Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough - Chapter 3: The Wide World of Hyrule

Chapter 3: The Wide World of Hyrule

You’ve been charged with a very important task: save the Triforce from the evil one. Now you must leave the place where you grew up and venture into the world beyond. But since no Kokiri has ever left the forest, are you sure you can survive?


  1. Meet Saria at the bridge.
  2. Cross Hyrule Field before nightfall.

Important Obtainables:

New Enemies:

1 - Meet Saria at the bridge.

As you head back into the village to depart on your quest, you’ll run into an angry Mido. Apparently news of the Deku Tree’s death made it back to town even faster than you did because he’ll try to pass the blame on you and storm in a huff back towards his house. Don’t worry about him, though - you have a mission to complete! Follow the trail to the western passage leading out of the village.

On the bridge connecting Kokiri forest and the outside world, Saria will intercept you. She gives you something to take with you on your journey - a tiny ocarina like the one she loves to play. With it you can learn many melodies.



She’ll be the last to bid you farewell as you cross over into Hyrule Field. Say goodbye as you take your first steps into a new land…

Saria gives you her precious ocarina Now it's time to say goodbye…

2 - Cross Hyrule Field before nightfall.

You’re finally out of the forest! Hyrule Field is a massive plain at the center of the kingdom. From there you can get pretty much anywhere - the mountain village, the river valley, even the southern lake. You want to head towards Hyrule Castle at the northern edge of the field, so get moving! You’ll run into the wise old owl, Kaepora Gaebora, who will introduce you to the fact that time is flowing. Watch the movements of the sun in the sky to tell you the time of day!

As you enter the main field, you’ll see a strange creature on your left known as a Peahat. They’re much more dangerous than anything you’ve faced so far, but with your Slingshot you can pick it off from outside of the danger zone.




The legendary Hyrule Field - have you experienced it yet? Get to Hyrule Castle before nightfall!

Luckily, the Peahat nearby isn’t the sort that’s ready to send out a flock of younglings, and besides, don’t you have a castle to get to? If you use Link’s rolling attack efficiently you have a chance at crossing the entire field before the sun goes down. You’ll only barely make it, but in this case that’s all that counts. If you don’t manage to get across the field, the drawbridge leading to the city will close and wicked monsters known as Stalchildren will rise up out of the ground to attack.



Time for the Stalkids to come out to play… Use L-targeting and fight bravely!

Survive until morning and the drawbridge will rise once again, giving you passage to the royal city. If you’d like, you can poke around the rest of the field just for exploration’s sake, but there’s not much you can do in any of the places you can reach just yet (otherwise you’d see something listed in the Secrets section for this chapter).

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