Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough - Chapter 16: The Fire Temple

Chapter 16: The Fire Temple

Darunia’s already gone into the temple to try to stop Volvagia, but maybe you can catch up to him and give him a hand. Keep your Goron Tunic close and your wits closer…


  1. Meet Darunia outside of Volvagia’s lair and head to the upper floor.
  2. Work your way to and through the Fire Temple labyrinth.
  3. Enter the locked door in the chamber of moving flames.
  4. Battle the Flare Dancer to earn the Megaton Hammer.
  5. Pound the pillar above the entrance to the boss chamber.
  6. Grab the Boss Key and face Volvagia to clear the temple of darkness.

Important Obtainables:

New Enemies:


1 - Meet Darunia outside of Volvagia’s lair and head to the upper floor.

This first room is actually pretty simple - just walk up the flight of stairs directly in front of you and hang a left to enter the door there (the one to the right is locked). Inside you’ll meet Darunia! He’s come here to defeat Volvagia and rescue his tribe. He’s going to try to seal up the dragon now, but he beseeches you to free the members of his clan so they can return to the city.

Once he’s gone to do his thing, leap over to the large ledge on the very left side of the room and press the nearby switch to open the Goron’s cell. It will give you a minor gameplay hint and leave behind a chest containing a Small Key. Take this key and use it to open the locked door back in the previous chamber.

Darunia is waiting just outside the boss door Jump across these platforms to reach a cell on the left side Open cells like this one and their captives will walk free

The room you just unlocked is filled with lava. Fortunately you can run through the lava for a few seconds with your Goron Tunic without getting burned, but you should still steer clear of it as much as possible. Head to the left by either walking along the room’s perimeter, hopping across the many platforms floating and moving around in the lava, or just by making a break for it through the lava, and proceed through the door here to find another Goron and another Small Key. (You can play the Song of Time to move the Time Block outside in order to reach Skulltula Token 56.)




You can walk in lava for a little while without taking damage Inside the door you'll find another cell Outside, play the Song of Time to move the Time Block so you can reach a Skulltula token

From here, head back across the lava-filled room to its very opposite end - watch out for the Red Bubbles that leap out of the lava! It looks like there’s nothing here but a blank wall, but it turns out to be a fake bombable wall. Behind the wall is a door leading to another corridor, another Goron, and another key.

Back in the lava-filled chamber, head back to the bridge and enter the locked door on the east end. In this room, there’s a plank that you can slide down to reach a chain-link fence of sorts that you can climb on top of. A jet of flame erupts from the lava pit in the center of this area. Make your way up to the ledge on the right side of the room and push the face block there straight off the ledge so that it lands on the lava pit, then as the flame bursts forth, jump onto the block and ride it up through a hole into the ceiling to the upper floor. There’s a locked door here that leads to the next chamber.

Bomb walls that make a lighter sound when you hit them Slide carefully down this plank to the lower ledge Push the face block so that it caps the geyser Then you can ride it up to the next floor!

2 - Work your way to and through the Fire Temple labyrinth.

You can see a trapped Goron here, but the switch that frees it isn’t accessible from this area. Head to the left side of the room and climb up on top of the ledge here. A new enemy awaits you - the Torch Slug. Fight your way past them to the west side of the room, where a crystal switch and a large moveable block are both in clear sight.



Leap across to the platform on the opposite side and push the block down onto the floor. From there, line up the block with another ledge from which you can reach the grating on the wall and climb up to another upper floor. The way up is blocked by fire, but if you drop a Bomb down onto the crystal switch on the ledge below you, you can trigger it with enough time to climb up to safety before the flames start up again.

Move this block into position Next, climb up and hit this switch from above with your Bombs or Bow Then climb up the grating now that the fire's subsided

Through the door here you’ll find the Fire Temple Labyrinth, a dangerous maze where giant boulders threaten to crush lost heroes. Turn right and follow the outside wall - the one directly in front of you when you enter the maze - to the south. Eventually you’ll reach an alcove containing a switch that unlocks another Goron cell. Grab the Small Key from the chest he leaves behind and head back into the labyrinth chamber, this time moving towards the north.

As you reach the northern end of the room, you’ll pass by an alcove where you can hear Skulltula 57 scratching from behind a fake wall. Once you reach the northmost end of the room you’ll come across another alcove hiding a door that leads to another of those familiar dungeon corridors that contains a trapped Goron and another Small Key.  Return to the maze room and keep moving counter-clockwise until you run into a locked door that leads into the center of the temple.

Luckily you can get a birds-eye view of the maze… look, a switch! The overhead view also helps you avoid boulders Enter an alcove and the viewpoint will return to normal

3 - Enter the locked door in the chamber of moving flames.

Tread carefully in this next room - the walkway is narrow and if you fall down you’ll have to return to this floor from the lava-filled chamber! Shoot the eye switch on your right and enter the door it opens if you want to grab the Dungeon Map, then return to this room and head through the south door at the opposite end of the bridge.

Another narrow walkway leads to a grated platform that you can use to cross the remainder of the room. As you set foot on the grating, however, a wall of flame rises up and gives pursuit! Run as quickly as you can around the bend, looking out for Red Bubbles as you go, and once you reach the opposite end of the room, climb up to the doorway above. You’ll emerge on top of the walls of the maze from earlier.

Enter this locked door… Shoot the eye switch here if you want the map FLEE FROM THE FLAMING WALL OF DEATH

If you have the Scarecrow’s Song already (see the Optional Secrets section of Chapter 17), you can nab Skulltula Tokens 67 & 68 early. Otherwise, hop across a few ledges until you reach a large platform with a cracked floor in the middle of it. You know what to do: drop a Bomb in the center to detonate the floor, opening up a secret passage. Follow the hallway around to a switch that opens up the cell in the room where you first encountered the Torch Slugs earlier. Grab the key from the chest, then backtrack and climb up the grating to get back on top of the maze.

Just southeast of the passage you just climbed out of is a switch that, if you hit it, will open another Goron cell across the room. Carefully jump across the platforms and make your way to the south, avoiding or defeating the Torch Slugs as you go. Talk to the Goron and he’ll head home and leave behind another Small Key for you to add to your collection.

Now, return to the room with the moving curtain of flame and start making your way around again, only this time make a big leap to the ledge on the outside edge of the chamber, which you’ll run across as you make it about halfway around. Use a Small Key to open the locked door here and finally escape the labyrinth.

Bomb this cracked floor to find another Goron Hit the floor switch on top of the maze and make a break for the cell before it shuts! Once you have all the keys from this area, proceed towards this locked door

4 - Battle the Flare Dancer to earn the Megaton Hammer.

As it turns out, though, you’ve just crossed from one maze into another - and the previous one was probably preferable. Here you have what looks like a fairly open room, dotted with pillars every few feet, but as you try to pass by some of the pillars a wall of flame will rise up to block your passage. To top it off, there are a number of fake doors that will crush you if you try to open them. Drop a Bomb nearby these to destroy them.

Hang a right once you enter the room and you can cut over to a door on the northeast side of the room that leads to the Compass. With the Compass in hand you can more easily orient yourself based on cardinal directions, which makes figuring out which door to enter next a much less daunting task.

Tread extremely cautiously to avoid getting burned Fortunately there are sometimes gaps in the maze paths

Once you’ve nabbed the Compass, go back the way you came, this time moving south. After you’ve passed by the entrance to the room, hug the outside wall until you reach a place where a flame jet blocks your way. Run around it and continue along the wall until you run into another wall of flames. Cut to the right and look for a gap in the flames after the second pillar from the wall. Make a sharp left after passing through this gap, then run up against the wall again and keep moving clockwise.

You’ll pass by a totem pole that breathes fire once you reach the corner of the room. Avoid its hot breath and keep moving until your path is blocked once again by fire. Turn right and step around that barrier, then proceed through the locked door ahead. You can’t save the Goron in this room just yet, so just proceed straight across to the other side of the hall and go through the door.

You’re back in the fire maze chamber, but you’re in a section of it that you couldn’t reach before. Walk straight and hang a right once the flames shoot up to block your path so that you can move around the fire-breathing totem here. Look for a switch at the northwest end of the room and step on it to lower the large flames blocking the nearby doorway.

Totem poles will blast you with fire as you pass Look for a gap so you can step on this switch and lower that huge wall of flame The switch only does its job for a limited time, so be quick! Don't be fooled! This door is fake - blast it!

Once the flames are out of the way, step back out through the gap in the maze you had to pass through to reach the switch and turn right immediately to run straight for the door. You’ll have to move quickly to get there before the flames shoot up again. As you approach the door, you’ll probably notice that it’s actually another fake - blast it with a Bomb to reveal the real door.

Inside, you’ll meet one of Ganon’s vilest villains: the Flare Dancer. This guy is tough, but if you use L-targeting effectively and keep your eye on him, you should perform well. Check the enemy hint below for strategies on how to defeat him.



Defeating it will extinguish the flames in the center of the room, at which point you can stand on the platform and have it take you up to the upper floor!

Snatch the core of the Flare Dancer out from the flaming body Catch it before it escapes!

5 - Pound the pillar above the entrance to the boss chamber.

At the top is a green room containing a single crystal switch. Striking it causes the flames blocking the climbable grating up above to subside - for a time. You’ll need to drop a Bomb on it from above like you did last time in order to make it to the top.

The next room is at the tiptop of the dungeon - the pit in the middle, should you fall down into it, will take you down to a much lower floor. Step on the nearby switch, then run along the “stairs” lining the very middle of the room - taking care not to fall as you do so! If you manage to make it to the end before time runs out, you can grab the Megaton Hammer from the chest here. If not, flames will seal it off and you’ll have to try again.


Hit the switch, then run across this narrow spiral stairway Inside the chest is the Megaton Hammer!

Back by the entrance to the room, there’s a tile adorned with a face that, if you strike it with the Megaton Hammer, will collapse and plummet down to the room below. Jump down after it and head through the door at the bottom of the pit. Here you’ll see what looks like a mostly-empty chamber, but if you use your hammer on the face icon sticking up from the floor you’ll reveal a hidden collapsible staircase. Grab a crate from the stash right behind you and bring it down to the blue pressure switch at the bottom of the stairs.

Pound the face icon in the next room and follow it down back into the flame maze room from earlier. There’s another large face icon on the platform in the center of the room that you’ll need to pound down, but ignore it for now and hit the rusty switch with your hammer to open the nearby door. Now you’re up above the trapped Goron you had to pass by earlier. Play the Song of Time to manipulate the Time Block, then hop across to the opposite ledge and hit the rusty switch to free the Goron and reveal another Small Key.

Pound face icons like this one As well as rusty switches like this one You might be surprised at what happens!

Grab the key and use the Time Block to climb back to the door you used to enter the room, then pound that large face icon on the center platform and fall down with it back to the chamber where you met up with Darunia.

6 - Grab the Boss Key and face Volvagia to clear the temple of darkness.

All you need now is the Boss Key and you can join your old friend in the fight against Volvagia. Exit this room and drop down to the east side of the stairs. There’s a totem pole of sorts here that you can remove by hitting it from the side with your Megaton Hammer to reveal a hidden door. Inside the next room is an army of Torch Slugs that you’ll have to defeat to open the way forward.

The next room houses a Like Like and some spinning floor tiles that will rise up and attack you! Hit the tiles with your sword or block them with your shield, then take out the Like Like and nab Skulltula Token 58 from the wall behind it. Proceed through the next door and defeat another Flare Dancer to open the way to another Goron cell. Pound the rusted switch with your Megaton Hammer to free the Goron and unlock the Boss Key!

Smack this totem to pieces The shockwave from your hammer will flip torch slugs on their backs Grab the Boss Key from this last Goron cell

Now just take the Boss Key back around to the boss’s chamber and challenge Volvagia!



This boss battle is structured very much like a complicated game of Whack-a-Mole. Volvagia will burrow underneath the battle zone and pop out of one of nine lava pits organized in a grid-like fashion to attack. Bubbling lava indicates his coming - but usually he’ll bounce around between holes before sticking his head out of one.

Smack the old dragon around with your hammer! You can attack with your sword while he's stunned After a few hits, he'll climb out of his hiding place and take to the skies!

Sometimes he’ll only reveal his face, at which point you should run in close as quickly as possible and smash him with the Megaton Hammer to stun him before he can unleash a jet of fire your way. Then strike him several more times with the hammer to deal damage before he retreats.

Other times he’ll fly out from beneath the platform and circle around the room, knocking boulders from the ceiling in an effort to crush you. Avoid them and try to get in a hit on his head with your Fairy Bow if you can. He’ll also dip down and breathe fire your way at intervals, so make sure you keep an eye on him.

Watch out for falling rocks! You can hit him in the head with arrows while he's in the air The dragon defeated

After a few rounds with your hammer, the old dragon will crumble and you’ll earn a Heart Container as well as another portal to the Sacred Realm to meet Darunia once again. He’ll reveal himself as the Sage of Fire and give you the Fire Medallion to add his power to yours.


Darunia gives you his thanks… again! The power is in your hands

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