Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough - Chapter 17: Zoras on Ice

Chapter 17: Zoras on Ice

You’ve rescued the Kokiri and the Gorons - what about the Zoras? A wintry wind blows from the northeast…what could have happened there?


  1. Investigate the frozen Zora’s Domain.
  2. Explore the cavern and work your way to the deepest depths.
  3. Obtain the Iron Boots from the heart of the cavern.
  4. Unfreeze King Zora with Blue Fire.
  5. Sink to the bottom of Lake Hylia and open the way to the Water Temple.

Important Obtainables:

New Enemies:


Sword Trading Sequence:

1 - Investigate the frozen Zora’s Domain.

Make your way out of the crater and down the mountain. The fastest way out is to head back towards the secret passage leading here from Goron City and making a left down a side bridge. Bust through the boulders with the Megaton Hammer to get past them. You can collect all kinds of goodies along the way, from an upgrade to your Magic Meter to a pair of Skulltula Tokens to the next step in the Sword Trading Sequence.

From there it’s an easy walk upriver to Zora’s Domain. Use Zelda’s Lullaby to calm the waters just as before and step inside to discover that… the whole place has frozen over! There’s no one to be found - even King Zora’s encased in some kind of Red Ice.

Hop across these slippery icebergs to reach the Ice Cavern

Head to Zora’s Fountain and make your way to the place where Jabu-Jabu used to be. In his place is a series of icebergs you can hop across to make your way across the pool. Move carefully northward, nabbing Heart Piece 24 as you pass, then turn to the west and follow more icebergs towards an opening in the fountain cliff wall. Some of the icebergs will rotate, making it difficult to jump onto them safely. You’ll have to grab onto the edge of the cave entrance in order to pull yourself inside.

2 - Explore the cavern and work your way to the deepest depths.

Turns out there’s an entire network of icy caverns in here. Slash your way through the stalagmites that block the path and look out for stalactites that fall from the ceiling as you pass them. You can tell when one is about to tumble by the sound they make as they break loose. Keep moving through the winding passage and you’ll emerge in a beautiful ice-filled room.

Frozen demons known as Freezards prowl the area. You need to defeat them all to open the way forward, and the best way to do so is to just walk in the midst of them and use Din’s Fire to melt them all at once. Proceed through the cave up ahead to continue.



Fight the Freezards before they freeze you! They'll still blast jets of air even if you cut their heads off


At the end of the passage is another open chamber with a spinning ice blade in the middle. It will cut you for some decent damage if you get caught by its blade, so try to avoid it by running ahead of it or ducking under it by pressing the R button without targeting. There are five Silver Rupees in this room - if you collect them all, you’ll open the gate to the next area.

The first of the five is hidden behind some stalagmites in the corner of the room on your left. Three others are found in the center of the room, nearby the spinning ice blade. One more floats in the air above the blade trap - you’ll have to climb up to the higher ledge and leap over to it. This will lower the bars blocking the path to the southeast. (Nab Skulltula Token 63 before you go!)

Grab Silver Rupees from the center of the room There's also one hidden along the outside wall The last one hovers above the ice blades

Through the southeast passage you’ll find another open chamber. Here, Freezards and Ice Keese roam the room - defeat them quickly to get them out of your hair, then follow the raised ledges to the strange blue flames in the center of the room. This is Blue Fire, and you can use it to melt the Red Ice you’ve been seeing everywhere. Catch some in one of your Empty Bottles and use it on the nearby treasure chest to get the Dungeon Map.



Once you’re done here, fill up as many of your bottles you can with Blue Fire, then backtrack to the room with the spinning blade. Melt the Red Ice to the east to reveal a passage to a room containing the Compass along with Heart Piece 25 and Skulltula Token 64. There’s also a west passage you can melt through that will take you to the heart of the dungeon.

Grab Blue Fire in your bottles Uncork it nearby some red ice to melt it down Sometimes walls of Red Ice will block your passage

3 - Obtain the Iron Boots from the heart of the cavern.

Snake your way through the passage here, slashing through stalagmites as you go, and you’ll reach a chamber with an icy block in the middle (Skulltula Token 65 is on your left as soon as you enter). If you push the ice block, it’ll slide around the room on the ice. Push it into a pit and it’ll simply reappear right where it started.

There are five Silver Rupees you need to get here to proceed:

  • The first you can reach by pushing the ice block to the west (straight ahead if you’re coming from the previous room). Climb on top of it and grab the nearby Silver Rupee.
  • Next, push it to the right (north) and hop into the alcove there, melt the Red Ice, and grab the Rupee.
  • Shove the ice block off the edge and let it respawn. This time, push it to the south so that it slides in place next to a stony column with a Silver Rupee on top.
  • Push it to the west and use it to climb up to another Rupee.
  • Pick up the last Silver Rupee on your right.

Watch out for the chilly Ice Keese! Push this block to reach the Silver Rupees One of them is encased in red ice

You need at least two bottles of Blue Fire to proceed. If you’ve not got enough, you can push the block up against the cave wall as a stepping stone to reach the alcove above and pick up some more, but otherwise shove it to the north so that it bumps into the stalagmite where you found the last Silver Rupee, then push it to the east and shove it into the alcove to the south.

Climb up onto the block and proceed through the passage. About midway through you’ll run into a wall of Red Ice that you need to melt with one of your bottles of Blue Fire. Just beyond that is a doorway leading into the very center of the Ice Cavern.

Here you’ll fight a White Wolfos - which is pretty much just like a regular Wolfos but has fur the color of snow. Defeat it and nab the Iron Boots from the chest that appears. Sheik will show up and teach you the Serenade of Water, the warp song that will carry you to Lake Hylia.




The White Wolfos is just like a regular Wolfos, except it's white Iron Boots get! Somehow Sheik always knows where to find you…

4 - Unfreeze King Zora with Blue Fire.

Now all you have to do here is find the exit. Hop into the small pool behind the treasure chest and sink down to the bottom with your Iron Boots. You’ll have to hold your breath as long as you’re underwater - and you can only hold it for so long. Walk through the door here and climb up out of the pool. You’re back in the room where you first saw the Freezards! Head south to leave the caverns and return to Zora’s Fountain.

Keep a bottle of Blue Fire handy - you’ll need it to unfreeze King Zora. On your way back you can grab Heart Piece 26 from the bottom of Zora’s Fountain using your Iron Boots. Be quick so as not to drown! Once you’ve freed King Zora, talk to him and he’ll give you the Zora Tunic, which will allow you to breathe underwater!


Free King Zora with some blue fire He'll give you the Zora Tunic, which grants its wearer gills

5 - Sink to the bottom of Lake Hylia and open the way to the Water Temple.

Use the Serenade of Water to warp to Lake Hylia. Turns out it’s been drained of all water by a curse cast by Ganondorf. (Zora’s Fountain being frozen over probably isn’t helping matters.) You need to defeat the monster in the Water Temple to clear the curse and refill the lake.

Complete whatever sidequests you feel like completing, then head down to what’s left of the lake water at the foot of the large island. Equip your Zora Tunic and Iron Boots to sink down to the bottom, then shoot the crystal set above the gateway with your Hookshot to release the seal on the temple.

Time to open up the Water Temple

Optional Secrets:

There are a ton of Heart Pieces and Gold Skulltulas to find during this segment of the game, so look as hard as you can! There are also a few sidequests that might be worth your while.

If you follow the recommended route on your way out of the Death Mountain Crater, you’ll pass by a side cave blocked by boulders. Smash them with your Megaton Hammer and go inside to meet a Great Fairy who will double the length of your Magic Meter. Not too shabby, eh?



Crack open these boulders with your Megaton Hammer Inside you'll find a Great Fairy who will extend… uh, enlarge… no wait, enhance… well, she'll double your Magic Meter

Once you reach Lake Hylia, if you completed the first part of the Scarecrow’s Song sidequest, approach the lone scarecrow at the fields on the bank of Lake Hylia and play the song you caught them in the past again. Now the scarecrows will remember it as the Scarecrow’s Song. You can use the song to summon Pierre the Scarecrow at certain places so you can use your Hookshot on him to reach them when you couldn’t have otherwise. Use this to pick up a whole bunch of secrets!



Next on your list is the Gold Scale. Approach the cliff where you found the Fishing Pond and play the Scarecrow’s Song to summon Pierre. Hit him with your Hookshot to pull yourself up and enter the pond. Catch a “big lunker” of at least 16 pounds and show it to the guy who runs the place and he’ll give you the Gold Scale as a prize.


Use the Scarecrow's Song to reach the fishing pond entrance Fishing hasn't changed much from when you were a child, but the fish have grown up with you A big enough catch will earn you the Gold Scale!

Sword Trading Sequence:

In Chapter 13 we started the Sword Trading Sequence; now you can resume it the moment you step out of Death Mountain Crater. Talk to the giant Goron at the summit after completing the Fire Temple and show him the Broken Goron’s Sword. He’ll reveal his identity as Biggoron, the master Goron craftsman. If you help him out, he’ll repair this sword and make it much stronger than before. He needs you to take his eyedrop prescription to King Zora in Zora’s Domain to get it filled. Sounds easy, right?



Once you’ve unfrozen King Zora, show him the Prescription and he’ll give you the necessary ingredient: an Eyeball Frog. How a frog’s eyes help make eye drops work is beyond me, but take it to the Lakeside Laboratory quickly before the frog croaks.



Outside the crater, give Biggoron the Broken Sword and he'll ask you to fill his prescription Show King Zora the prescription… ...and he'll give you the legendary Eyeball Frog!

There are only three minutes before the Eyeball Frog spoils. You may be tempted to use the Serenade of Water, but if you warp the timer will run out instantly, so just hoof it as fast as you can. It’s slightly faster to sink down to the bottom of the small pool off to the left once you exit Zora’s Domain and take the shortcut through the Lost Woods. Once you reach the woods, just go the “wrong way” to get back to Kokiri Forest quickly, then summon Epona when you get to Hyrule Field.



Take the Eyeball Frog to the professor at the Lakeside Laboratory I hear this guy loves frog eyes… Fortunately, business is business!

The professor will fill the prescription and give you the Eye Drops, which you also have to hurry to deliver before they go bad. This time, your objective is back at Biggoron’s place at the summit of Death Mountain. Warping is once again prohibited, so ride Epona there as fast as you can and climb the mountain at breakneck speed.



Hand over the Eye Drops and Biggoron will apply them, curing his ailment. He’ll take on the job of repairing the sword and give you a Claim Check with which you can pick it up once it’s finished. You need to wait three days before he’ll be done with the job, but you can quickly cycle through them using the Sun’s Song. After the three days have passed, show Biggoron the Claim Check and he’ll give you the Biggoron’s Sword!


Biggoron got better! He'll get to work right away and give you a receipt A few days later, your brand-new sword is ready!

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