Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough - Chapter 2: Inside the Deku Tree

Chapter 2: Inside the Great Deku Tree

You’re not quite sure what to do about the curse plaguing the Deku Tree, but you do know that it sure is sticky! Follow the spiders and you should be able to figure out where to go…

Inside the Deku Tree


  1. Climb up to the Dungeon Map.
  2. Find the Fairy Slingshot.
  3. Leap down into the basement from the highest floor.
  4. Find a way to get to the deepest levels of the tree.
  5. Defeat Queen Gohma.

Important Obtainables:

New Enemies:


1 - Climb up to the Dungeon Map.

It’s kinda creepy in here, what with the ambient background music and the spiderwebs hanging about. Check out the one in the middle of the room by the way - it blocks a pit leading down to the bowels of the Deku Tree. And not surprisingly that’s exactly where you’ll need to go if you want to clear the tree of his curse. There’s a new variety of Deku Baba in this room - defeat them and they’ll leave behind Deku Nuts.




Before you can drop down to the floor below, you’ll have to find some way of getting higher. There are two options: the first is to climb the ladder to the left of the entrance hall, and the second is to climb the rough vine-covered wall directly in front of you as you walk in. Both ways are equally effective, but climbing walls is a bit more involved. Check the included Quest Hint for some details about climbing on walls.

Follow the corkscrew path up the Deku Tree’s trunk and you’ll eventually reach another set of vine-covered walls. These walls are crawling with Skullwalltulas, so you can’t climb it without some way of taking them out. Inside the nearby chest, however, you’ll find the Dungeon Map.




Use L-targeting to help you battle enemies The Dungeon Map is inside this chest

2 - Find the Fairy Slingshot.

From the spot where you found the Dungeon Map, keep following the path and head through the door you’ll find at the end. Inside you’ll find a Deku Scrub, a forest creature that has a tendency to spit Deku Nuts at passerby. Check the enemy hint for the best way to defeat them. Once you’ve vanquished it, it’ll give you a tip for jumping from high places and the door to the next room will unbar.



Who put all of these bridges inside of the sacred forest tree anyway? Bounce the nuts off of your shield to send them back at the scrub who fired them

In the next room, you’ll see a treasure chest on the far ledge. If you try to jump across using the floating platform, it’ll collapse and fall tumbling to the ground. Quick jumpers can make it across, but if you fall you’ll have to use the vines to climb up. Inside the chest is the Fairy Slingshot, your first dedicated dungeon item.



If you knocked down the floating platform, you won’t be able to get back to the door. There’s a ladder hanging from the spiderwebs directly across from you that you can knock down by shooting it with your Slingshot. That’ll give you a way back up and into the central chamber.

Hop across - but beware! The platform will fall out from under you if you're not careful Shoot down the ladder to make yourself a way out

3 - Leap down into the basement from the highest floor.

Head back to the vine-covered wall patrolled by Skullwalltulas and aim your Slingshot at them to take them out. There are three in all, one at each of the forks of the path of vines leading up the wall, and one higher up, near the next floor. Then climb your way up, sidle over to one of the planks that makes up the next floor, and let yourself drop down onto it.

Up here you’ll find Big Skulltulas among the spiderwebs. They’re a bit tougher than most of the enemies you’ve faced so far, so if you want to know a surefire way to beat them, check the enemy hint below for more info:



Take out the Walltulas Step on switches like this one to trigger changes in the dungeons Hop across the raised ledges to grab the Compass

Head along the wall of the room and you’ll find a side door leading into a small chamber. There’s a switch on your right that you can press to raise a few platforms so you can cross over to the other ledges. They’ll only stay raised for a short time, so jump quickly! Straight ahead you’ll find the Compass, and in the alcove to the left you’ll find a Gold Skulltula. Vanquish it for Skulltula Token 1. (For more information on Gold Skulltulas, check the Skulltula Token Guide.)



To get out of this room, you’ll need to use a Deku Stick to transfer light from the perpetually-lit torch to the fizzled-out one. Simply approach the lit torch with a stick in hand and touch the flaming end of it to the unlit brazier. Easy as that!


Back in the main chamber, take out one of the Big Skulltulas and approach the edge of the platform. Down below you’ll see the spiderweb blocking the tunnel down to the basement. If you take a running leap and land close to the middle of the web, you’ll break through it and plummet into the water below. Grab Skulltula Tokens 2 & 3 and then get ready to move deeper into the tree.

4 - Find a way to get to the deepest levels of the tree.

The only door you can possibly reach from where you landed is to the south, but it’s blocked off by a spiderweb. Fortunately, if you step on a switch on the ledge at the north end of the room, you’ll light a torch that you can use as a source of fire with which to burn through the web. Pull out one of your trusty Deku Sticks and set it ablaze. Now, you’ll have to cross the pool of water, so drop back down into the shallow end, look for the spot where the shallows extend a little further south, and take a leap over to the other side. Take care to avoid the nearby Deku Baba and burn through that web!

There’s a Deku Scrub in the next room that’ll tell you the secret to getting to the heart of the tree. Remember his instructions well: 2, 3, 1. After he’s out of the way, look at the eyeball above the door to the west. Icons like this are known as Eye Switches, and if you shoot them with a projectile, something is bound to happen. This one opens the door when blasted with a Deku Seed.

Press this switch to get the nearby torch crackling Jump carefully across the pool and head over to set the web burning Shoot switches like these with projectiles to activate them


Up ahead you’ll find a water-filled chamber with a small ferry going back and forth across it. Should be easy, right? Unfortunately there’s a spiked bar rotating right in the center of the ferry’s path. If you dive into the water, however, you can see a small switch along the south wall, just beneath the spikes. You’ll need to swim down to reach it - check the Quest Hint for some swimming tips.

Pressing the switch will lower the water level, giving you enough room to pass under the spikes if you take the ferry platform across. You’ll have to hurry since the water will only stay low for a short time.

On the far side there’s a Big Skulltula and a large block. An alcove above leads to a door out of the room, but you can’t reach it without moving the block into position. To move the block, approach it from any side and press the A button to grab onto it. While holding it, you can either push or pull the block with the Circle Pad. Push the block along the track so that it works as a stepping stool up into the alcove. Push the Circle Pad towards the block and the Action Icon should shift to indicate you can climb into the block. When that happens, press A to climb. Proceed to the next room.

Dive down to hit the switch, which will lower the water level Now you can pass under the spike trap in the middle of the room

This chamber’s pretty easy - just take out the Deku Babas and use a Deku Stick to light the two torches nearby the sealed door to move on. The next room’s a bit tougher, though. First, take out the Big Skulltula blocking the passage. As you get into the middle of the room, small eggs will fall from the ceiling and hatch into Gohma Larvae. If you’re careful, you can pick off the eggs while they’re still attached to the ceiling with your Slingshot, but otherwise, check the enemy hint for more info.



Once the room is mostly clear, take a Deku Stick and use the torchlight to burn through the spiderwebs blocking the other passages. One of them is sealed off by a wall that you can’t do anything about yet, but the other houses a crawlspace leading back to the room you accessed by falling from the main chamber earlier.

You can shoot down Gohma eggs on the ceiling… ...or you can fight the hatched babies on the ground Time to burn your way forward yet again

There’s another spiderweb in the floor here, but as you have no place to fall from, you’ll need to burn through it. Push the nearby block so that it falls off the edge of the ledge, creating a stair you can use to carry torchlight from the brazier on the lower ledge up to the web. You’ll have to swing your Deku Stick to set the floor ablaze.

Push this block down below to create a stair back to the upper ledge Burn through one last spiderweb with a Deku Stick

5 - Defeat Queen Gohma.

Now you’re at the absolute bottom level of the tree, just outside the boss’s lair. You’ll see three Deku Scrubs ahead - sound familiar? You’ll need to follow the old traitor’s instructions of “2, 3, 1” to defeat them. Get it? You’ll need to take out the one in the middle (#2) first, then the rightmost one (#3), and then the one on the left (#1). Get the pattern right and they’ll open the door to Queen Gohma’s lair.



It’s dark and foggy in here, and there’s this eerie scratching sound coming from the ceiling. Look up at the source of the noise in first-person and you’ll be spotted by Queen Gohma. She’ll drop down and prepare to attack.

L-target her right off the bat, as her eye will quickly turn red, making it vulnerable to a hit from either your Deku Seeds or Deku Nuts. Striking her in the eye will stun her, at which point you should run up to her and hack away at her eye with your sword or a Deku Stick. (Again, it’s much easier if you have her L-targeted.)

Gohma appears Target her eye with your Slingshot when it turns red… ...then slash her while she's stunned!

If that doesn’t finish her off, she’ll scamper back to the ceiling and prepare to lay some Gohma Larva eggs. Her eye will turn red as she gets ready to let them fall, so keep your own eyes on her at all times and wait for it to change color. Let a Deku Seed fly with your Slingshot and move in for the kill. It should only take a couple rounds of this to vanquish her for good. She’ll leave behind a Heart Container in her wake, as well as a warp that’ll take you out of the dungeon.

It turns out your efforts to stem the curse didn’t totally save the Deku Tree - he was always doomed to die. Before he perishes, however, he’ll show you the secret of the Triforce and explain that you need to find the Princess of Hyrule in order to stop the evil one who seeks to obtain it. He’ll also leave you the Kokiri Emerald, one of the treasures you’ll need in your quest.



The Great Deku Tree gives you the Kokiri Emerald as part of his dying wish

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