Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough - Chapter 5: Song in the Lost Woods

Chapter 5: Song in the Lost Woods

Navi says you should tell Saria about your heroic destiny - maybe it’s a good idea to listen? She might know something about the other Spiritual Stones, and besides, she’s your best friend, isn’t she? Head back to Kokiri Forest and meet up with her so you can catch up.


  1. Return to Kokiri Forest.
  2. Follow Saria’s Song through the Lost Woods.
  3. Navigate the Sacred Forest maze.

Important Obtainables:

New Enemies:


1 - Return to Kokiri Forest.

Navi recommends that you return to Kokiri Forest to tell Saria about your heroic destiny. Hopefully you can find your way back to Kokiri Forest from here - just follow the path back to the east until you see the trees. There’s a short detour you can take to Lon Lon Ranch to pick up a couple of extras that are definitely worth the trip, including some Skulltula Tokens, a Heart Piece, a multipurpose bottle, and a new song, but they’re totally optional. Check the Optional Secrets section for more details, but otherwise just press on to the forest.

When you get there, you’ll hear rumors that Saria has gone to her special place deep into the Lost Woods. To get there, head to the small cliff behind Mido’s House - there’s a vine-covered wall you can climb that leads to a passageway that will take you into the woods.

The way into the Lost Woods is on the cliff overlooking Mido's place

2 - Follow Saria’s Song through the Lost Woods.

You’ll hear a catchy tune playing the minute you set foot in the woods - but every path looks the same! Fortunately, all you have to do to find the right way to go is follow the sound of Saria’s ocarina. The music will get louder as you approach the right path, and quieter if you try to go a different way. Most of the other paths will get you lost and send you right back to Kokiri Forest, but there are a couple that lead to hidden groves that house secrets. Of course, you won’t really need to use your ears to find your way - check out the map below for detailed directions.

Follow the sounds of the song through the forest Landmarks like this one along the way can help keep you from getting lost

3 - Navigate the Sacred Forest maze and learn Saria’s Song from Saria.

Once you’ve gotten through the woods, you’ll reach the Sacred Forest Meadow, the heart of the Lost Woods and Saria’s special place. There’s another maze of passages to get through if you want to reach her - but before you can get inside you’ll have to fight your way past a Wolfos, a wild canine creature that prowls the woods. Once you beat the wolf, the gate to the maze will open - and it’s crawling with wild Deku Scrubs known as Mad Scrubs. Wind your way through the maze until you come out at the staircase on the north side, which will take you to the temple where Saria awaits.




Watch out for the Wolfos! Stab it in the back to easily defeat it Mad Scrubs line the path to Saria's place There are a couple places like this one where you need to cut across the grass to proceed

As thanks for meeting her, she’ll teach you her special song: Saria’s Song. You’ll need to use it to win the hearts of the Goron tribe on Death Mountain so that you can get the Spiritual Stone.



Use your shield to block their nuts You'll find Saria waiting for you Play Saria's Song and you can talk with her any time! She has hints about where you should go next

Optional Secrets:

Before you make your way to the Lost Woods, you should stop by Lon Lon Ranch to pick up some extras - which include some Heart Pieces and Gold Skulltulas along with a set of items and even a song that will prove useful later in your quest. To reach the ranch, head due south from Hyrule Castle Town and enter the gate at the plateau to the south. There are a few things you can pick up while you’re there, as long as you visit during the daytime:

First, stop at the house on your left as soon as you enter the ranch. There you’ll find Talon sleeping among his chickens. Talk to him and he’ll challenge you to find three special “Super Cuccos” amidst the rest of the gaggle. They look just like normal Cuccos, but if you look carefully as he tosses them into the crowd you might be able to catch sight of them landing. He tosses one of them by the door, one by the pile of hay in the corner of the room, and the other off towards the adjacent corner. When you pick them up he’ll tell you if you’ve grabbed the right one, so keep grabbing them as fast as you’ve can until you’ve found all three.

This is quite a familiar sight… There's no real way to tell the Super Cuccos from the normal ones, so you'll have to try as many of them as you can within the time limit You got… Milk!

If you succeed, he’ll give you a bottle full of Lon Lon Milk! You can drink the milk whenever you’d like and keep the Empty Bottle once you’ve drained it.


Once you’ve picked up the bottle, head into the ranch proper. There’s a racetrack that circles around a large-fenced in area where you’ll find Malon. Talk to her a few times and she’ll ask you to sing with her. You don’t exactly have the best voice in the world, but you do have an ocarina, so whip it out and play along. She’ll teach you a special song that she uses to call Epona: Epona’s Song.



Malon wants you to sing with her Fortunately, your ocarina will do

There are a few more secrets to find at the ranch, namely a few Gold Skulltula Tokens and a Heart Piece, but other than that you’ve done all that you can do here for now. Come back later in your quest to discover more secrets!

While you’re in the Lost Woods, you’ll find even more hidden things to pick up. For starters, if you head left instead of right at the first junction, you’ll run into a Skull Kid who you can play Saria’s Song for in order to receive Heart Piece 4. If you head through another passage leading out of that area, you’ll find yourself in the valley overlooking the bridge that leads out of the forest. Cross under the bridge and you’ll find a Business Scrub, a Deku Scrub peddler. Defeat it just as you would a normal Deku Scrub and he’ll offer to increase your Deku Stick capacity by 10 for a small fee of 40 Rupees.



Defeat Business Scrubs just like any other Deku Scrub… You can buy stuff off of them like ammunition and upgrades

If you take the normal route through the woods, the first area you come to overlooks a small grove. Directly across from you is a small tree with a target hanging from it. Hit the target dead center three times with your Slingshot and the Deku Scrub manning the spot will give you a Deku Seed Satchel upgrade. If you’ve gotten the previous upgrade at Castle Town, this will bring your capacity to its 50 Seed maximum!


Hit the bulls-eye dead center three times… ...and you'll win a bigger seed satchel!

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