Thanks to a few Reddit users, it was discovered earlier this week that Nintendo in Japan has released two special wallpapers to commemorate the launch of Breath of the Wild, and to thank fans for their continued support of the series. The first being a monochromatic piece depicting Link and the four Champions. The second shows Link of the original NES version handing over the Master Sword to Link of Breath of the Wild. Its very bitter sweet to see the old passing along the baton to the new. This piece was also used for the cover of issue #1474 of Famitsu!

Both of these wallpapers come with a desktop and mobile variant, and are also available in a variety of sizes by clicking here! What do you think of the artwork? Will you be changing up your desktop to these? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Dylan

    love them all!

  • Nikki

    I like the one with the original Link handing over the Master Sword to the BOTW Link!

  • Midnight

    link and mipha please!!! X)

  • Reillyington86

    So the Link from the original Nes game is passing the sword to the BoTW Link, could that be a hint at timeline location? Or just a nice piece of artwork?

    If this had came out before the game there would be about 100 videos on YouTube of this theory about it by now!

    • hyrules

      Probably because everyone is saying that BOTW is a spiritual successor to LOZ