Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough - Chapter 19: Bottom of the Well

Chapter 19: Bottom of the Well

Kakariko’s in trouble! Help Sheik out, then find the treasures you need to get inside the Shadow Temple so you can defeat the demon plaguing the village for good!

Now that you've awakened Ruto, you need to continue your search for other temples You've now got four medallions, so there are only two to go!


  1. Investigate Kakariko Village.
  2. Return to the Temple of Time and head back to the past.
  3. Play the Song of Storms at the Kakariko Windmill.
  4. Retrieve the Lens of Truth from the Bottom of the Well.
  5. Return to the future and use the Nocturne of Shadow to reach the Shadow Temple.

Important Obtainables:

New Enemies:


1 - Investigate Kakariko Village.

The waters of Lake Hylia have refilled, meaning you can swim the length of the lake now. Morning has just broken, so try shooting at the sun to trigger the appearance of the Fire Arrows. You can also pick up some of the Skulltula Tokens and Heart Pieces available at this point. Otherwise, hightail it out of here and travel north to Kakariko Village.

When you get there, the village is on fire! Apparently an ancient demon escaped its resting place beneath the village well and decided to terrorize the town. Sheik helps you confront it, but you black out… When you come to, Sheik tells you that Impa is the Shadow Sage, and that she has gone to the Shadow Temple to defeat the evil beast once and for all. He teaches you the Nocturne of Shadow so you can reach the secret entrance to the temple in the back of the Graveyard.



The village is on fire! A demon rises up from the well! The Nocturne of Shadow will take you to the temple

Once you regain control of Link, step inside the Kakariko Windmill and talk to Guru-Guru, the music box man. He’ll tell you about a kid with an ocarina who came and played a song that messed up the windmill some years ago. The song is the Song of Storms, and he’ll play it for you.



The windmill man will teach you the Song of Storms

2 - Return to the Temple of Time and head back to the past.

Everything about what happened at the windmill sounds like it’s something you must have done seven years ago, but you definitely didn’t do anything like that before you touched the Master Sword… Return to the Temple of Time and Sheik will teach you the Prelude of Light, a melody that lets you return there at any time. He’ll also explain that replacing the Master Sword in the Pedestal of Time will return you to the past.



Approach the pedestal and press the A button to thrust the sword back into its resting place. You’ll be enveloped in a familiar blue light and appear seven years ago in your familiar child form. Head out of the temple and return to Kakariko Village.

3 - Play the Song of Storms at the Kakariko Windmill.

You know what to do - enter the Kakariko Windmill and play the Song of Storms in front of Guru-Guru to mess up the windmill. As the rain comes down, the windmill will start turning faster and faster until it drains out all of the water in the town’s well. Exit the windmill and climb down the rungs into the bottom of the well…

Play the Song of Storms as a kid to speed up the windmill This will drain the well… Then enter the tunnel at the bottom of the well…

4 - Retrieve the Lens of Truth from the Bottom of the Well.

Turns out there’s a secret dungeon down here! It’s rather creepy, so be warned in case you’re faint of heart. Summon your courage and crawl through the crawlspace directly ahead. You’ll emerge in a bone- and blood-ridden hallway. A Big Skulltula blocks the way, and since you no longer have a Hookshot, you’ll need to deal with it the old-fashioned way.

At the end of the hall is what looks like a dead-end, but it’s actually a fake wall that you can walk right through. There are several of these illusions both here and in the Shadow Temple - an item you find in this well will help you tell truth from deception.

Wow, Navi can hear dead people? Creeeeeepy Play Zelda's Lullaby to drain the waterway Then head back to the drained pool nearby the entrance and go through the crawlspace

You’ll emerge in the well’s primary waterway. A giant Green Bubble patrols this area - kill it as you would any other Bubble. Follow the waterway around to the back of the dungeon and stand on the Triforce mark on the floor here. Play Zelda’s Lullaby and the flow of water will stop, draining a pool nearby the dungeon’s entrance. Backtrack to the place where you found the fake wall earlier, drop down into the pool, and crawl into a small tunnel located at the bottom of the pit.

Defeat the Big Skulltula here and proceed through the door. You’ll run into Dead Hand, the master of the well. Approach one of the hands sticking up out of the floor and it’ll attack. Check the Enemy Hint for more details on how to defeat this tricky foe. Once he’s dealt with, he’ll leave behind a chest containing the Lens of Truth!



If one of the hands grabs you, Dead Hand will appear Slash him before he can bite you! Every detective's dream…

At this point you can just turn tail and leave the well, but if you want to explore further, check the Optional Secrets section of this chapter.

5 - Return to the future and use the Nocturne of Shadow to reach the Shadow Temple.

Now that you have the Lens of Truth, getting back to the future so you can enter the Shadow Temple is a simple matter of returning to the Temple of Time. Might I recommend trying out that Prelude of Light Sheik just taught you? Withdraw the Master Sword from its pedestal and you’ll grow up instantaneously.

Play the Nocturne of Shadow and you’ll get whisked away to a secret cavern behind the graveyard. Walk down the stairs here and you’ll encounter a mob of torches. Stand on the pedestal in the center of the room and use Din’s Fire to light all of them at once, opening the entrance to the temple. Proceed inside, Lens of Truth at the ready, and prepare to face a nest of illusions…

Use Din's Fire to light all the torches so you can enter the Shadow Temple…

Optional Secrets:

As soon as you appear back at Lake Hylia, morning will have just begun, and the sun is rising off in the east. Stand on the pedestal at the east end of the large island in the center of the lake and aim an arrow at the sun while the day is still young. If you fired it correctly, the Fire Arrows will descend from the heavens and land on a nearby island. Swim over to collect them.


Shoot an arrow into the morning sun Then recover the Fire Arrows from the small shrine to the east

In the Bottom of the Well, once you’ve collected the Lens of Truth, you can explore the entire rest of the cavern. Crawl back into the main chamber and turn to the north. Activate your Lens of Truth and peer through an illusory wall in the middle of the room.

Walk through the newly-revealed gap and look in the caged-in room on your left. There’s a treasure chest inside! You can’t get in through the open gate because of the fake floor blocking the way, but if you head out of this central area through the left passage you can find a fake wall that you can pass right through to reach it from the other side. Inside is the Compass.

You'll have to approach the Compass from the side

Now you should drop down into the fake floor. It will take you to a hidden cavern beneath the well, designed as a trap for would-be trespassers. There’s a pool of poisonous slime like the stuff you saw in the Royal Family’s Tomb as a child, so don’t touch it! It’s also a good idea to kill the Redead roaming the room as soon as you enter.

Look for a passage marked by twin torches and follow it to the end to pick up the Dungeon Map. Return to the poisonous pool and grab three Silver Rupees from the crisscrossing debris that bridges over it, then climb up a series of ladders to the west to find the other two Silver Rupees and exit through the doorway you unseal in the doing. You’ll emerge back in the upper chamber.

Grab Silver Rupees from around the room The last one's waiting at the top of the ladders

Your Map and Compass combo reveal two chests in the two south corners of the room in the center of the chamber. Approach the southwest one through a fake wall at its south side and the southeast one from a fake wall on its east side and grab the two Small Keys hidden in each of these alcoves. From there, head around the west side of the waterway and down a passage on your left.

At the end of the hallway is a room filled with coffins. There’s a Gibdo at the other end of the room - it’s a stronger version of the Redead and shares its weakness to the Sun’s Song. If you light the torches beside each of the coffins using a Deku Stick, they’ll open up, revealing their contents - sometimes Keese, sometimes a Gibdo, and one contains a Small Key.



There's one Small Key And another… Wait! One more!

You can use two of your keys to reach Skulltula Tokens 76 & 77, then take the third up to the extreme northeast corner of the waterway and proceed through the locked door there. In the next room, use your Lens of Truth to avoid the pits and defeat the enemies here to open the door, which leads to a small caged-in room containing only a Like Like and Skulltula Token 78. Once you’ve collected all the Skulltula Tokens, you’ll have everything you could possibly want from the well, so head back up and out to Kakariko Village!

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