “rain of blades” refers to the spike traps blocking the path ahead. The “stone umbrella” refers to a large block hidden in an alcove you can only spot with the Lens of Truth. Pull it out of the alcove and push it so that it prevents the spike traps from striking the ground - thus the “stone umbrella.” In the middle of the path, you’ll find a spot where it blocks both traps - at that point head around to its other side and pull it instead of pushing it. You can grab Skulltula Token 83 from a cell nearby, but otherwise pull it all the way to the far end of the room and climb on top of it.

Hop over to the ledge on your left, then use the spike traps as platforms to help you reach the floor switch on the south side of the room. Once you press it, a chest will fall from the ceiling in the northeast corner, above the spot where you found the stone umbrella. Again, use the spike traps to help you get to the other side and grab the Small Key from the chest.

Pull this block out from behind the fake wall Head across to hit the switch Then run over to the chest that drops down to grab a key

3 - Toss a bomb into the flaming skull.

Return to the previous room and look for a narrow walkway extending from the northeast corner of the ledge you’re standing on. Walk carefully past the guillotine trap and step onto the invisible platform beyond. There’s another invisible platform that moves back and forth along a chain that can carry you to a locked door set into an alcove on the north wall.

Inside this room, use your Lens of Truth to avoid the invisible spikes in the floor and defeat the two Redead roaming the room. Defeating the Redeads only gives you a small chest with Rupees inside, so you’ll need to nab the Silver Rupees here to proceed.

One is in the very center of the room, while two more are floating just beneath a pair of Hookshot targets on your left and on your right. The other two are in the northwest corner of the room. Use your Lens of Truth to reveal a Hookshot target that you can use to get up onto the ledge, then with your Hover Boots dash on over to the final Rupee, which is hanging in midair.

Enter the door on the west side of the room to find a peculiar puzzle. A tall skull-shaped basin crowned with blue flames rests in the center of the room. Pick off Skulltula Token 84 from behind it, then ascend to the top of the chamber to get a good look at it from above. Grab the nearby Bomb Flower and try to toss it into the top of the skull. Succeed and you’ll destroy it, revealing the Small Key that was inside.

A shifting invisible platform is all that stands between you and this locked door You'll need your Longshot again to reach all the Silver Rupees in the next room Toss a Bomb into the flaming skull to destroy it for a Small Key

Take the Small Key back to the previous chamber and use the Lens of Truth to spot a Hookshot target on the ceiling above the ledge to the north. Use your Longshot to pull yourself onto the ledge and enter the locked door there to proceed.

4 - Clear the trials of wind.

The next room looks simple enough - a long corridor with a few blade traps blocking the way - but there are fans that are strong enough to blow you around, particularly when you’re wearing your Hover Boots. The first one guards a large gap - you can either wait for it to stop blowing and run across with your Hover Boots or equip the Iron Boots to root yourself in place and use the Longshot on the overhanging beam to cross. Slap on the Iron Boots and run against the gusts blown by the second fan to reach a chamber with a narrow walkway in the middle.

Use your Iron Boots to walk past most of the fans blowing from either direction, and look out for the eye switch up ahead - it will shoot fire at you periodically. Try to hit it with an arrow when the eye opens to stun it, and block the flames with your shield and keep going until you find yourself lined up with the last fan on your right. Use the Lens of Truth to look through the fake wall to the north, then equip your Hover Boots as the fan starts blowing and run with the breeze to make it across the gap and into the hidden alcove. (Don’t worry about the room at the end of the walkway; there’s nothing important there save for a hint to this particular puzzle.)

Use your Iron Boots to avoid getting blown away by the fans This eye switch will shoot fire at you periodically - shoot it when it's open to stop it! Slap on your Hover Boots and let the fan carry you over to this secret room

5 - Set sail across the great abyss.

In the next room, defeat the Gibdos and look for a pile of refuse in the southeast corner of the room. You can blast through this pile with your Bombs to reveal a chest containing a Small Key that you’ll need to enter the locked door at the end of this chamber.

Beyond the door is one of the most important rooms in the whole temple: the dock for the ferry of the dead. There’s a ladder that leads up to a ledge overlooking the ship. You can Hookshot onto it, but it’s better to pull the block on your left and shove it into the slot in the floor so that you can climb up the old-fashioned way. Doing so will also open up a shortcut that lets you get here quickly from the dungeon’s entrance via the room with the spinning scythe trap from Objective 2.

Blast through this pile of refuse to find a hidden key Push the block into the slot and use it to reach the ladder to the ferry dock Better ditch this joyride

Hover onto the ferry (you can now reach Skulltula Token 85 and play Zelda’s Lullaby while standing on the Triforce mark to get the ship moving. As it travels down the canal, fight off the Stalfos that fall from the ceiling - they’ll appear in waves. (Get it?) Near the end of the passage, the ferry will start to shudder and shake - it’s going to sink! Use the Hover Boots to run off the boat to the left to make it to safe ground, then watch it plummet into the river of spirits below.

6 - Track down the Boss Key in the invisible maze.

Walk through the door to the left to enter the invisible maze. You’ll need the Lens of Truth to see all the twists and turns, and you should keep your wits about you to avoid getting caught off-guard by the Floormasters.

Head clockwise around the maze to a door at the south end. Inside, use the Lens of Truth to help you fight off an invisible Floormaster in order to earn a Small Key. Return to the maze and keep moving clockwise to reach a west door leading to Skulltula Token 86, and then a north door leading to an execution chamber.

This invisible Floormaster is probably the most dangerous enemy in the dungeon You've been using Din's Fire a lot lately… The Boss Key is off to the side of the room

Walls of spikes will close in on you, but as they’re made of wood you can easily burn through them with Din’s Fire. This will set the Gibdos’ bandages ablaze as well, revealing the Redead corpses within. Defeat the enemies here and grab the Boss Key from the chest, then leave the maze through the east door.

7 - Vanquish Bongo-Bongo to end the blight threatening Kakariko Village.

How can you cross such a long gap? Look for a crop of Bomb Flowers at the base of the bird statue on the far side. Shoot them with an arrow to detonate them, causing the statue to fall down and create a makeshift bridge that spans the gap. Move across and enter the locked door.

Shoot the Bomb Flowers from a distance to detonate them Cross this last room using the Lens of Truth and Hover Boots to reach the boss

This next room is pretty simple - the only obstacle is the massive gap separating you from the boss door. Use the Lens of Truth to spot invisible ledges you can use to cross, and make your way carefully over to the boss’s chamber. Once inside, drop down into the pit in the middle of the room and prepare to face down Bongo Bongo, the demon of Kakariko Village.



Bongo Bongo has several methods of attack, most of them involving his hands. He’ll try to swipe his hands into you as well as punch you to send you flying - avoid these attacks or use your Fairy Bow to fend them off. He’ll also clap his hands together occasionally and try to grab you to throw you off the side of the drum-like arena into the poisonous water below. Should you fall off, climb on the skulls protruding from the sides to get back up!

Your first order of business is to target Bongo Bongo’s hands and pelt them with arrows. This will prevent him from using most of his hand-based attacks. Once both hands are stunned, quickly activate your Lens of Truth - Bongo Bongo is about to charge! Hit his single eye with an arrow before he slams into you - his body packs a lot of power. An arrow to the eye will stun him, and you can go in with your sword to deal even more damage.

Shoot him in his hands to stun him With both hands out of the way, his eye is his weakness Then slash him repeatedly!

The battle will get more fast-paced as time wears on, but if you keep on your toes and use L-targeting effectively to disable his hands quickly it should be an easy fight. He’ll leave a Heart Container and a portal to the Light Temple in his wake. Enter to meet up with Impa and receive the Shadow Medallion.


We already knew Impa was a sage, but to see her awakened is a treat! Purple's not really your color…

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