Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough - Chapter 13: Seven Years Later

Chapter 13: Seven Years Later

Apparently you’ve been sleeping for seven years…and what about your adult body? I thought the Kokiri never grew up! Something fishy is going on, and you’re about to get to the bottom of it.

Link wakes up as an adult Link & Rauru Link picks up the Light Medallion, one of many sage medallions


  1. Head to Kakariko Graveyard and race Dampé.
  2. Investigate Kokiri Forest.
  3. Head to the Forest Temple at the Sacred Forest Meadow.

Important Obtainables:

New Enemies:


Sword Trading Sequence:

1 - Head to Kakariko Graveyard and race Dampé.

You’ll awaken in the Sacred Realm, with the Sage Rauru looking over you. He’ll explain what happened and give you a token called the Light Medallion to start you on a new chapter in your quest.


Back in the Temple of Time, you’ll meet the mysterious Sheik, who tells you what you need to do to battle Ganondorf. You need to go to the Forest Temple in the Lost Woods if you want to take the first steps to defeating him. Before you go, however, you’ll need to do some initial investigating of what’s happened in the last seven years.

You’ll emerge from the Temple of Time in a Hyrule wrecked by Ganondorf’s evil. Castle Town has been all but destroyed, leaving only Redead behind. These fortunately don’t freeze you if they see you, so you can just run past them out to the field. Hyrule Field remains more or less the same as it was before, with the main difference being that when you approach certain areas threatened by darkness storm clouds will appear in the sky.

Most of your equipment is no longer usable, so you’ll have to get a new item to progress. Your objective is in Kakariko Village, but you can head to Lon Lon Ranch first to fulfill an important sidequest that will let you ride Epona around as an adult. Check the Optional Secrets section for more details.

The mysterious Sheik meets you in the Temple of Time ...What could have happened here? Redeads roam Hyrule Castle Town

In this twisted future, Kakariko Village has become a safe haven for refugees from Hyrule Castle Town. They’ve even set up all the old shops here! Feel free to catch up with any townspeople before heading to the Graveyard. Look around for a gravestone with fresh flowers in front of it that weren’t there when you were a kid. Pull it from behind to open up a pit leading into the grave.

(If you planted a Magic Bean in the soft sand nearby as a child, it will have sprouted and you can now reach Heart Piece 18.)

A new grave has been dug for the old gravekeeper ???

This is Dampé the Gravekeeper’s tomb - he seems to have died sometime in the last seven years. Oddly enough, Dampé‘s spirit awaits you here and wants to challenge you to a race! You don’t have to beat him - just keep up with him and don’t get left behind. The race will take you through a really twisted set of corridors. Here’s a guide to explain how to get through in case you have some trouble keeping track of him as you move through the catacombs:

At the very end, he’ll grant you his special treasure: the Hookshot. You’ll need this thing in all of the upcoming temples, so be sure to equip it right away!


Chase his spirit through the catacombs Get through the doors before they slam shut! A classic Zelda item, now in your pocket!

2 - Investigate Kokiri Forest.

To escape from the catacombs, head straight through the passage right behind the Hookshot’s pedestal. The door will slam behind you, leaving you trapped with this weird blue block. Look closely at the block and you’ll see that its markings resemble those found on the Door of Time back in the Temple of Time. This is a Time Block - play the Song of Time and it’ll disappear, revealing a secret stair leading up to the Kakariko Windmill.

(You can grab Heart Piece 19 while you’re here, and if you go back and challenge Dampé again you can go for Heart Piece 20 as well. There is also a Skulltula Token now available to you back at Castle Town, and you can start the Sword Trading Sequence now if you’d like.)

From here, head to Kokiri Forest - it’s just a short trip across Hyrule Field, but it’ll seem a lot shorter if you completed the Epona sidequest. Once you enter, you’ll learn that all of the villagers have fled indoors, and the forest is beset by monsters! Deal with as many of them as you can and ask around about what’s transpired here.



Turns out the monster infestation is due to the Deku Tree’s death coupled with a curse that recently has taken hold of the forest. Saria has gone to the Forest Temple to investigate…hey, isn’t that where you’re supposed to be going?

(Before you leave, nab Skulltula Token 46 with your Hookshot when it’s nighttime.)

3 - Head to the Forest Temple at the Sacred Forest Meadow.

The Forest Temple rests at the heart of the Sacred Forest Meadow, the place where you met Saria in the Lost Woods as a child. The route to get there is the same, which is fortunate since the Skull Kids you once befriended as a child are hostile towards adults. Somewhere along the way you’ll run into Mido, who’s blocking the way to the temple in a familiar fashion. He says that only friends of Saria may enter - how better to prove your friendship than by playing Saria’s Song?



Giant Deku Babas have taken over the village Play Saria's Song for Mido and he'll know you're acquainted with Saria

(There are a couple Skulltula Tokens to collect along the way, so make sure you watch out for them!)

Once he’s let you through and you’ve reached the heart of the forest, head into the maze - but use caution! This place is now prowling with Moblin warriors. If they spot you, they’ll charge you down with their mighty spears, knocking you senseless! You’ll have to use your Hookshot to hit them from afar before they notice you.

At the end of the road, you’ll run into the Monblin, a Great Moblin wielding a giant club. Check the battle strategies below for details on how to defeat him. Once you’re past him, you’re clear to reach the Sacred Forest Meadow




Fight off Moblins with ranged attacks! Even more dangerous than Moblins is the Monblin, the leader of the goblin gang Run up to it and hack away at its legs to defeat it

Here you’ll meet Sheik again. He’ll teach you the Minuet of Forest, a song that will allow you to warp to the Sacred Forest Meadow at any time, and beseech you to enter the temple and rescue Saria, who has apparently gone inside to try to deal with the evil there. Point your Hookshot at the tree limb overhanging the upper ledge and then proceed into the temple…



Sheik teaches you the Minuet of Forest, the song connected to the Forest Temple Use the Hookshot to get up to the temple entrance

Optional Secrets:

Wondering why you had to learn Epona’s Song as a kid? Head to Lon Lon Ranch once you return to Hyrule Field and you can find out! Turns out Ingo has taken over the ranch and thrown old Talon out. Malon is forced to do all the farm hand work, and the horses are kept penned up all day.

Speak to Ingo and pay him to let you try riding a horse. Once inside, play Epona’s Song and a full-grown Epona will come galloping towards you. Climb on her back and ride her around a bit.

Ingo has taken over the ranch Play Epona's Song to call the horse to your side Riding Epona is a breeze


Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, talk to Ingo. He’ll offer to let you quit early or to keep going until time expires. Either way, you need to come back for a second try at riding, so whichever option you’d prefer is fine. After you’re back outside, talk to him again and ask to ride a second time. This time, when you talk to Ingo, he’ll offer to bet 50 Rupees in a horse race against you.

To win the race, make sure you get a quick speed boost at the start. Use up about four out of your six carrots at a time and let them almost fully replenish before you try using them again. Stick as close as you can to the center of the track, but try not to run into the fence as that’ll slow you down considerably. Once you’ve pulled ahead of Ingo, try to block any of his attempts to pass you so you can maintain your lead. If you follow all of these tips, particularly the one about reserving some carrots and letting them replenish, you should do fine after a couple tries at most.

To beat Ingo, try to get in front of him The second time around he's a bit more aggressive

Embarrassed by his loss, Ingo will offer to race you a second time - this time betting Epona herself on the outcome. The race works in much the same way as before, but Ingo’s a bit faster and a bit cleverer this time. The same strategies will push you ahead to victory, so I hope you’re up for the task.

Even once you’ve succeeded, however, Ingo’s bound and determined not to let you have the horse, so he’ll close the gates to the ranch in an effort to keep you confined. This won’t stop you, of course - just use Epona to jump either the gate or the ranch’s many low walls. Now you’ve got your very own horse! She’ll come calling any time you play Epona’s Song and you can ride her almost anywhere!

Ch 13-12 Locking the Ranch.bmp Just leap the gate or any of the outer fences to escape Now you can ride Epona anywhere that's accessible by land

Somehow all the stress seems to have broken some kind of curse on Ingo, since he becomes a rather agreeable chap the next time you visit. Malon’s back taking care of the horses, but she also runs an obstacle course challenge out on the track. Offer to play her game and try to make it around the track twice under the record time of 50 seconds to win your very own Personal Cow, delivered straight to your house in Kokiri Forest!

This challenge is a lot trickier than the Ingo races, but if you stick to the same general strategies you’ll do fine. Remember that you need a quick burst of speed to jump over the taller fences.

Hang on to your horses, folks! A reward! What could it be? ...Oh. How did they get this thing here anyway?

Sword Trading Sequence:

There’s a new trading sequence available now that you’re an adult: the Sword Trading Sequence. It begins in Kakariko Village. Start by talking to Anju by the Cucco pen. She’ll give you a Pocket Egg in the hopes that you’ll raise it into a Pocket Cucco!



Like the egg Malon gave you as a kid, you just need to wait for morning and it’ll hatch. Once you’ve got a Cucco in your pocket, head to the house nearby the first of the staircases leading to the Death Mountain gate. Inside you’ll find Talon snoozing like a babe! Wake him up with the Pocket Cucco and he’ll ask what’s become of Malon. If you’ve already gotten Epona, he’ll return to the ranch at this time; otherwise, you’ll have to complete the Epona sidequest before he’ll head back.

This egg looks kind of familiar… ...and it even has a familiar use!

Now that you have a happy and healthy Cucco, return it to Anju and she’ll entrust you with an infamous Cucco known as Cojiro. This hard-to-please bird will only crow for one person: Grog, his master and Anju’s brother. She asks you to return it to him, but he’s gone missing.



AHHH MUTANT CUCCO! Here's Cojiro's master, Grog - he looks pretty sickly… Take this mushroom to the hag in Kakariko Village!

If you enter the Lost Woods with Cojiro, he’ll let out a loud shriek. Anju’s brother must be here somewhere! Look for him nearby where you met the Skull Kid as a child and give him the Cucco. He’ll give you an Odd Mushroom and ask you to go find the old Potion Shop witch in Kakariko so she can use it to make him some magic medicine.



Head into the main potion shop then head out the back door then give the mushroom to the old hag and she'll whip up a potion

To find the old hag’s shop, head to Kakariko Village - you can shave a lot of time using Epona - and walk up the path to Death Mountain. On the right is the Potion Shop, moved over here straight from Hyrule Castle Town, but this isn’t the Potion Shop you’re looking for. There’s a back door off to the left of the counter that you can use to reach the house with the blue roof in the back lot. Inside this shop is the woman you’re looking for. Show her the Odd Mushroom and she’ll whip up some Odd Potion with it.



This potion needs to be delivered promptly! ...Unfortunately, Grog is gone now He left behind his father's saw, though - what are you going to do with this?

As it turns out, however, when you return to the Lost Woods Grog is no longer there. The Kokiri gal who meets you there tells you he has spent too much time in the forest and has become a Stalfos. She gives you his most precious possession: the Poacher’s Saw!



The saw actually belongs to Grog’s father, Mutoh, who also happens to be the leader of the Carpenters who built up Kakariko Village. They’ve long since finished their assignment there and now are trying to fix the broken bridge in Gerudo Valley. You’ll need Epona to hop across the valley - just dash straight at the gap and she’ll clear it easily. (Alternatively, you can use the Longshot after completing the Water Temple.) Show Mutoh the saw and he’ll give you a Broken Goron’s Sword in exchange.



Epona can easily clear the downed bridge This guy is…his father? He gives you a broken sword…where did this guy get it anyway?

This is unfortunately as far as you can get in the trading sequence until you’ve cleared the Fire Temple, so look for more steps to the process in Chapter 17!

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