Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough - Chapter 6: The Quiet Village

Chapter 6: The Quiet Village

To get up Death Mountain, you’ll have to pass through the quaint village known as Kakariko. The place seems peaceful enough, but it hides dark secrets beneath its cheery exterior…


  1. Travel to Kakariko Village.
  2. Slip into the Royal Family’s Tomb and learn the Sun’s Song.
  3. Show the guard Zelda’s Letter to get permission to go up Death Mountain.

Important Obtainables:

New Enemies:


Mask Trading Sequence:

1 - Travel to Kakariko Village.

If you haven’t already, take the time now to complete the Lon Lon Ranch sidequests that are now available. You can view the details for these quests in the Secrets section of the previous chapter.

Once you’re ready, however, it’s time to head to Kakariko Village. You can find it just east of Hyrule Castle Town. Cross the river using the nearby bridge and you’ll find a set of stairs leading up into the hills. Climb these out of Hyrule Field proper and you’ll reach the village entrance.

Welcome to the peaceful village of Kakariko

Past the village gates is a wealth of new things to explore. There are a couple of sidequests available right off the bat: the Anju’s Lost Cuccos quest that will nab you another Bottle for your collection and the House of Skulltula, where you can reap the rewards for your diligent Gold Skulltula hunting. Check those out if you wish in the Secrets guide for this chapter.

2 - Slip into the Royal Family’s Tomb and learn the Sun’s Song.

Aside from the sidequests, there’s not a whole lot of important content that you should complete at this point. One major objective that’s worth looking into is found in the Graveyard nestled at the very back of the village. To reach it, head due east from the village entrance and make a 45 degree right turn once you reach the well. You’ll run straight into the hidden passage to the cemetery.

The main attraction here for you is the Graveyard

Like Castle Town, the events available in the Graveyard vary between daytime and nighttime. If you arrive during the daytime, the only person in the whole place will be a small boy who loves stamping around and talks about how he wants to be just like Damp√© the Gravekeeper.  There’s not much you can do with him just yet, but he’s integral to a sidequest you can undertake later on (check the Mask Trading Sequence guide for more info).

At night (but only between the hours of 18:00 and 21:00), you’ll meet the Gravekeeper in the flesh and he’ll offer to have you participate in his Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour. Feel free to play if you wish - if you’re lucky, he’ll dig up Heart Piece 5. You’ll also get the opportunity to slide open the various tombs littered throughout the area by approaching the tombstones from behind and tugging back on them. Sometimes this will reveal pits leading into treasure chambers, but some just contain mean Poe spirits.



One particular grave is marked by flowers, and if you tug on it it’ll reveal a treasure chamber. Inside is a large treasure chest that contains a Hylian Shield! (If you already have a Hylian Shield from the Castle Town Bazaar, it will contain a 50 Rupee piece.) You don’t necessarily need it right away, but it will be useful when you climb Death Mountain, so go ahead and equip it if you’d like.


Open up the grave with the flowers to reveal a hidden tomb Inside you'll find an old knight's shield

There’s a strange-looking wall behind this treasure chest that makes a funny sound if you strike it with your sword. This is a bombable wall, meaning that if you detonate explosives nearby it will crumble from the force of the blast. You can’t break it down with your current equipment, but make note of it, since you’ll encounter many more in the dungeons to come. Otherwise, head into the light at the entrance to the tomb to return to the surface.

At the back of the Graveyard you’ll find a rather large tomb, flanked by two smaller tombstones. If you approach either of the smaller ones, Poe-like spirits will spring forth. These are the ghosts of the Royal Composer Bros., former servants of the Royal Family who were murdered by Ganondorf. Defeat them and they’ll give you information about a mysterious project they undertook during their tenure.

As it turns out, the secret of that project is hidden underneath this very Graveyard! Step on the Triforce-shaped mark on the ground and whip out your ocarina. Then play Zelda’s Lullaby, the tune Impa taught you back at Hyrule Castle - it will magically cause the tomb to open up, revealing a hidden crypt.

One of the ghosts of the Royal Composer Bros. Stand here and play Zelda's Lullaby to open the tomb

It’s dark and dank inside, and Keese bats are perched on some of the walls. They can be hard to spot to the untrained eye, but if you get close enough Navi will turn yellow and flutter nearby them. That’s your cue to pull out your Slingshot or your sword to defeat them. Exterminate the Keese in this chamber and the door will unbar.



The next chamber is full of icky green stuff that saps your life, but it’s not the main concern - the weird zombies known as Redead are. They can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know how to deal with them, so attack them if you’re feeling confident, but don’t be ashamed to just sneak past them and make a break for the other side of the chamber if they freak you out. If you survive long enough to reach the other side of the room, slip through the dark passageway and you’ll reach the heart of the tomb.



There’s an inscription on the wall here that instructs you to play the melody writ by the Royal Composer Bros. - the Sun’s Song. You’ll note that the song is hastily scribbled below:



It's creepy in here… The Redeads can be awfully dangerous, so either kill them quickly or avoid them altogether At the heart of the tomb you'll find the Sun's Song

Once you’ve got the song memorized, head back out of the tomb. You can play the song as you cross the Redead-filled chamber to lock them in place - they can’t attack you or paralyze you for a limited time (or until you hurt them). This will give you the opportunity to go in for some easy kills - they take eight hits apiece with your Kokiri Sword.

3 - Show the guard Zelda’s Letter to get permission to go up Death Mountain.

Once you’ve escaped that nightmare, you’ll have all the important trinkets from Kakariko Village. Use the Sun’s Song to evoke the night if you want to grab all the Skulltula Tokens hidden throughout the village, but otherwise approach the guard at the north gate leading out of the village and show him Zelda’s Letter. You can find him by walking up the stairs just north of the tree at the center of town.

He’ll open the gate for you and offer you a discounted rate at the Castle Town Bazaar if you need a replacement Hylian Shield, as well as unlock the Happy Mask Trading Sequence sidequest (see the Mask Trading Sequence guide at the end of this chapter for more details).

Now that the way is open, you can climb Death Mountain and start the next chapter of your adventure!

Head up to the top of the village to reach the gate You'll need to show Zelda's Letter to gain passage Get ready to head up Death Mountain!

Optional Secrets:

There are a number of Skulltula Tokens and a couple Heart Pieces that you can get while you’re passing through Kakariko, but there are also a couple of optional items now available.

Right from the get-go, you’ll probably notice that there are a few Cuccos running around town. They belong to Anju, the red-headed woman at the southeast edge of town. If you pick up all seven of them and toss them into the fenced-in area where she keeps them, she’ll reward you with an Empty Bottle! Their locations are as follows:

Some Cuccos are high up. You'll have to reach them by gliding over with another Cucco
This one's at the highest point in the village!
  • There’s a Cucco right in front of you as soon as you enter the village.
  • From the village entrance, run straight past the tree in the center of town and look for a crate in front of the nearby house. Ram into it using your rolling attack and it’ll shatter, revealing a Cucco inside.
  • Head up the staircases leading to Death Mountain and you’ll run into a Cucco on your way to the gate.
  • There’s a Cucco wandering around nearby the pen, where Anju is waiting for you.
  • Look at the fenced-off ledge in front of the House of Skulltula (the first house on your right as you come into town) - there’s a Cucco waiting there. You can’t climb up or jump over to reach it, but you can use another Cucco to glide over from the construction site overlooking it. Once you’ve landed, toss both Cuccos off the ledge and take them to their pen.
  • Take a Cucco up on the ledge in front of the Windmill and use it to glide across the gap to the fenced-in ledge at the northeast part of town. There’s a Cucco behind the fence - toss them both over and take them to the pen.
  • While you’re still in the fenced-in area where you found the last Cucco, climb the ladder here to the way-high-up cliff flanking the Windmill and toss the Cucco back into the village proper so you can return it to its pen.


Once you have at least 10 Skulltula Tokens, go to the House of Skulltula - it’s the first house on the right once you enter the village. Inside, you’ll see that the whole family that lives there has been cursed and transformed into spider-like forms - but one of them has had his curse lifted. Talk to him and he’ll give you the Adult’s Wallet, which can hold up to 200 Rupees.


Grab the Adult Wallet from the House of Skulltula

You can also head to the mysterious Forest Stage in the Lost Woods once you’ve gotten the Skull Mask from the Mask Trading Sequence to show it off to the Deku Scrub critics there and earn a Deku Stick capacity upgrade. If you’ve already gotten the previous one, this will bring your max capacity up to 30 Deku Sticks. To get to the Forest Stage, go left at the sector with the deep pool on one side, then hang another left to reach a small forest grove. Wander into the tall grass and look for a grotto hidden nearby the tranquil butterflies to enter the stage.

Mask Trading Sequence:

The Happy Mask Shop in Hyrule Castle Town is now open for business! Head there to pick up the first mask: the Keaton Mask. Your job is to be a traveling salesman for the shop. Look for prospective customers, sell the masks to them, then bring the earnings back to the shop. You can keep any profit you make on the masks, so it’s usually a pretty good deal for you.

Turns out the guy guarding the gate to Death Mountain is looking for a Keaton Mask. If you take it to him he’ll pay about five Rupees ahead of the asking price of 10 Rupees. Take 10 Rupees back to the Happy Mask shop to complete the sale and then the Skull Mask will be open to you. You can also come back and rent out the Keaton Mask at any time - free advertising, yo!



You got the Keaton Mask! Sell it to the Death Mountain guard in Kakariko

The Skull Mask costs a little more than the Keaton Mask at a price of 20 Rupees. It’s a bit creepy-looking, but surely there must be someone who wants one? Head to the Lost Woods and, instead of following the path to the Sacred Meadow, hang an immediate left once you’re inside. You’ll meet the Skull Kid in his grove, and you can talk to him from the short stump facing him to make the sale. He’ll short you, only paying 15 Rupees, but at least you’ve made a friend happy, right? You’ll have to fork over the missing five Rupees yourself back at the shop.



You got the Skull Mask! Sell it to the Skull Kid in the Lost Woods

There’s one more mask that you can sell at this point: the Spooky Mask. It looks just like a Redead’s face - how morbid! Sell it to someone who likes spooky places… like that kid who wanders around the Graveyard during the day. He’ll surprisingly be able to pay full price, so take the earnings back to the shop so you can complete the transaction.



You got the Spooky Mask! Sell it to the weird kid who plays in the Graveyard during the day

The Bunny Hood is now available at the shop, but you won’t be able to sell it until a bit later in your quest. Check out the Happy Mask Trading Sequence guide for more details.

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