Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough - Chapter 10: Hunt for the Lost Princess

Chapter 10: Hunt for the Lost Princess

The Zoras’ princess has gone missing, and they want you to find her! This search could really distract you from your quest - but as you’ll find out, it’s actually more deeply connected than you know…


  1. Obtain the Silver Scale so you can dive deeper.
  2. Retrieve Ruto’s Letter from Lake Hylia.
  3. Show Ruto’s Letter to King Zora and offer a tribute to Jabu-Jabu.

Important Obtainables:

New Enemies:



1 - Obtain the Silver Scale so you can dive deeper.

The Zoras are a peaceful water-dwelling race of fishmen - you can tell from their Domain’s cool and melodic soundtrack and their graceful appearances. Take some time to explore the village and meet the locals (as well as pick up Heart Piece 14), then head up to the tiptop of the domain and speak with King Zora. He’ll tell you that his daughter, Princess Ruto, has recently gone missing and beseeches you to search for her.

Zora's Domain is really beautiful on the 3DS Look for King Zora at the top of the domain His daughter, Princess Ruto, has gone missing

To find her, you’ll need the Silver Scale of the Zoras, an ancient treasure that will help you to dive deeper underwater than you presently can. From King Zora’s audience chamber, head to the left and talk to the Zora standing at the top of the waterfall to play a diving minigame. Leap off the falls and collect the Blue Rupees he scatters in the domain pool before time runs out. Once you’ve succeeded, talk to him again and he’ll give you the Scale.


Zoras must play games like this for fun Check out that form! Somehow holding a scale helps you dive deeper…?

2 - Retrieve Ruto’s Letter from Lake Hylia.

With the Silver Scale in hand, dive back down to the main pool and look for a large opening at the bottom. Dive down using your Silver Scale and enter it to warp directly to Lake Hylia. Here, you’ll find more Zoras looking for Princess Ruto, as well as hear rumors about things getting washed ashore from Zora’s River here.

Swim straight ahead from the secret passage and Navi will spot something strange under the water. Dive to pick it up - it’s a bottle with a letter inside! Turns out it was penned by Princess Ruto, and explains that she’s…inside the belly of the Zora’s guardian, Jabu-Jabu? That’s weird, to say the least…



With the Silver Scale, you can dive down into the hidden passage to Lake Hylia You can also grab this bottle from the bottom of the Lake (don't bottles normally float?) You got an Empty Bottle that clearly has something inside!

3 - Show Ruto’s Letter to King Zora and offer a tribute to Jabu-Jabu.

Your next objective is to return to Zora’s Domain and show King Zora the letter you just found, but before you go you can pick up some Heart Pieces and Skulltula Tokens as well as start the Scarecrow’s Song sidequest. Once you’ve fulfilled your adventurous curiosity, dive back through the passage to return to the Domain and ascend to the top to show what you’ve got to the king. He’ll request that you go inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly to find Ruto and open the way to Zora’s Fountain for you.

There you can find Jabu-Jabu, the great fish, waiting for you. His mouth is shut tight, but if you bring him a fish, he’ll open right up for you. You can find fish swimming around in the pool at the Domain - catch them in an Empty Bottle and bring them up to Zora’s Fountain. Uncork your bottle right in front of the great deity and he’ll suck you inside his belly.

Catch a fish to bring to Lord Jabu-Jabu Leave it on the altar… ...and you can get inside!

Optional Secrets:

While you’re still at Lake Hylia, approach the two scarecrows in the small patch of farmland on the north shore. Their names are Pierre and Bonooru, and they’ll prove to be a great asset to completing your secrets collection later in the game. In order for that to happen, though, you’ll need to teach Bonooru a song - this song will later become the Scarecrow’s Song. It can be anything you like, as long as it’s composed of eight notes. Write it down to memorize it, as you’ll need to play this song later on to complete the Scarecrow’s Song sidequest.

This is Bonooru, lover of music Play him a tune that's easy for you to remember Then share it with his buddy Pierre and they'll never forget it!

Also, before you enter Jabu-Jabu’s Belly, swim to the northeast corner of Zora’s Fountain and you’ll find a couple of boulders along a stone wall. One of them can be blown to bits with a Bomb, and if you do so the whole wall will crumble! Beyond is a Great Fairy’s Fountain, and once you summon her with Zelda’s Lullaby she’ll grant you Farore’s Wind, a handy magic spell! (You can also ram the tree nearby to reveal Gold Skulltula 30.)


Drop a bomb between these two boulders to blow up the whole wall behind it The Great Fairy inside the cave will give you Farore's Wind!

If you’ve been keeping up with your Gold Skulltula collection, you should have 30 tokens by now. Head to the Skulltula House in Kakariko Village and talk to one of the restored brothers there and he’ll give you the Giant’s Wallet!


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