Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough - Chapter 9: River of the Zoras

Chapter 9: River of the Zoras

The last Spiritual Stone is held by the Zora clan at the source of Hyrule’s river. Travel upstream to find them - but beware of danger along the way!


  1. Meet the Great Fairy at the summit of Death Mountain.
  2. Hitch a ride back to Kakariko Village.
  3. Pick up Din’s Fire from the Great Fairy in Castle Town.
  4. Head up Zora’s River and put the waterfall to sleep so you can enter Zora’s Domain.

Important Obtainables:

New Enemies:


1 - Meet the Great Fairy at the summit of Death Mountain.

Now that you have Bombs, you can start climbing higher up Death Mountain and go for the summit. You can grab the Big Bomb Bag along with Skulltula Tokens 22 & 23 from Goron City before you set out (check the Optional Secrets section for details), so pick them up if you’d like, then head back to the steep incline that branches from the path to Goron City.

At the end of the hill, blast your way past the boulders with Bombs so you can climb up the ramped ledge. From there, toss a Bomb so that it blows up the rock across the short gap, leap over, and climb up to the final stretch of the Death Mountain Trail.

You passed by this place earlier, but with Bombs you can fully explore it I'm surprised you don't need a permit for that Watch out for falling volcanic rocks!

As you approach the summit, the volcano will begin to erupt. Giant molten rocks will plummet from the sky - if you hide under your Hylian Shield you can repel them and avoid taking damage. Dash up the hill as fast as you can between bursts and you should make it to the final ascent. Shoot down the Skullwalltulas with your Slingshot and climb up the wall to the summit.

Here you’ll meet Kaepora Gaebora, who will explain that there is a Great Fairy waiting to grant you power on this mountain. Blow your way through the weak wall to the left and you’ll enter her Great Fairy Fountain. Approach the Triforce mark on the floor and play Zelda’s Lullaby to summon the fairy and she’ll grant you Magic Power and the Super Spin Attack sword technique.


Bombable walls come in many shapes and sizes You got air!

2 - Hitch a ride back to Kakariko Village.

Now that you have magic, step back outside. There’s not much left for you to do on the mountain for now but grab some secrets from inside the Death Mountain Crater - namely Heart Piece 8 and Skulltula Token 24. Be careful inside the crater since if you stay too long you’ll overheat and pass out. You’ll see a timer on-screen that will tell you how much time you have to get out of the crater - you can better withstand heat with more hearts!

Once you’re ready to head down the mountain, you can talk to Kaepora Gaebora and he’ll fly you down. He drops you off on top of Impa’s House, giving you easy access to Heart Piece 9.

Kaepora Gaebora can make the task of heading down the mountain much easier on you

3 - Pick up Din’s Fire from the Great Fairy in Castle Town.

You can head to Zora’s River now, but there’s another magic upgrade hidden in Hyrule Castle Town that’s highly recommended - you’ll need it later on to access one of the temple dungeons. Return to Hyrule Castle and blast open the boulder at the small dead-end leading off of the main path towards the castle gates, then play Zelda’s Lullaby for another Great Fairy to receive Din’s Fire. (You can pick up the pair of Heart Pieces available now that you have Bombs as well.)


Look for boulders in places you've already been, too! Din's Fire engulfs everything in a raging inferno!

4 - Head up Zora’s River and put the waterfall to sleep so you can enter Zora’s Domain.

You need to visit the Zoras to try to receive the Spiritual Stone of Water from them, so head up the river towards their domain. Just follow the river east from Hyrule Castle and you’ll find a nice bend in the stream leading out from a river valley. After Kaepora Gaebora pesters you at the entrance to the river area, roll into the nearby tree to find Skulltula Token 25 and then blast your way through the boulders blocking the way forward.

If you keep following the shoreline forward, you’ll run into a little fat man snacking on…something. Approach him and he’ll offer to sell you some Magic Beans for 10 Rupees. You can buy up to 10 bean pods total, and they’ll increase in price by increments of 10 Rupees each time. Buy as many as you can carry for now, and plant one in the nearby sand patch if you wish.


...This guy really likes Magic Beans Plant them in soft soil and maybe they'll grow!

Backtrack a little bit until you reach a circle of stones with a Cucco roaming about nearby. Pick up the Cucco and make a leap of faith across the river. The best spot to jump is marked by a faint discoloration in the terrain along the riverbank. Once you’re on the other side of the stream, follow it to the east until you reach a spot where you can cross to the north. An Octorok guards this crossing, but you can either defeat or avoid it easily.



This is the way to Zora's River from Hyrule Field This Cucco will help you reach all the secrets of Zora's River Octoroks: The Deku Scrubs of the sea

There’s another ledge you can leap to off to the left once you climb the hill. Follow it along the valley wall and you’ll run into another cliff overlooking a small column on top of which rests Heart Piece 12. From there, keep following the river upstream (hang on to the Cucco if you can) until you reach a roaring waterfall. You’ll run into some Blue Tektites along the way, but they’re not much different than the red ones you found on Death Mountain.



If you managed to hold onto the Cucco all the way up the river, you can use it to glide over to Heart Piece 13 (as well as pick up Skulltula Token 26 at night). Otherwise, approach the inscription on the ground right in front of the falls and play Zelda’s Lullaby to calm the flow and open the way to Zora’s Domain. Leap across and enter the cavern to go inside.

Zelda's Lullaby calms the falls Jump through the gap to access Zora's Domain

Optional Secrets:

There are a lot of Bomb-related upgrades now available to you, so explore all the new content and try to win them all! Your first stop is in Goron City. Look for the giant Goron rolling in circles around one of the middle floors. If you place a Bomb in his path so that it detonates as he passes, he’ll stop and you can talk to him. Stop him underneath the covered cave-like area at the back of the city and he’ll give you a bigger Bomb Bag that can hold up to 30 Bombs!

Drop a bomb nearby the hotrodder Goron to stop him in his tracks If you do it right, he'll give you a Bigger Bomb Bag

You’ll find another Bomb Bag upgrade in Castle Town’s Bombchu Bowling Alley. It’ll sometimes appear as one of the grand prizes, alongside your own personal Bombchu stash and Heart Piece 11. To succeed at Bombchu Bowling Alley, you’ll either need great timing or a good working knowledge of how to align Bombchus (preferably both).

The first round of Bombchu Bowling is pretty simple: just get your Bombchu past the blade trap and into the center of the target. The blade trap moves at regular intervals, so you just need to be patient and wait for the right time to drop it.

The next round is a little more unpredictable - a Cucco roams around the back area, and the target can shift locations. The Cucco will walk about at random, so you’ll either need to wait for it to clear out of your way or try to guide your Bombchu along the walls on either side. There are guide lines leading to the target to help you adjust your aim should you need to.

Bombchu Bowling: Round 1 Bombchu Bowling: Round 2 Bombchu Bowling: Round 3

The final round has the target once again in the center of the back wall, but now there’s a giant Cucco in the way as well as a small dip in the course that can be hard to work with in terms of timing. Fortunately the Cucco tends to move from side to side, so you can either wait for it to clear off to the sides and launch your Bombchu then, or just drop one while it’s standing in the center and hope it moves out of the way. If you’re feeling extra pro, try launching it along the walls to avoid the obstacles altogether.


While you pass through Kakariko Village, if you have over 20 Skulltula Tokens you can also stop by the Skulltula House to pick up the Shard of Agony. This charm will let out a ping to let you know when a hidden grotto is nearby. You’ll have to use the appropriate item to open the grotto.


Head back to the Lost Woods with some Bombs and blow up the boulder just outside the entrance Sacred Forest Meadow and you’ll uncover a hidden grotto with a Business Scrub inside who will sell you a Deku Nut capacity upgrade.

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