Treehouse showed off quite a bit of the Breath of the Wild 1st DLC Pack. Enemies seem to team up against Link in Master Mode, as Sky Octorocs could be seen grouped together in a face off against Link. The players also spent some of the armor that comes with the DLC, such as the Tingle outfit and the Phantom armor. They also spent some time playing with the various masks that are included with the DLC, such as the Korok Mask, which shakes when a Korok is near, and Majora’s Mask, which is a replica.

Treehouse also displayed the Hero’s Path, which records up to 200 hours of gameplay. Treehouse mentioned that others’ paths have been different so far. Hero’s Path also marks where Link dies and plays a  death sound effect when the player hovers over the X.

Finally, Nintendo Treehouse played through some stages of the Trial of the Sword, which takes Link back to when he got the Master Sword, stripped of all food, clothing, and weapons. The trial consists of 45 doors, and if a player successfully completes the trial, then the Master Sword will always glow. The Trial of the Sword can be accessed in both Normal and Master mode. Trial rooms can be raided after clearing enemies out of the room for materials. Sets of rooms are unlocked at once, and players can jump to different sections. However, when a jump is made, it appears as though Link loses his gear again. Environments within the rooms vary, and Treehouse showed off a wind environment and a forest environment. Sometimes chests and puzzle elements are found in the challenge rooms. When Link dies during the Trial of the Sword, he loses all of his equipment, but the challenge of the trial is fun, according to Treehouse.

At the end of their time with Breath of the Wild, they displayed the Champion amiibo. While not wanting to spoil much of the Ballad of the Campions DLC, they said that you will need the Champion amiibo to have the fullest experience with the DLC.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse

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  • Christian Beach

    Wait so we NEED the Champion amiibo to have the full experience of the DLC?

    I mean, I was going to get them anyway so I’d have all six Champions (I have Archer Link and Zelda already), but the fact that these are NEEDED to experience the full DLC has me pretty upset.

    • Chris Jagucki

      Hopefully ToysRUs and Walmart get stock because my GameStop ran out of Preorders before I was able to go inside the store, and I’m very irritated about it.

    • Actually you don’t. Zelda Informer shit reporting at it’s finest. Don’t know if they just didn’t do research, or purposely misquoted Audrey in the demonstration to create a bit of flame bait there.

  • richa

    tingles outfit gives a night speed bonus? another one? where is dayspeed bonus.

    • Theroonco

      I suspect we’ll get a “Champion Trousers” or something in Champions’ Ballad that gives you a speed boost, just to make sure you get the DLC for the most efficient BotW experience (I don’t even know if I’m being sarcastic with that).

      While I’m at it we’ll probably get something to let Link’s slow-mo ability more stamina efficient too. Maybe a Champion Outfit bonus or a piece of headgear.

      • richa

        Maybe, I wondered if the phantom outfit gives you a bonus to befriend poes, like the monster masks. (After 2 times upgrade.)

    • Vados

      Yeah that’s incredibly disappointing…now we have the Sheikah Suit, Dark Link Outfit and Tingle Outfit for the same damn effect…
      I think it would’ve been better if Tingle’s clothes made gliding faster or something.

      • Or if you are wearing his suit Octorok balloons don’t pop after a few seconds.

      • richa

        Maybe there is a additional effect when you upgrade every piece twice.

  • Theroonco

    “they said that you will need the Champion amiibo to have the fullest experience with the DLC.”

    Wait, so…not only do you need to buy the DLC (which is understandable), but you don’t even have access to everything you just bought and downloaded without then spending a small fortune on figurines?

    …remember when people used to praise Nintendo for NOT being full of sleaze?

    • Christian Beach

      Agreed. Nintendo’s starting to bug me with how poorly they’re handling this DLC.

    • Valwin Mediaz


    • Vados

      Where did they say that? I kinda doubt that you’ll have to pay for amiibos, on top of the previous 20$ to get the things we were promised. If that’s the case, then people could sue the crap out of Nintendo for false advertising.
      If I don’t get the Hard Mode, Master Sword trial, travel medallion, Hero’s path and the costumes on the 30th, I’ll be pissed.

      • Theroonco

        Read the last paragraph again. You need the amiibo to get the “fullest experience” of the second DLC, so you’re all set for DLC 1.

        That said, I’m all for punishing Nintendo for this money grabbing. And before someone says “they never said there WOULDN’T be amiibo locked content!” I say “they didn’t say there WOULD be either”. Not to mention the fact that if you paid $20 for this you deserve access to every last bit of data you download when this pack releases.

        And yes, I think all the content already locked behind amiibos is utterly disgusting too.

        • Vados

          I’ll sure as hell demand my money back if that’s the case.

          God, with every game Nintendo releases I hate amiibo more and more…

        • Christian Beach

          If Nintendo keeps this up, I think we should boycott amiibos.

    • So I guess you didn’t actually watch the demonstration and just believed Zelda Informers poor reporting. (and yes it’s poor reporting cause a huge misquote… and worse the video they link actually cuts out before she can say anything regarding the amiibo… if you want to see what she actually says you need to watch this video at the end;

      At the end of the demonstration they don’t say anything even close to;

      you will need the Champion amiibo to have the fullest experience with the DLC.

      Audrey at the end of the demonstration says this;

      We have the champion Amiibo here, and as I said we had a brief glimpse of them during the Nintendo spotlight, but here they are, in all their glory. We have all the champions, and they are really kinda cool. Daruk is so big and Goron like. …. (insert back and forth chatter about which characters each person apart of the demonstration like)

      And these are the four champions from the game and DLC Pack 2 is going to be called the Champions Ballad. So these guys are going to have a bit more story told. We aren’t going to give anything else away about DLC Pack 2 but lets just say if you love the Champions you are going to want to play it.

      Literally no where did it say they were required for the DLC, or required to get the full experience. All they are talking about is the fact that if you love the Champions, then DLC pack 2 is for you.

      • asmith

        I’m thinking these will be used as a quick method of obtaining the Lightscale Trident, Boulder Breaker, Revali’s bow, and Urbosa’s shield. As opposed to going through the repair process. Plus items relevant to each Champion’s region that drop around the treasure chest.

        • Absolutely. Considering that most of the Breath of the Wild Amiibo do is drop treasure chests it’s safe to assume their rare drop will be the Champion gear. Whether or not this means that there will be a restriction on how many you can get of them (like how you can only have one Hylian Shield at a time) remains to be seen.

          The only way I see the amiibo and their exclusive special weapons being used in the DLC is if the special dungeon they are creating requires the player to use the Champion weapons to enter or solve puzzles within the dungeon.

          Like for example imagine the dungeon is different sections or floors, and in order to enter each section or floor you must have in your possession the respective Champion weapon. With each section of the dungeon having an exclusive flash back that gives more story regarding that specific champion.

          Or if you need a 3 shot bow in order to light 3 torches at the same time, or something.

          So that the DLC doesn’t require the Amiibo, but if you have the Amiibo it may allow you to skip out on having defeated that Divine Beast (the only way to gain each Champions special weapon). Only time will tell though.

      • Christian Beach

        Well now I feel stupid.

      • randompissedoffchick

        Thank you!!